Friday, June 18, 2010

it's just a disease. no worries.

this last saturday,
i took all the kids on a nature walk.
there's a path on base
that leads through a small forest.
penny loves nature
as you can plainly see.

the time was nigh,
and the bugs were hungry.
we became their dinner that evening.

the morning after the walk,
penny woke with a large bump
protruding from his head.
it was as if he was growing a flesh colored horn.
he seemed fine
and the horn showed no signs of redness
so i assumed he had just been
bit by a mosquito.
i shouldn't assume.

the flesh horn persisted for 3 days.
by tuesday and wednesday,
the flesh horn had gone down
only leaving behind a small reddish
blemish looking spot.

it was barely noticeable.
i assumed the bite had healed.
once again, i shouldn't assume.

on thursday morning,
as we packed up and headed out to candace's house,
i noticed that the spot where the horn used to be
was getting a tad red and blotchy.

penny was also complaining about his head,
holding his hand to the bite
and saying, "ow, head."
he also got feverish and puked.
that was fun.
on closer inspection, i noticed
there seemed to be a flesh colored ring
circling the tiny bite
outlined by a blotchy red circle.
candace and i got the bright idea to MARK the redness.
we wanted to keep track of it's growth,
if any.

by the next morning,
the redness had spread significantly.
it seemed as though the area that we had marked as red,

the day before,
was the only peach area now.
i started to worry.
my mother had warned me
far too many times of the danger of the brown recluse.

so i got on candace's computer,
the greatest thing on earth,
and i began to google
"bullseye bug bite"
"bite with red rings"

and i was amazed when this picture popped up.
looking identical to penny's head.
ahhh the power of google.
don't you know that doctors just HATE
mothers and their googling skilz?
i was convinced that my penny had lyme disease.

but alas,
lyme disease is only caused by these dudes.
and after taking penny to the doctor
i was told that the tick would of had to been on his head
for at least 3 days.

1. ticks don't like foreheads.
they aren't bloody and juicy enough.
2. i'm pretty busy and frazzled
but i'm 99.9% sure
i would have noticed a tick on penny's head
that had been there for 3 days.

so we both sat there,
the doctor and i,
confused as to what this could possibly be
and what could have possibly caused it.
commander cotton sent me home with a prescription.
i was told to gather:
two birds
cedar wood
and hyssop.

i was to kill one bird
under running water
in a earthen vessel.
then i was to dip the living bird
in the blood of the bird that was killed.

just kidding.

no but for real,
cephalexin and ibuprofen.
and a ring around the redness to mark it.
commander cotton makes it
so much easier than leviticus.


and a chocolate frosty from wendy's.

and i'm on a quest.
a quest to save all lame blogs.
my first victim.
please go visit her and leave her a comment.
she's never had one.
(well except from me
telling her that she's lame
and needs help).
if your blog is seriously lame,
gimme the link in your comments.
i'll hook you up
or at least, i'll try.


Kristina P. said...

That thing looks scary! I think it's probably the work of Mario Lopez.

Froggylady said...

OK, so what is it?

I hope it stops growing and the meds work. Or that you just get him more frosty's. :)

Jill said...

So, have you figured out what it is yet and how is he? Poor baby! Hope he's okay!!!!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Hi, I am Michelle from Dibble Dabble Life, a new follower/person who thinks you are super cool and funny (thought I'd give you an ego boost as part of my first comment :~) Anyways I hope your little man is a-ok.

I had to laugh because my husband has to make me get off the computer when one of us is sick because of my issue with googling and diagnosing everyone with deadly diseases.

Anyways, I love the blog and hope the bambino gets well. Keep us updated!

Chernobyl said...

The "Commander Cotton" title was very humorous. I have only just now deduced that this could indeed be someones name. ANYWAY. I tried promoting my blog and got all of one comment as a result. And I have a grand total of THREE official followers. That's pretty lame if I do say so myself.

Chernobyl said...

I also wanted to mention that if you make a smarmy remark about someone on facebook that isn't a facebook account holder BUT they are on your email list and your Yahoo & Facebook accounts are linked - you are f#@%ed. True story.

lalalovely lindsay said...

Visiting from It's my little corner of the internet and pretty quiet over there. I tried to do Nablopomo this month, but then life got in the way. I hate it when it sneaks up on you just like THAT.

Adriane said...

Wow, that is one crazy-looking bite. Poor baby! You know, I was actually thinking... it looks kinda like a frying pan mark to me. Hmm. Anyway, loving the beautiful picture of the babies in the grass!!!!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Awww, that would have scared me too! Loving the sharpie on his face. What a trooper! Keep us posted on what it ends up being caused by.

Valinda said...

Yikes! Maybe it's okay we don't have any nature in Vegas, that looks so scary. Was this blog post written on "your" new computer? ;)

Jocelyn said...

