Thursday, August 26, 2010

embrace the camera: lovers can play too.

i missed two weeks.
but not anymore.

given our current sich-eeee-ation,
i thought it would be fitting to have Lover be in the pics.
packing up with his dad and his penny.
penny who has no idea whats happening
and he won't understand it
and it's breaking my heart
and i'm crying about it daily
and getting stressed...
but i'm not gonna talk about that.
shake it off.
embrace the camera.
here we go.

i sort of enjoy watching penny UNdo everything

that has been done to perfection.

even if Lover reacts with gnashing of teeth.

penny just being sweet penny.

wait, move over penny.
i wanna go on this trip too.
i bet afghanys are pretty accommodating.

dear Lover,
penny thinks you're the greatest dad
on this entire planet.
and probably even greater
than all the other alien dads on other planets too.
come home safe for him pleeeeease.
we'll be waiting,
very IMpatiently i presume.
the mutha
aka. hussy
aka. jessibird
aka. chikinhead
aka. your very best friend,

wanna embrace the camera with me
every thursday?
go here for the details.


Amanda said...
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Unknown said...

ugh. now I'm getting that sick feeling in my stomach too. Cute Penny in the suitcase. I'm pretty sure I have a picture like that too...

No Model Lady said...

Sweet little Penny Monster:(

It'll be okay, Jessca. Suck? Yes! But it'll be okay. It's way less time than a pregnancy, so you GOT this!

Unknown said...

Oh! As a military brat, my heart goes out to you! Those are some sweet pictures of Penny and his Daddy, even if teeth gnashing was involved.

Jennifer said...

Oy! I completely understand. Well, almost. My hubby has been with a non-deployable unit the last 3 years, I have 8 more months of it while he goes to school. But after that he's fair game again. =( I had my babies while he was deployed, but haven't had to deal with the kids actually realizing he's gone. Not looking forward to it. Your family will be in my thoughts!! =)

Valinda said...

I'm sitting here crying now, thanks ya big punk! All of you will be in our prayers until he's safely back home with you.

A Beautiful Life said...

i luv it and hate it at the same! it will be hard to have holidays without him, but the holidays will make it go by fast, then before you know it, it will be the new year and then he'll come home soon...
you can't be weak and raise 5 kids, so you're stronger than you think..i do it ALL the time, and you're more awesome than I ever could be, you'll do great, especially with the added blessing of mom and dad being around to fill the void for you and the kids.
love ya!

Lindsay said...

this breaks my heart... i just think about how "daddy" is lucas' world. he LOVES daddy. and now i'm getting sick in the pit of my stomach.. sorry. i'm making this harder, i'm sure. i love you.

Kristin said...

Love it! This is such a "true" pic! I have pics of my babies like this too!

raschel said...

every time i read a facebook post or a blog post of yours about this, i get a huge lump in my throat and try continuously to swallow before tears flow (to no avail this time). good luck to you! i'll be thinking and praying for you! Thank you BOTH for serving our country!

christina said...

oh man, my heart breaks for you and your family. Your an AMAZING woman!! I cannot even imagine what you are going through. Sending prayers your way.

Carey C. Bailey said...

WOW! Prayers going your way - pictures are incredible.

Lauren said...

Oh I'm gonna cry too. We are packing up this weekend I guess. He keeps putting it off because we were also packing up his mom's house. I finished her kitchen today so we're done. I keep asking, so what about sheets? Did you try on the new uniforms yet? Ugh never mind. Lets just do this later.

Anonymous said...
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citymouse said...

This is very sweet and very sad. Your hubby is a hero. My son is in Iraq and I miss him so much. I am proud of him but worry about his safety at the same time. Here's hoping for a quick deployment and a joyous homecoming for both of them!

Stopping by from SITS.

Megan Smith said...

hey dear i tagged you on my blog!!

Bonnie said...

So this one made me a wee bit sad. Not cool, Jess, not cool AT ALL. I miss A for you and I don't even like him that much.

Shay said...

Oh, have been in my thoughts and prayers all week and weekend! You are a strong woman and you can do this! I'm cheering you on all the way!

Robin said...

What a great post. You write very well.

Cute kid!

LisaDay said...

Thank you for embracing the camera. Great pics.

Happy SITS day.