Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i lied. i'm here again and it's white trash day.

today i had a big chore ahead of me.
two of my friends were in need of help with their kids.
and i was the one to fulfill their needs
so i buckled down and got ready for a cRaZy day.
which actually turned out to be,
super fun.

i set up a baby pool,
the sprinkler,
pandora music on my frente channel,
and invited a few friends over to help be extra eyeballs.
with kim's 3 kids,
amy's 2 kids,
(our new friend who just moved here
and and who is gonna be mega patient
and teach me how to sew)
my 5 kids,
rita's 3 kids,
and michele's 2 kids,
we had a total of 15 kids runnin' a muck around the yard.
you could call us supreme whiskey tango.
us three mothers in swimmers,
chillin in our lawn chairs with snacks and drinks.
while our kids ran back and forth from the park to the pool.

even gussy needed to be a part of the action.
so i took what i learned from my grandma thayer,
(who did the same thing to me and my sisters)
and i threw him in a big 'ole plastic storage bin with a little water.
even though he didn't have
live germ spreading ducks
sharing his makeshift baby pool like we did back in the day,
i think he still liked it.

rita gave free manicures to all the little girls.
some of them needed it more than others.

the kids fought over who got to hold the water hose.
apparently miah was not winning this particular fight.

future lovers had mud fights.
they pretend they hate each other.
but michele and i know the truth.

we even had special guests.
dan showed up and i don't even know who took this picture,
but apparently he didn't want paparazzi.

and as if ONE special guest wasn't enough,
brandi showed up too!
minus her swimmer, but we still let her play.
uhmm, can i just say this pictures makes me want bigger boobs?
no reason, no reason.
hi michele.
i made your name big.
no reason.

gussy had a small crush on miss brandi.
he liked the extra padding on her upper area
as opposed to the boney chest on his mom.
i promise he's not sunburned,
he's just hot.
i swear, i lathered him!

amber missed out on our whiskey tango
front lawn beach party.
she's still pent up in bed
letting her new tatas and her flat stomach heal.
so brandi sent her a message.

at the end of the day we came inside for grilled cheese.
we hoped we'd find a picture of buddha
or the virgin mary in our toast.
that really would have made the day complete.
instead we just made sunglasses out of it.

until next time!
oh wait!
jake and his friends made a video.
all by themselves.
and jake gets stoked every time he sees the #of views escalate.
go watch his video so he can be more proud!


Kristina P. said...

This makes me want to have children just so you will make them sit in a WT pool.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

In keeping with your commenting style of the day:

1) this post makes me happy

2) it makes me want firmer {not bigger} boobs

3) Now I want a grilled cheese stomach--but if I eat one I will never have abs like yours

4)Your white trash infant pool is the greatest thing I have EVER seen! Except for your kiddo pushing his white trash shopping cart in a robe and beanie!

Kim said...

I noticed Katherine's claw was removed! Thanks Rita! You would think I would be better about that, but I hate fighting with them with sharp objects.

It looks like the kids had so much fun!

No Model Lady said...

Ahhh yes, the boobie shot. They're always like that. Seriously. It's not like my under-wire or massive padding boosted them at all...

By the way, had I known Amy's newbie was not going to be in attendance, I may not have been so helpful (as in, I wouldn't have come). Fun day!

Anonymous said...

looks like fun :)

felicia said...

5 Reasons I Follow your blog:

5. It makes me feel semi motivated to lose my baby belly and then convince the hubs to let me re-inflate the boobs that were deflated by my darling children.

4. I would put my baby in a plastic bucket of water too just to entertain them.

3. Reading your posts almost always lead to me nearly peeing my pants. (Not sure if that's really a good thing)

2. Hello??? Roadkill Contest!!! I still haven't found anything picture worthy

And the number 1 reason I follow you is........You have a baby named August and so do I. Mine's a girl though.

A Beautiful Life said...

no fair, that's all i have to say..no fair

Brandi said...

I had such a sexy fun time with ya'll! : D Gus loves me and my boobies and we love him! Thank you for letting me sweat it out on your lawn, best lawn party eva!

amylouwhosews said...

My kids had so much fun! Thanks for having them over. I wish I'd been having as much fun. Stupid move.

And why am I not surprised at the winner of the fight over holding the
hose. She's a nuthead.

David and Teresa said...

Jakob!!! you are famous. I loved your Youtube video.

Goodnight moon said...

I hate missing out on all the cool parties! Boo-hoo-hoo