Tuesday, July 13, 2010

whats on jessica's phone?

'tis been awhile since i last saw you.
but alas, i am here.
ready to blog a little.
i hope you'll still have me.
here's a picture i took of michele,
getting super hot for her man to see her
for the first time in 7+ months.
what a NIGHT that was.
so exciting.
i was so grateful to be able to witness the reunion.

while in texas several months back,
i went to lunch with my cousin and my sister.
then i saw something
that blew my ghetto buns outta the water.

and i had to capture the moment.

in texas we visited the zoo.
and i don't know why or how
i've never noticed
the way giraffe's eat when the food is lower than them.
whats the point of knees if they don't work?

love this picture.
love everything about it.
i love that i have 4 boys.
i can't wait for the day they're all grown
and they'll be walking around my house,
messin' with each other,
and even though i worry sometimes
that i may not be able to teach them every thing
they need to know,
it's comforting to me
to know that what i may forget,
they can learn from each other.

when lover was gone for several weeks,
i tried to learn how to grill.
"tried" being the keyword here.
i swear i meant for them to be charbroiled.

this is for april.
found this on my way home from candace's house one day.
shhhh, it's sleeping.
with tire marks on it's back.
let's kick off roadkill 2011!
i accept entries alllll yeeeeaaar loooooong.

my three big kids all have dinner chores
after we eat.
miah = clean tables
kora = sweep
jake = dishwasher

this picture was taken AFTER dinner chores.
apparently "sweep" means,
hide it all under the cabinets near the baseboards.

on most days, gus is at izey's mercy.
today was one of those days.

if this ponyo guy isn't the cutest thing on the planet,
i don't know what is.
ponyo pilot.

wait what?
did someone say elton gussy?
don't' worry you freaks,
the car is in non-moving mode

but this one is not.
watch out.

sometimes when penny is bad,
and he steals the car for midnight runs to the c-store,
we have to punish him
by putting coins on his eyeballs.
we hear they're much worse than buttons.

and then after we do that,
he's back to his old happy self.
riding bouncy ducks.

have i talked about penny in the blog yet?
i think not.
oh well,
he's too busy shaving to notice.

one time i saw this mom go into hooters
with her FIVE kids,
who were of different ethnicities,
including two babies,
with no husband.
oh wait,
that was me.
penny loves to help me cook.
i love when he helps me.
i don't love when he helps himself
to my baby formula that isn't cheap.
do u like cheese bottles?

sometimes i feel
like i always talk about my babies,
and never my big kids.
probably because it's true.
so here's a tribute to the neglected "olders".
handsome miah.

gorgeous koko.

and chubby asian jake.

i couldn't help myself
when i saw this beauty staring out the window
all decked out in her patriotism.
flippers courtesy of her new pen pal,
white trash mondays continue
at my house!
stop by if you're in the area!
ANYONE is welcome!!
i swear!!
facebook me for more details.

izey never,
eva eva eva eva,
falls asleep on the couch like this.
except this ONE day.
he was sick.
is it bad that i secretly kinda like when my babies are sick?
they become so cuddly and lovable!

how much you wanna bet
ghetto bootie girl from above
is driving this one?

so i had this master plan.
i was gonna have my sister ship me
some whataburger ketchup.
because my preggo friend on the west coast,
loves it. as do i.
i was going to share it with her.
unfortunately it didn't make it even half way.
i may or may not have licked that entire bag.
i'm just sayin.

found this beauty on my way home
from my friend adriane's house.
i don't think i even know HOW
to drive 2SEVEN mph.

i had a great day at church a few sundays back.
i really felt the spirit.
the kids were decent.
and when it was time to pray,
i was able to get a really good laugh.
even rebels go to church,
they're called marines.
and yes, i took a picture
in church
with my iphone
during the prayer.

thanks for being patient with my lame blogging
or lack thereof the past couple weeks.
goodnight folks.
more sugary goodness to come!


Betsy said...

wow, you lost a lot of followers if I'm the first one to comment ;) I almost wanted to give you grief earlier today since I've blogged so much more than u lately. Of course, pretty much no one READS my blog, where as you were invited to be on Ellen and all ;) I can't afford to be lazy :-P

Kristina P. said...

You do have some beautiful kids. That Penny is adorable.

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

I haven't been blogging much either...I really should since I am so new and my blog is pretty lame right now. One day I will stop lurking and just do it. In the mean time I may be able to do something nice for ya. I can't send you some rims for your ride, BUT there is a Whataburger one block from our rim shop, so I could attempt sending you some ketchup!! Let me know and I will get to work if you want me to!!

No Model Lady said...

Dude, you DID need to empty out your phone! Spouse has been home for almost two months! I guess it does seem selfish to "hide my beauty" from the world. Gus is so yummy! Especially when he clings to me and cries when Spouse tries to take him away. (What? Too "Hand That Rocks The Cradle"?)

Anonymous said...


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I don't know what's funnier...the 27 or the shirt? Where do you come up with this stuff? Hilarious!


I'm glad you have 4 boys too. I someday hope to have that.

Froggylady said...

That ziploc baggie of ketchup totally belongs in the roadkill category. Looks pretty gross.

Monica said...

What was Jakob teaching your others? Was that a loaded gun I see next to him? Nice. :)

A Beautiful Life said...

who sends someone ketchup? you have such cutie patootie kids i swear, loved the redneck tshirt , awesome, and the crack that almost killed, priceless...and of course the adorable patriotic Kora, how sweet are these two with their penpalness???


LOVE "water" burger ketchup, it's the best. I mean YUMMY and its own container!

And your HOOTERS blurb finally made me want to ask about your family dynamic? I'm sure you've written about it somewhere or something.

Loved the shirt at church, I'm ALWAYS tempted to snap a pic on my phone at church of something or another but never have and now I think I will!

Love your blog!

Miss E said...

you really do take entries all year long because I keep seeing better and better roadkill and keep on kicking myself for being MIA during your roadkill festivities 2010...

Goodnight moon said...

Was Michele putting her eyeshadow on her lip gloss at that point?

That is some SERIOUS butt crack!

I loved Penny shaving! So cute!!!!

Sherri said...

This is just hilarious. You're an incredible blogger. I just love reading this stuff. :)

Lindsay said...

good post.. long enough to fill louie's whole naptime. i love gussy.. i wanna hug and kiss him really tight til his cuteness pops off and i can take it home in a bottle....ya know, just sayin'.

Justine said...

I love reading your blog! You have so much stuff to say!

Just Better Together

Awdrey said...

Is that really a dead cat?

Bridian said...

I love you. I just peed my pants laughing. You have a gift. (P.S. sorry if it's creepy to profess my love for you via a blog comment...especially since I don't know you....)