Friday, April 30, 2010


the best part about going home,
is seeing all of our tender family members.
i tried my best to get pictures of all of them this time.
i just wanted to share them with you.
this is my absolute favorite,
Lover with his granny kay.
and no cleo, Lover doesn't speak English.
I have to communicate with him
by speaking "asian".

so i'm sittin' here with Penny Love,
justa write'n this bloggity hippog
and he sees this picture
and immediately yells, "PAWPAW!"
yep, that's my daddy and my sweet Gusser Rooney.
looooove Gussy's face here,
so dreammmmy!

on the other end of the elderly father spectrum,
we have this roundy headed PoPs.
whom i love so dearly.
whom i've adopted as my second father.
who gets wedgies and they show in his face when i take his picture.
but i still love him.

it took awhile for my Penny to warm up to his MawMaw.
but it finally happened at the zoo as we were observing the large tortoise.
MawMaw didn't want to move for fear Penny may realize he was holding her.
so she sat idle, like the tortoise.

oh how i love cousins.
cousins make me smile. they make me laugh.
they conspire together to have sleepovers.
and then propose it to the moms and dads.
this is my older sister amy's, two kids.
aidan and lorlin (lauren).

let's venture out a little further.
austin's drop dead gorgeous grandma.
yes, you heard me right,
SHE is a great grandma.
great granny Sharon we love you so.

and Sharon's husband, Jim.
who the boys couldn't get enough of.
Izey kept trying to lift his shirt to see his belly,
in real life.
don't tell anyone, but i secretly wanted to too!

again, my mutha.
in the car on our girlie spa day.
with my precious Koko.

and austin's mutha, Regina.
who just couldn't get enough of my Gus.
but honestly?
who can?

more cousins!
when Kora and Leyla get together, they go 100 miles an hour.
they craft,
they cook,
they play dress up,
the works!
they also like to give me their best vienna impersonation.

and leyla is blessed with 3 brothers,
whish is almost as cool as Koko.
one of those sweet brothers being Jesse, Izey's new pal.

a brother for jake too!
Si, who loves video games and sports so these two were inseparable.
jakob actually cried when we had to go.

and the oldest brother Blayne.
who doesn't do anything but play sports and talk about how
he thinks he can get almost any girl he wants.
little tErd.

and of course,
i saved the best for last.
i always do.
my brother,
The Texas Longhorn.
whose head will soon be mounted above me and Lover's bed.

have you sent me your entry for the Annual Roadkill Contest?

hurry up, i'm craving disaster.


A Beautiful Life said...

I loved this post! maybe cuz there was a shout out to me, which was entirely so funny i had to make teddy read it..iluuuuuuuv all these pics, Kora is so funny and beautiful like her mama, and all your boys are too adorable! All my side of the family lives in different states, and I miss them tons, luckily all of Teddy's side live here so they can grow up with grandmas/grandpas and cousins/aunts/uncles around us all the time, i love it.'s Japanese, Lover should know it..;p

A Beautiful Life said...

sorry hubby informed me that's Chinese, all asian sounds the how about, ko-nichee-wa or domo origato mr roboto..? ;)

Lindsay said...

ummm.. pretty sure you forgot LUCAS!!! that's okay.. he's in the cousin picture in spirit. oh.. and that long horn... who better to be above your bed as you're bangin' it out? right? HAH oh texas.

word verification: glontice.. like jaundice but with a g.

Unknown said...

I love Gus' face in all the pics of him, he always looks so darn sweet!

daniella said...

Since I'm slightly dyslexing, at first I read "I'm CARVING disaster". I didn't correct myself because I'm pretty sure that's something you'd say.

Where in the world did you get that star wars onsie? My husband would die to have one. Obviously, for Davey not himself. I think.

And the Vienna video? I don't ever remember laughing this hard for 3 1/2 minutes straight. PERFECTION.

Cute family!

daniella said...

I meant to say DYSLEXIC. See?

Brandi said...

OMG I freakin love Gus' face! He looks so lost and yummy!

Your whole family is precious, why am I not shocked? lol

Marian said...

Oh my, I loved each and every photo. The children are not only beautiful/handsome but oh so sweet. I loved that Gus allowed me to cuddle him and he did not cry when he looked at me. Too true, that great grandma Sharon is a hottie, and Blayne, well, what can I say? Incidentally, when do we get to see the family photos Amy shot whilst you were in Texas? I've checked your blog and Amy's daily but so far nada.
Love You Precious Jess.
Auntie M

Brandi said...

Love that you used that picture in your header, it's freaking adorable.

tiffanyg said...

Jessica, I love love love your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!