Thursday, July 22, 2010

flashback friday: jake's 10th birthday.

see how horribly behind i am?
jake turned 10 in mid may
and i'm just NOW posting about it.
freak, i'm lame.
jakob decided to do
the MCAS cherry point air show
for this year's birthday party.
we let him invite 2 friends to join us in the festivities.
we left the babies and miah at home
so we could really enjoy everything.
they're good at taking care of themselves.
not really.
chill. i had babysitters.
we stopped at taco bell
to feed the masses before the show.
$15 burgers are kinda expensive.
we wanted to avoid that.
cole and colby were the friends who joined us.

as soon as we got there,
we plugged all the kids up
to protect their ears.
those plugs were out and lost within 5 minutes.

our first stop was
the vintage car and bike area.
the nice man who ran the area,
told us we could jump in any car we'd like.
he even told us all to sit in the jeep
and he took our picture.
the kids were stoked to try all the old cars out.
cole had his eye on a vintage moped
which, unfortunately was NOT in that
"try everything out" category.
who knew.

before we could say cheeseball,
this cute little dude...

had jumped on this "priceless" moped.
and laid it down.
scratching it.

the retarded dudes in charge of that moped,
decided they needed to write a damage report on the moped
to cover the cost of the repairs for the bike
that they weren't watching
that wasn't roped off
that didn't have a sign saying "do not touch".
it wasn't their lucky day.
cause Lover is a bad A attorney.
who wasn't having any of that.
boo yah.
he DID however,
have to spend the next hour in a huddle
with several MP's, and the nerds who were crying
over their "priceless vintage bike"
that basically just needed a new paint job.
get over it.

while Lover was busy being a delegate-or,
i took the heathens to try more stuff out.
do these dudes look like real marines or what?
i love jake's,
"i'm too cool to smile" face.

the guns were by FAR the favorite hot spot.
these boys don't take their guns lightly.
they knew all the names
and uses for each one.

one day this dude will be posing like this
but for real.
in afghanistan.
living his dreams
as a scout sniper.

oh lookie! the earplugs made it back.
so nice of them to join us again.

or wait,
maybe he'll be in THIS pose,
living his dream as a pilot!

kora doesn't really wanna be a marine,
but she'd sure make a cute one!

i'm a nerd,
but i had to get a picture of my favorite aircraft.
the super rad harrier.
not that gay blue angel to the right,
ignore that.

i even found a little beauty for miss michele,
the ORIGINAL pinup queen.

speaking of queens,
kora got to pose with Ms. North Carolina.
aaaaaand to be quite honest,
i think
kora is about 50 times more beautiful.
sorry ms., u tried.

after walkin around for a bit,
we found a nice spot to sit and sing to jake.
i illegally brought fire power into the air show.
and we stuck a candle in his lemon ice
to make this birthday party official.

the future lovers enjoyed a moment.
brought to you by pepsi.

and the ORIGINAL Lovers,
enjoyed none other than...
each other.
gosh, we're good lookin.
we couldn't end the day without a little
pullup contest.
jake took the cake that day.
but if you ask me,
i think kora LET him,
given it was his birthday and all.

and then we gave a little marine corps salute.
cause marines rock.
enough said.

we had so much fun,
the weather was great,
the babies weren't there to cry and whine
and the kids became famous!

our traditional father son pose.
these boys could not be any MORE alike.
it's just not possible.

by the end of the day we were exhausted.
and our feet showed it.
that's what flip flops will do to you
at an all day air show.

happy birthday my precious biggest boy.
i know on most days we don't see eye to eye,
but i love you more than you'll ever know.
i can't wait to see what you become.
it's gonna be so awesome :)
and i'm gonna be so proud.
i already am.


Dana said...

You have the best lookin kids.

emily anderson said...

i completely forgot about what the rest of your post was about, once i saw those heinous, dirty feet.


A Beautiful Life said...

so fun!! i often dream about the days when my kids are all older and we can just mosey about certain places. grossness feet...hotness couple...cuteness 10 yr old.


crazy about that moped
so is your husband JAG? or did he just wear the bad A attorney hat that day? My husband starts law school in the fall and we are guard so I'm always curious about info :) This airshow looks like so much fun, I've never been to one.

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Sounds like a fun, eventful day!! The "gay" Blue Angels home is an hour away from me. We were planning on going to the show earlier this month and watching it from our boat in the Gulf of Mexico but our boat was getting a new motor so we missed it. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

dena said...

thanks for making me teary with all that mush at the end. if they only knew.

Erica said...

Awww! Sweet post. Happy belated bday, Jake!

No Model Lady said...

Yeah, thanks for not leaving Cole there after he tipped that moped!! Good thing you had Lover there to school those suckas! Someday when Cole and Kora have kids of their own maybe they'll go to the airshow and tell their little daughter Michele about that time you took them when they were kids. Precious! Love the pinup of course!! Though if it's a Nazi pinup...not as much.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

You might just be the coolest mom ever for doing the air show for a birthday! I can't think of anything cooler for a 10 year old. It looks like everyone had a blast!

Love the feet....they make my feet when I'm pregnant look tame ;)

Lindsay said...

i can smell kora's feet.. it's reminding me of girl's camp and the whisky tango family we drove back with. EW. seriously.

Anonymous said...

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