Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my life is poop.

not really.
but penny likes to make me think so.
one day i was outside
on my front porch,
chatting on the phone with michele.
isaak was running around, nude, as always.
when all of a sudden,
i caught a glimpse of what looked like
a hershey kiss melted between the buns of penny.
sure enough, it was exactly what i suspected.
i asked penny where his poo poo was.
i hadn't been paying attention
and never saw him drop the log.
he pointed to this pile of pine needles.
and upon further inspection...
therein lies the tErd.
which i had to remove with a plastic bag.
like dog poo.
which is the reason i don't own a dog.
warm plastic covered poo in my hands
is not my favorite feeling.
not but a day later,
i put penny to nap in my room.
he's not usually in my room,
but he was this day thanks to gus.
so i went in to check on him after 30 minutes.
and he wasn't in his bed.
i found him here.
on the floor.

and i found this,
several feet away.
and as usual,
further inspection proved to be quite interesting.
and then even FURTHER inspection,
was stomach turning.
the best part which i didn't get a picture of,
because i didn't notice it until a few days later,
was the beautiful fingerpainted picture he drew
on my full length mirror.
in poo, or course.
not sure what his obsession is with the substance,
but on WT monday last week,
i snapped this shot of he and Emma.
and i wouldnt be surprised
if this is just another one
of his grand experiments.
sorry emma.
he must be getting you back
for always bossing him around.
karma sucks.


Libby said...

This is the funniest thing I have read in a while. The pictures make it that much better!

ahollandetc said...

OMC! HA!!! Love it, completely love it.

Betsy said...

I can always count on you to have a blog entry that helps me slim down - so glad I'm still hours away from lunch. I was good until the baby pool... blech!! (yet hysterical in it's own right - God, please grant me girls.)

raschel said...

luckily, i'd just sat down with a large plate of scrambled eggs (which tend to make me squimish already). :) cute bum though (minus the poo).

Charity said...

Love it! Without the pics it wouldn't be such a disgusting post. Kudos to you for even thinking of taking pictures. I probably would have freaked out and cleaned it up and then as an afterthought wished I would have taken photos.
There is hope for him though I have a similar story from when I was a little girl still in diapers, but another day...

No Model Lady said...

HAHA!! He's lucky he's so freaking cute!

A Beautiful Life said...

That is amazingly gross and precious at the same time... If Emma's feet start getting gangreen we'll know why. I luv his diaper tan the mostest, true wt awesomeness...

TRES said...

So glad to see others have issues with poo! I recently had the pleasure of chasing a terd around the bathtub. Good Times.

Candace said...

I need to apologize, because I am POSITIVE Noah taught him this. Noah's been taking his diaper off for a LOOOOONG time. It's one of the reasons I knew he was ready for potty training.

On another note, Izey is going to LOVE this particular post when he's a teenager. Love it.

Kristina P. said...

Awesome. I love throwing up in the morning. I assume all the previous commenters must have children.

Linda said...

He must be part cat cause he buried his treasure after depositing it on the ground!

amylouwhosews said...

I was going to say he may be ready for potty training too. I had to pin my kids pajamas shut for a while because i would find them like this in the morning - or middle of the night - crying, wet, cold and neked.

nat said...

i see you are using the target brand diapers...i love those things, they are so much cheaper and work just as good...

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

What is it with boys and poop? I swear, everytime LJ has a poopy diaper he just HAS to reach down and play with his dirty junk while I'm trying to clean him. At least Penny is funny with his obsession!

Adriane said...

That is hilarious! But I'm thinking even more hilarious is the fact that you take pictures of his poo. I can honestly say that I have not one pic of either girl's. Wait! I forgot to ask if you ever found the missing poo from that Monday... LOL

emily anderson said...

i cannot stop laughing at this. it's literally like a day in my life with my almost 3 year old son. love it.


ashley @ little miss momma said...

Pretty confident that this is the most hilarious and entertaining of my lifetime--just thought your should know! I may need to steal this for a future guest post!!
Welcome back to blog world--we were lost without you!

Jess said...

Note to self: always keep clothes on my child so I don't get poo surprises!

And am I the only one that was hanging ok until the POOP WATER! OMGoodness...I must be a mother of one and at that, a girl, because that water makes me want to hurl!

Justine said...

HAHAHA! This is SO funny! This made my day.

I thought that was a penny between his butt cheeks until you said it was poop!

Just Better Together

Tilly said...

For some reason your "how to make friends" post linked to this poop post. I had the best belly laugh reading through this entry. And *this* is how you gain blog followers. Thanks for the laughs and can't wait to read more!