Monday, August 23, 2010

a day in fayetteville.

the week before we left on our trip to d.c.,
we stopped in fayetteville for a day to visit lovely candace,
AND to see the airborne and special ops museum.
it was jake's idea, in case you were wondering.
when we arrived, kora decided to bust out
with mad strength.
she lifted this huge statue
in the palm of her hand like it was nothing.
she gets that from me.
i'm mega buff.

at first glance,
jake was in heaven.
then he realized that this museum
was the equivalent to the USMC museum,
but for army.
and no offense to any army guys,
but in jake's eyes, that's just not NEAR as cool as marines.
(and mine too but don't tell anyone i said that.)

BUT that didn't deter us from having fun!
we each found our favorite dude to chill with.
kora picked the ranger.
actually i don't know if that's what he really is.
but he looks like one to me.

jake loves combat action,
so he chose to join these dudes.

miah liked the chill dude.
he's cool like that.

i thought this dude looked pretty cool.
only to find out from jakob the expert,
that i chose a nazi.
i like to think i've got good taste.
obviously not.

penny is the more up close and personal type.
he didn't just want to stand by his dude.
he wanted to sit on him.
his head to be exact.

i took this picture for candace and my sister amy
and my pal amy dub.
they're my photography experts
and ironically
my picture turned out like this.

this one was for kim.
she likes to pretend she's mormon
since she's from utah and all.
i think the only reason she wants to be mormon
is so she can celebrate pioneer day.

these fancy boots caught my eye.
i don't know exactly HOW i'd use them,
but i assure you, i could put them to good use.

the 'liberator' pistol.
as if liberator isn't already a pistol itself.

oh jolly.
men in loin cloths.
fighting war.
my favorite.

they reminded me of this picture.
that cleo...

the kids took a ride in a fake helo.
to try it on for size.

and my eggroll Lover found his roots.

surprisingly, the afghans invited us for tea
during our visit.

miah only had ONE question for the guy.
"HOW do you get your facial hair to be that thick!?"
kora spoke no words to her new friend.
she just petted him.

okay enough with the posing dudes.

on our way out,
we visited the gift shop.
chasing the babies around,
i seemed to of misplaced my eggroll.
i thought i found him for a second...

oh wait, no.
there's the REAL eggroll.
will the real eggroll please stand up?

on our way home
we stopped at andy's for a late lunch.

we enjoyed yummy burgers,
and staring at soggy guppy lyn.

then we created a chubby lowe family
with my new iphone app
called fat booth.
thanks to rita for introducing me to hours of fun.

and then we stared at soggy some more.
he never gets boring.

apparently the day turned out to be a success.
we wore half of them out completely.


A Beautiful Life said...

oh my gosh, ur hilarious! mmm loincloths...

i like eggroll's fist pump action to his heritage, i'm pretty sure you found him in that band of brothers.

I love the chubby lowe family, u guys look like you know how to have fun!! "tons of fun" ;p

Kristina P. said...

That fat booth is what I look like on a regular day. Sob.

Miss E said...

Looks like a great trip. I love how y'all take so many pictures. Love the fat booth pictures lol

Lindsay said...

bout freakin' TIME!!! love that picture of izey with his weird hat? on from the fatbook section. he looks jolly. jeez. i was almost POSITIVE you died.. then you posted. phew!

Jessica Radick said...

Absolutely great pictures!!! I love them all, and all of your kids are just gorgeous. Love it!

Bonnie said...

Soggy guppy eating a chocolate bar made me giggle. He's more of a yummy guppy to me.

LisaDay said...

Ha, ha, ha. I love your new app. Sleeping kids. It was a successful day.

Happy SITS day.


MommaKiss said...

that iphone app? NUTTY! OMG.
Sadly, I don't need the app. more chins than a chinese phone book.