I had something like that on my leg, cellulosis. It's really scary if it keeps growing. Nope, not something to balk at.

Jocelyn said...

I had something like that on my leg, cellulosis. It's really scary if it keeps growing. Nope, not something to balk at.

Crystal Burch said...

Poor baby!! Not to freak you out any more than you already are but it totally looks like a staph infection. Is there a knot under the skin in the middle? Is it better?? I should have been a doc b/c I'm always trying to diagnose people and it fascinates me. haha. Anyway, Luke got one which started looking like a bite and ended w/ me draining it...disturbing I know. Hope his head is back to normal quick!

Monica said...
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Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Don't ya love google? That's how I figured out that my Igor looking daughter had Periorbital Cellulitus. FUN.
My blog is pretty lame too. Guess I need to jazz it up.

Michael DeSa said...

Poor Penny! We can be sad together because I have a reeeeeally fun pregnancy rash all over :( :(
But while I feel that blog is pretty awesome (kidding) no one visits me :( HELP!

Paige said...

I'm really really suprised the doctor didn't at least test him for Lyme disease. Like, seriously suprised. That looks exactly like my mark and my symptoms (fever, etc.) when I had lyme disease. And even though he said the tick needs to be there for at least three days, I'm not sure I totally buy that. I'm from CT (where lyme disease originated - in Lyme, CT) and I swear I've only heard 24 hours. I mean, you still probably would have noticed a tick, but maybe not. Those dudes are SERIOUSLY SMALL. Like, I even thought it was a freckle on my own skin. As small as a teency tiny speck of dirt. Honestly, go back to that doctor and tell him to at least test him. If he doesn't, then go to a different doctor. Lyme is serious business (like really serious - a member of my fam almost died from it). Good luck!

Lindsey from The R House said...

dude! your poor baby!

and kristina makes me laugh. i too hate mario lopez and his deceiving dimples.

Goodnight moon said...

I love Dr. Google! How Izey is doing better! I can't believe he is going to be 2 tomorrow! Crazy how time just flys by!!!!

shinergirltx said...

THANKS for the LOVE!!! You are the best blogger ever!

Poor Izey - I really hope it's nothing serious and he gets better soon. That spot looks really scary. He is a SUPER CUTE little boy.

My boyfriend gets mad at me for googling symptoms. Even though he misdiagnosed my skin issue saying it was psoriasis since he had it once.

Write Chick said...

Oh man. Blegh. I never google anymore. It's always cancer. Always!

You'll have to update, so we know what the cause was. That way, when it happens to one of my own kids, I have something I can suggest to the doctor. (Yes, I'm that sassy.)

As far as blogs, go. Mine's not the poorest of the poor, but it's low middle income. Alas, there is never any help for the middle class. :-)

dena said...

GOOD GRIEF!!! that is craZ!

Megan Smith said...

aww! hope your little man gets better.. hope the medicine works for him!

also i have a pretty lame blog if anyone would care to check it out ;)

<3 megan.

zoo keeper said...

well CRAP, i just want to know what it is! way to leave me hanging! see if you can find some immortal/helycrisum oil to put on it(for real)...that's what i would do.

zoo keeper said...

well CRAP, i just want to know what it is! way to leave me hanging! see if you can find some immortal/helycrisum oil to put on it(for real)...that's what i would do.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope it goes away soon! That looks painful and itchy! I would be going crazy not knowing what it was!

Heather said... can't just leave us hanging like I'm going to be obsessing over his poor little head all day!

I hope you figure out what it is soon...poor baby.

Missy said...

Dear Hunduddle,
Would you please, please, please visit my blog? It's new and I want to tell everyone that you're my new BFF, so please visit, but not till after 5pm est today. That's when everything will be up to date. Since I'm at work and shouldnt be blogging.

TRES said...

I followed your request to check out shinergirl. I left some love in your honor.

come check out my lame blog

I started it after I got home from CBC'10. I have your button on my page ;) and I got a freebie layout from your BFF April Showers.


LittleMeTG said...

Hi there. I stumbled on your site while reading "Little Miss Momma's" blog. Anyways, that is definitely Lyme. My daughter was just diagnosed. After speaking to 2 dr's and researching online, I found that the bulls eye can occur on ANY part of the body but more commonly at the site of bite. Still, on ANY part of the body. It can also occur days/weeks after a bite and sometimes a year. It really depends on your child's sensitivity to the toxin in the tick bite. To eliminate it, I'd get blood work done now even if it is a month or two later.

Casey said...

Id love you to show my blog some love... I just got started trying to do it everyday!
Love your blog you always make me laugh!

Crystal said...

I know this is a super old post, but I have a pretty lame (I mean, new and therefore not very followed) blog. Can you help me?!