Sunday, May 30, 2010

cbc sugary goodness.

so i'm back from the ever so exciting, CBC.
it was grand.
i have lots to post but right now my eyelids
are dangling dangerously
over my balls of eyes and i must rest them
before i collapse right here and now at the computer.
i will, however, give you a snippet of the yumminess i embraced.
enjoy my followers.
do not be jealous.
yes, cjane and i have become best pals.
(or so i like to pretend)


Bonnie said...

I seriously love all of the freckles in that family! Lucky you to get to meet her, did she promise to have Stephanie comment? If she can't get her to acknowledge you then I think your cause is lost, dear.

Goodnight moon said...

That sure is a great looking shirt! And now its totally famous!

Stephanie Kelly said...

Slut!!!!!!! I am so jealous that I was too poor to go to the CBC with you. And I so wish we had more time to hang... I feel like we didn't even get one convo. in, b/c you guys were gone so fast! :( But I did get my sweeeeeeeeet massager/dildo... and thats all that counts right?!!!