Monday, May 17, 2010

mother of a double digit kid.

yesterday my biggest kid turned 10.
baby jake.
he requested his favorite meal be prepared.
eggrolls and rice.
yes cleo, asian food.
is he not the cutest boy you've ever seen?
i've already had several requests to save him for friends' daughters to marry.
soooo, get in line.

i made his favorite cake.
chocolate with chocolate covered strawberries on top.
only 5 candles because he wasn't supposed to get older than 5, he promised me.

i was mad at jake for growing up so i decided to make him jealous by mugging down with my little teeny tiny guppy.

kora wanted in on the fun.
take note that i've been tanning for 2 weeks.
not at all.

the kissing fest was so fun,
Lover wanted in it.
i couldn't resist, never can.

we did our traditional family pose on each birthday
using my handy dandy camera timer.
the kids weren't familiar with how it works.
you can tell in their faces.
aaaaaand, i look fat.

Happy Birthday Jakey!
I love you more than you'll ever know :)


zoo keeper said...
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The Nugen's said...

You are really tan. And I think your missing 2 little ones in you family birthday photo.

zoo keeper said...

Super CAKE! i wanna make one now yum! my oldest just turned 9 BOOOO!P.S. is your favorite color gray?

Valinda said...

That cake looks SO good I'd like to request it for my next birthday.

I have kids like Koko, nice and tan year round - definitely not fair.

Please put Jr. on the prospective marriage list.

Happy Birthday to Jakob!!

A Beautiful Life said...

I LOVE ASIAN FOOD..;D..will you make some eggrolls when you're here?? YUM! Your family is freakin beautiful..Jake is a stud, he'll prolly meet the woman of his dreams at age 15 and get married to her like his mom and dad did..;) I LOVE YOUR TAN!! I totally need to start going...
you look amazing, i love how you and Lover are perfect smiling posers and the rest of the gang are
so sweet and make that cake when you come too! You're such a good mommy...

Lindsay said...

what did i tell you about saying you are FAT!? STOP DOING IT!!! ugh. ps. i love your family. love you baby jake.

Kaci said...

Talk about feeling old! I remember giving him that little riding toy at Outback when he was 2 I think. Tell him I am mad at him too...even though he doesn't have a clue who I am!!!!!

Candace said...

I, too, am tired of hearing that you're fat. You. are. not. fat.

Love the pics. The cake looks AMAZING! Can't believe you have a 10 year old. My kids better not ever get that big on me. I'll ground them.

Adriane said...

Awww, happy birthday to your big guy :) You guys all look cute as ever.

Sorry didn't get a chance to chat on Sunday; especially since you skipped out on the after-party!! Party pooper! ;)

Bonnie said...

Your traditional family pose looks like it's missing something! Or two somethings.

Anyway, I hope that Ashlyn is at the top of that marriage list. Just tell Jake that Ashlyn knows military life and will be TOTALLY ok with him being a marine officer. I'm just saying, Valinda can't say that can she? I know, low blow, but she's known you longer so I have to get an edge any way I can.

Loved the cake. MMMMMMMMM

dena said...

happy birthday jake!!

Amanda said...

10---!!!???? REALLY??? That cake looks so YUMMY!!!! I WANT SOME! And Jake is too cute:) HAPPY B-DAY:)

Ann Joyce said...

Gus is cute! Oh and the rest of your kids too.

Shannon said...

I'm not a fan of cake but THAT cake looks DIVINE. Do you think you could plan to be in Mexico for MY birthday next February??? :)

David and Teresa said...

Boy my Jake is getting big. Not baby jake anymore. Oh well, you grew up on me so you deserve it. hahahaaha...Mutha