Monday, May 10, 2010

siete de miah.

Friday night, siete de miah (not mayo), SS and i hosted a party in my front yard.
we wanted to eat good mexican food.
and blast mariachi music throughout the streets of timmerman.
and embrace miah's mexican heritage.
so we did.
gussy and i started getting ready for the party by dancing in the kitchen to mexi-music.

jonathan started grilling chicken
with his homey,
cholo gus.

when the guest started to arrive,
the party got cRaZy.
adriane and nathan with their lovely kylee.
did u know my friend adriane rides a crotch rocket?
did u know she can do tricks on it?
like stand on the seat and put her hands in the air?
she can.
she's mega rad.
jen and matt.
jen is pregnant and she's gonna have a beautiful baby soon.
her first.
that is if she would stop fainting in people's front yards.

these are the NON marines.
we have to separate them from the cool kids.
just kidding.
we still love them regardless of their bad choices.
the girlies got all hot and cute for the party.
because that's just what we do.

my neighbor carl even arrived,

rita left him for a week to be a single dad while she parties it up in cali.
don't worry rita,
us mormons are good at being sister wives.
we "took care" of carl for you.
i love how carl's eyes are closed because he's prolly repeating in his head,
"i love rita. i love rita. i love rita."

the babies played on a blanket for most of the time.
eating pine needles.
and each other.

summer posed with her hotness.
do u like her chola face?
she reminds me of the cholas in high school who threatened to kick my butt on a daily basis.
i wonder what they ever grew up to be like.

we even had two pinatas for the kids.
one was a "galaxy" pinata.
very mexican.

izey even took a turn to smash it.
does he not look super old in the pic or what?
dear izey,
stop growing.
love, mom.

the other pinata was a parrot.
it was called a "michele" pinata.
i dunno...

Lover looked smokin' hot as usual.
like, when does he NOT look hot?

in fact, he looked SO hot that night,
i couldn't take it anymore and kicked all my guests out early
so i could mug down with him.

happy siete de miah!!


Carolina said...

you mormon sister wives...sure know how to throw a great "siete de miah"

oh..and the cholas...we grew up to be very nice!!!


daniella said...

I almost got beat up by a couple of cholas in Jr. High. I didn't speak English very well then and they mistook my silence and cold stone face towards them and their half shaved head (in the back) as an insult and threat. Bless their little hearts, I was too scrawny to beat them up and then tell them Jesus loves them.

Great party!!! Who needs Jose Cuervo and Margarita when you got some sister wives?

(P.S. No, I don't have an accent like the chik in American Pie, or any accent other accent.)

Shannon said...

Two things.
1. You spelled piƱata wrong. (Alt 164 for future reference) The spanish alphabet has to n's. Poor Miah! ;)
2. What kind of mexican food did you have? Tostadas de America???

Goodnight moon said...

I want more of all that food! It was so yummy! It was a perfect night.....I think you should host a block party EVER Friday night! See ya this Friday!

A Beautiful Life said...

super fun!! wish I lived close by! Gus is so cute, looks like you had been tanning in that super cute top pic with Gus..;)
Seriously a block party would be super it!
And yes your lover is always smokin'..I love polo shirts, Teddy rocks them all the time and I love how they look on guys and how their big arm muscles wanna pop out! i'm craving asian again..dangit!! ;p
you're beautiful, as are ALL of your lady friends, i'm jealous!!

amylouwhosews said...

good times! you guys are all cute!

Jess said...

A party in honor of Miah, yet no pics of the little guy?!?

I wish I lived in a cool fun!

Kathy said...

I also noticed no pics of Miah. I feel robbed. He was probably having too much fun to hold still for a picture.

Adriane said...

Awww, that was super-fun! You guys are great! :)

Oh, side-note: all close-up photos of myself should be highly photoshopped for wrinkles, zits, and general face-fatness. I'm just sayin'...

Bonnie said...

I'd hate to have Michele as a friend. She makes the people next to her look ugly. No wonder you plan to trip her at church.

zoo keeper said...

aww next time i want an invite!
eww for sister wives and what's a chola?

prettyinink0402 said...

Super jealous...ya'll looked like you had sooo much fun! All my friends are gone to NC, VA & DC now! BOOO EAST COAST! LOL...way cute pics too!

Missy said...

Awww!! I wanna live by you!!! Move to Indiana. Crane Naval Base is nearby...Navy, Marine...guess that wouldn't work ):

Your blog makes my day go faster. You've made me spray diet coke on my work computer soo many times, I don't keep it nearby anymore!!!

Heather said...

Those are awesome new photos up there on the top bar! Hope that your mothers day was great as well!

Lindsay said...

i agree with bonnie about michelle... she should only take pictures alone.. or like with little children. like those disney princesses who look perfect fake even IN person.. how is that possible? i look so mangie. tell michelle to come spruce up my look.

The Bama Gardener said...

Very cute blog! I love your header! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

David and Teresa said...

Looks like the mexican party was a hit. You're a good hostess, Baby. YOu always seem to have fun parties happening.