Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taebo Wednesday AND an announcement!!

Haven't done this in awhile.
Today is Wednesday.
Although I did NOT do Taebo because I FORGOT it was Wednesday.
I spent 30 minutes this morning sitting in the PreK parking lot waiting for school to start, wondering why no one showed up.
FYI, there's no PreK on Wednesday.
SO instead I went to the gym and decided I needed to announce something.
I'm resurrecting my hotness.
It's like my coming out of being a bearer of children.
And it's just in time for the summer!

The grand reveal will be...
JuNe 1, 2010
Wanna know what you'll see?
My PRE-workout, POST-baby body picture,
all biggest loser style in
sports bra
workout pants.
It's grody.
really, ReALLy REALLY grody.
and pastey white.
But in my defense,
right next to the nasty picture will be my NEW picture.
In all my hotness.
(no not really, but at least 94% better)
So here are my latest stats in honor of Taebo Wednesday:
I'm 5'10" just so you know.
November 30, 2009
165.0 lbs
April 28, 2010
148.0 lbs
To date: 17 lbs lost
NOT impressive.
But on June 1st, I WILL have impressive stats.
(I hope!)


No Model Lady said...

Dude, you're already HOT! I'll be keeping Spouse away from you this summer. With Lover deployed you'll be all damsel in distress, but it won't work!

A Beautiful Life said...

you rock sugar mama..and you look more radical then 97% of the got it girl! i rectangle you..

Goodnight moon said...

Your such a sexy kitten right now....I can't wait until you turn into a cougar at the pool in your 2piece polka dot bikini!!!!!! Then I believe you will be able to claim your true title as, The Hussy!!!!

A Beautiful Life said...

good gracious..will she really rock a bikini? NO FAIR..I can't ever do that because of my road map of stretch marks and loose skin baggage..why does she get all the luck???? don't you like how we always comment on her blogs, yet she doesn't comment on ours? real rad..

Monica said...

JUNE 1st???? That's, like, FOREVA away.

Betsy said...

no babies here, and for every inch you are taller than me... i have almost 2 lbs more blubber. I hate you. I may have to un-follow this blog. ;) KIDDING

daniella said...

Oh, snap!

You could always just hunch and stick your (bread) belly out in the BEFORE pic and then go get a spray tan (just don't pee down your legs) and sit straight up, suck in your stomach for the AFTER pic. You'll look 10 pounds smaller. Guaranteed. No one will ever know. Ever. It's how they do it in the commercials!

zoo keeper said...

HA! love that you had to throw in that you're 5'10'' hate that your starting weight is my end goal....puke! i will be the fat one at the cbc, you will be the skinny one. how does that make you feel?

Anonymous said...

girl i feel your pain :)

Chernobyl said...

It's good to loose the weight slowly. You'll do great.

Stephanie Kelly said...

why is white and pasty "ewww GAG"? :(

I CANT be jealous~

Bonnie said...

I quite possibly hate you more after those stats. I don't think it's good for my self-esteem to continue to be your friend. I'm not only 20 inches shorter than you but I weigh 5 pounds more. I hate YOU and your MOTIVATION!

Candace said...

Bonnie, I agree with you. I'm 4 inches shorter and.... many pounds heavier. It's horrible for my self-esteem to hear how "fat" super skinny people think they are. Ugh. Whatever.

Unknown said...

Ok, I HONESTLY don't mean this to be ugly... but... I think a lot of people are dancing around it: this post is kind of crappy and totally insensitive. Look, I KNOW what kind of person you are, and KNOW that as much as you joke, you don't truly want to hurt people's feelings, which is why I am telling you this.

You shouldn't talk about yourself like this.

When a SKINNY, exceptionally PRETTY person, such as yourself, talks about herself in such unkind terms, it leaves the people around her wondering, "Man, if she thinks she looks THAT awful, what must she think when she looks at ME?!"

I'm not asking you not to try to improve just because some of us are fatter, or uglier, but be at least a little grateful for your luck in the gene lottery that allows THIS to be your starting point.

Also, just FYI, MINIMUM healthy weight for someone your height is 138. That's not mid-range, that's 1 lb lighter and you're considered UNDERweight. Max is 180, which means that moments after having your baby, you were within the normal, healthy range of weight for your height, then coasted right into the middle, and now sit right at the low end.

Hope that wasn't too harsh, but I do hope you'll think about it.

Lindsay said...

i second sheriece. STOP dork!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

i love sheriece :)

my new goal weight will be 138, i swear.

and i'm only hard on myself because i see myself nude everyday and i know what i USED to look like (not post ALL babies, but post several babies) and it was much better than this. i know i can get to a place where i'm happy but that's not to say that i don't think all my heavier/shorter friends aren't BEAUTIES! we all have a comfortable weight. and this isn't mine.

one day...

anywho, thank you my dear for drawing attention to the matter. i'll do better :)

Brandi said...

there is no doubt you shall succeed and kick booty! :D

Unknown said...

Awe, thanks, Jess! I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way. You KNOW I think you're the bee's knees!

amylouwhosews said...

Awesome pictures! Your guys are a good lookin' bunch!

you are 5'10"?? I will be starting out at the same weight (if not more) and I lack 5 of your inches to stretch it out on. :( You go girl!