Monday, April 26, 2010

Penny Sneak

My Penny is quite the sneaky ratmeat.
He likes to find things that he isn't supposed to have,
and then see if he can get away with having them.
Take for instance this random coke he found outside.
"Hello mutha with a camera. I found this coke but if I make this guilty face then maybe you won't get mad at me. See how cute and innocent I look with my black eye?"

"Or maybe I should just pretend that I don't even see that you see ME. Maybe I should just look away and hope that you forget I have this yummy coke."

"You're not going away OR yelling at me so I think I'm just gonna play my final card and smile the biggest smile I can at you in hopes of getting a kiss for cuteness. Maybe then you'll just let me keep the coke."

You silly Penny.
You always win.

Speaking of sweet and precious things, I have two dear friends-o-mine who have some amazing causes going on right now for some really amazing kids.

1. My friend Shannon Miller's nephew Lehi was hit by a drunk driver while he was walking with some friends in the street. He is in bad condition and unfortunately, his family is struggling to pay for his medical care that he desperately needs.
They are accepting donations through paypal which can be sent to
To read Lehi's story, go HERE.

2. My other lovely and extremely talented friend Lauren, from Cotton Candy Shop, is raising money to help a friend of hers who'se daughter suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Her story is heart wrenching. After several failed pregnancies followed by emergency D&C operations, she was finally able to get pregnant only to find out that her new baby girl, Ginger Blue, has Cystic Fibrosis. Lauren is asking all of her clients to purchase a special tutu designed especially to help Ginger Blue. 20 % of the proceeds will go to the sweet baby girl's family to help her stay alive and healthy.
You can buy the tutu from Cotton Candy Shop by msg'ing Lauren on her Facebook Fan Page and you can read Ginger Blue's story HERE.


A Beautiful Life said... you get these pics?? lol..he is so dang cute!! good causes, and good way to use your fame to help others! i hexagon you..;)

Brandi said...

Penny is just too adorable, actually all your kids are. :D

No Model Lady said...

He is a sneaky monkey, but he's so cute it's hard to care! :)

Goodnight moon said...

I love that penny of yours!

Your so rad for sharing these amazing stories....hopefully these causes will get some attention:)

Oh....and your beating me by 1 follower right now....whatev's!

See Mom Smile said...

I kind of look like that when I drink a Coke too.