Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Annual Roadkill Contest!!

Hello lovely readers-O-mine.
I've procrastinated this long enough and today is the day I OFFICIALLY announce that,
The Lowe Family News'
is NOW underway.
For those of you who are new here,
(and even if you aren't, because I'm adding some cool twists)
lemme tell you the rules.
If you want to participate in this contest you MUST find and photograph
IN REAL LIFE roadkill.
It's gotta be good.
Juicy. Gorey. Fresh.
You have to have lots of photos, to show all angles of the dead meat.
and you must email them to me at:
You MUST include a short summary of when and where you found the "goods."
If you are stealing roadkill images off of google,
(I have my ways of knowing.
I'm tight with Heavenly Father.)
Here is an example:
Hi, my name is Hotty McJessica and I was on a walk with my two hottie pals, Rita McFrita and Amber Fritata and we saw this dead frog that was mega juicy so I took a picture of it.
And just like that,
you're entered into the contest.
don't expect to win with roadkill like this.

I wanna see something like
Remember my find just a month or so ago?
Let's think OUTSIDE the box for good roadkill.
This means pulling over on the side of the highway to get that one AMAZING shot of that dead cat who flew outta that guy's truck in front of you.
I'm vivid.
(and i hate cats)

Who could forget last year's winner, Katie King, who sent me this dead hog she found on the sidewalk as she was beginning her daily run.
She took first place for this baby.

And her prize?
The ever so coveted flowerdy shirt that I wore
WAAAAAY too much.

How's the shirt coming along?

I like to make my roadkill prizes OUTSTANDING.
I like to make them GRANDIOSO.
I like to make them something I already have that most of my bloggers email me about, drool over and covet.

So this year, if you take the grand prize and bring me your very best piece of dead meat,
Win This...

Remember my radical
Cosco vintage red chair with step stool?
I'm not giving it away.
I'm giving ANOTHER ONE away to my winner.

Ohhhhh, you know you want this!!!

And to make things even more exciting, if you spread the word about this contest on your blog, or facebook, I'll do what I did last year and give out

if I get over 30 entries.
you need to go tell everyone you know.
Your Aunt
You nephew
Your baby daddy.

Be sure to link this contest up when you spread the word.

This isn't any regular contest, so it won't end soon. It takes time and patience to find ripe deadness.
the contest will no longer be accepting entries after
May 27, 2010.
That's the day I leave for the CBC!!

And when I return, I'll announce my WiNnEr!!

Good luck!
Happy hunting.
And be safe when you're standing on the highway taking your pictures!


TerresaE said...

I was thinking "no way am I going to take pictures of splattered dead things on the road" but then I saw the step stool chair....and my heart skipped a beat. My entry will be forthcoming!

Lindsey said...

I was totally thinking the same thing as Terresa but that stool is so cool!
Oh man...this is going to be a gorey but a goody ;)

A Beautiful Life said...

I threw up twice whilst scrolling down, but that's ok, i needed to give up some calories today..i shall be on the lookout for a tasty morsel for you to nibble on...

dena said...

you already have my pic. i got it IN REAL LIFE. i don't wanna hear it. it's real, it's life. it's roadkill and i want it entered. so there. any questions?

Staci said...

mannn i really really wanna do this one but gosh st.george utah has NOOOOO road kill..this town is too clean. Hopefully I can find something good on my two trips to SLC in May. I love this contest..if only I lived in Missouri again i would totally win!

Goodnight moon said...

I can NOT wait to help you judge. Will we be doing this on our airplane ride to the CBC??!? BLECK!

***** said...

I was wondering when you were going to start this GAME!!! You know I cover up the screen when I'm reading about your road kill. Gagish. Can't wait. That stool is dreamy.

Brandi said...

Yeah I might have to miss hold on ...

Sorry vomit came up.


Unknown said...

I do want to win this!! I'm going to have to be creative. Do things found in the labor and delivery room count?

Lindsey from The R House said...

haha. emailing you now...

Lindsey from The R House said...

fyi--your post says this is over on may 27th or something.

AND did you see my fb shout out?


Kristin said...

Did you ever post a winner? I've been checking, but maybe I missed it.