Thursday, July 22, 2010

embrace the camera: greasy morning face.

so i have a new blog,
that i'm pretty much infatuated with.
and she's beautiful,
talented, crafty, a mom, spiritual, stylish, everything.
everything i love.
she has a thing she does every thursday
embrace the camera.
you can read about it here.
it's genius. it kinda makes me tear up.
but then again,
i'm hormonal this week.
so here's my first thursday entry.
please excuse my eye boogers
and gross greasy morning face.
this is what i look like 85% of the time.
(the other 13% is worse
and the last 2% is HOTNESS)
just ask all my neighbors.
so this is the face my kids will remember.
i want to document it.

i couldn't let that little penny squirt
get away without showing off his pretty blue eyes.
don't look too closely at me.
it's for the kids and the memories.

now go read all about
and put her button on your page if you wanna do it!
come on,
it'll be fun!!
oh and while you're over there,
every bit of it is fabulous.
kinda like me.


Amy H. said...

Super cute, greasy face and ALL!

Unknown said...

I need to go read this. I hate taking my picture, i don't even have the 2% hotness to buoy me up. More like .000002%, if I'm lucky. But someone told me once that I should make sure i get in pictures so my kids will see us together when they are older.

I love these pictures of you and your kids. You guys are always cute.

Unknown said...

aww your kids are adorable and dont be so hard on yourself your beautiful! :o)

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! Are you a Texan too?

Candace said...

This is when you're most gorgeous. When you're au naturel. I'm gonna go read it.

Meagan said...

we have greasy morning faces this week too. pretty sure the kids won't care!

A Beautiful Life said...

i think your kids will remember their mommy being gorgeous, cuz that's what your are..who the crap looks like that in the morning? whatevs...i'm doing embrace the camera too, and i show you how to look truly "nast"..take some tips gurlfriend. ;)

Gibb Family said...

I didn't notice any grease just you are all so tan! We're not that lucky in Canada.

Lindsey said...

great pictures!
i love this idea.
off to read emilys blog i go :)

Jennifer W. said...

Um, this is what you look like when you wake up in the morning? I hate you just a little bit right now. BEAUTIFUL.

emily anderson said...

totally h-o-t.

haha, love it.
thanks for joining us and you, my dear, are fabulous. you're my new internet BFF.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures and you look great!!

Boni Lady said...

Great pictures! And BTW, I LOVE Emily's blog.... Your kids are beautiful! I am an Embrace the Camera newbie too! Check me out...

christina said...

are you kidding me, you look great! im loving your family photo at the top, dang cute!

Andrea said...

Oh, emily...please don't take offense. I wasn't offended. I really was inspired. I just have my own issues, obviously. I am working towards my own lovelyness! I enjoyed your blog entry, think you are a delightful writer and would hate to give you the wrong impression of me. How about I set a goal to be camera embrace-able in 6 months! Your challenge will be my motivation. I am editting my post! Thanks!

Carey C. Bailey said...

First, the way you style your blog text is amazing! Loving it! Second, beautiful family. With Joy, Carey

Shirley said...

It's a great picture! Love the blog header pic - too funny :)