Monday, June 14, 2010


very quickly here,
i'll be "out of pocket" and unable to blog
for the rest of this week because
i'm watching 6327884 extra kids tomorrow,
i'm watching 7327954 extra kids on wednesday,
and then i'm taking a much needed
mini vacation
to my bff, candace's, pad
to spend the night and
(with all my kids)
i thought i'd share a little old school with ya
before i leave.
i know how much you guys miss me.

i'm gonna write this old hussy style,
left aligned,
to make it seem even MORE vintage.
you like that?
several years back, i would assume kora was about 3-4 ISH (dena correct me if i'm wrong you always know better than i, those years were such a blur), she was sleeping in my bed with me on one particular night.
she slept with me a lot back then. Lover usually slept with jake in his bunk beds. miah wasn't quite a part of our family yet so there was an extra bed down there.
why did we sleep separately? i have no idea. i think it started out because i would get too hot next to Lover so i'd send him away and kora was always so much more cozy. we did this odd sleeping arrangement thing throughout the entire law school stint. those years were so weird to me when i look back now. i dunno, awkward.
so kora was in bed with me and in the middle of the night, around 1am, i hear a thump. kora was known for her occasional falls off the bed so it didn't startle me at all. of course, it always did her and she was crying hysterically as usual. i was dead tired that night and like most nights when she would fall off the bed, i leaned over her side, scooped her up and put her back on her pillow and then told her,
"you're okay, go to bed, you just fell down, you're ok."
it usually calmed her pretty quickly because most of her crying was like gargled "i'm still asleep but i feel like i should cry" kind of whine. i never bothered to turn on any lights or anything because i was 1. too tired to get up (i hadn't dealt with an infant in over 3 years at that point so i was used to MY sleep.) and 2. she didn't ever require inspecting, she had perfected the sleep fall (or so i thought).
anywho, this time my sorry excuse for mothering didn't work. she kept on and on and on. crying. and whining and flailing around.
i was getting pretty annoyed at that point because i was DEAD tired and just wanted to go back to bed. i kept trying to console her, "you're FINE kora, go. to. sleep. STOP CRYING!" over and she'd cry and over and over i'd just keep telling her to stopit and to go to bed. my consoles quickly became frustration the more times i had to tell her to go back to sleep. i'm sure i started sounding like mommie dearest to the poor girl.
each time i'd try to soothe her, i'd pat her head and stroke her cheek and i began to realize that she was sweating pretty profusely. her hair was almost completely wet and her face was practically dripping. she's a hot sleeper as it is, but this was extreme. i knew i didn't feel that hot so why was she? had she just worked herself up into a hot frenzy?
my curiosity got the best of me, or maybe i should say, "the spirit prompted me" to turn on the lights and see if she was sick or something and boy, what a lovely vision i was greeted with.
all over her pillow, all over my bed, covering her pretty blonde locks, streaked across her face, the blood was everywhere. i looked down into my palms, slowly opening my hands only to see them covered in blood as well.
it was like a murder scene in my bed.
and then i spotted it, there on her forehead, the tiny little spewing faucet that was the cause of all this red.
it turns out, when she fell, she nicked her head on the nightstand (which wasn't really a nightstand, just a short little budget table we used for a nightstand) and this whole time i'd been practically YELLING at her to "GO TO SLEEP! STOP CRYING!", the poor child was lying there bleeding to death. well, not to death but that sounds more dramatic.
of course, this turned out to be a fun little all nighter at the ER with me and my koko and about 8 stitches later, she was all fixed up!
and what did i learn from all of this?
don't let your kids sleep with you in the bed. that way, if they fall outta their own bed, they won't ruin your sheets with their blood.
just kiddin.
no but for real, don't let 'em.
see you when i return next week!


ashley @ little miss momma said...

I am not looking forward to these motherhood moments--and with my little monster, I know I am in store for many trips to the ER! Great story-per the usual!

dena said...

such a pretty pouty face. one of my fav chicks that kora is.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

How scary! Though I must say, I have done a similar thing only with a child covered in poop. Middle of the night should be off one can function properly!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, poor little one! You definitely deserve a break.

No Model Lady said...

You're so compassionate...I really love that about you. And quit whining about all those babies. I'll be there in an hour to hold the one tiny female newborn. You're on your own with the rest.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Hope they weren't your favorite sheets! Haha.

So far (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, grabbing at my lucky rabbit's food) we haven't had to make any blood spewing trips to the ER. But it's coming. I can feel it. Lil' Man likes to climb WAY too much for me to not have to eventually see his perfect little head cracked open.

I'm waiting for it.

zoo keeper said...

wierd i have a very similar story only in my story 1. it was staples on the top of the head 2. the blood was all over her bed 3. dad was in charge :o)

Anonymous said...

lol, you meant well. i mean you were trying to sleep :)

A Beautiful Life said...

awww, i would've slept with Lover, waz wrong with you? ;p So sad for little Kora, I'm sure it was so scary turning the light on and seeing all that, we all have moments like that, ain't not thang but a chicken wang...way to be loving. ;D

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

My 5 year old ended up with stitches in that same place, thanks to running and slamming head first into a wall. Those head wounds really bleed a lot. I can't even imagine waking up to all that blood. How scary!

Unknown said...

I've had two similar experiences. #1 smashing in to the nightstand, turn the lights on and CRIME SCENE. Blood on the walls, head to toe, etc. She burst a blood vessel in her nose and it literally sprayed all over. Poor boo. #2 After a long day on an airplane and crappy airport food we arrived at my brother's house worn out. Off to bed we go and little miss wakes me up to tell me she puked. "Oh, okay honey, go to sleep." I assumed she was being dramatic and had a little indigestion. Fast forward to the next morning where I found a barf path from the bed to the toilet. The poor kid had emptied herself completely out! I'm lucky she didn't collapse in a heap. Oopsie.