Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LaUnCh PaRtY!!!

So yea,

Most of you may already know, but my new Vlog is set to open...


February 15th!

It's gonna be so rad, you'll love it.

All my "bests" will be featured there.




...and everything else fun my little cRaZy mind concocts.

The E True Hollywood Jessica will soon be revealed.

Buttons will be available to grab later this week so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime,

I need your help spreading the word!


Call your grandma in Oregon.

EVERYONE needs to know about this!!

Send them to The Lowe Family News so they can be "abreast" on the who, what, when where and why's of the new Vlog.

I love you my followers!!

I'm doing this for you!!!


dena said...

the wheels HAVE come off!

Unknown said...

lovin it! i follow shaycarls daily vlog on youtube. are you gonna do it something like that? are you posting each vlog on blogger, or just doing it through youtube or something. i will certainly spread the word!

raschel said...

I need more info. What is a "vlog"? (I'm guessing video blog?) What do you mean "set to open"? Is it going to be a new website? I'm so confused....

Goodnight moon said...

Finally!!!!! Gesh....get on with it already!

Amber said...

I am uncertain whether I should be thrilled or terrified.

: )

Claire said...

Yes. I like you. We shall indeed, be friends. ;)

Froggylady said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to see!

Denise Wiggins said...

what can you come up with... I bet something that is amazing... Can't wait

Unknown said...

What!? This is nuts. I feel like you're becoming famous before my very eyes!!! Can't wait to see the VLOGGAGE!

Stephanie Kelly said...


word ver.- modvag (I'm not even kidding)

***** said...

It's about time you step this cart and pony show up. I will tell ALLLLL my friends. I have been doing cheek stretches in preparation so they won't hurt from laughing too much.