Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Junk before the grand opening FUNK!

1. Most importantly, tickets are now available for the grand opening of HunDuddle Hussy, the new vlog which will be available on Monday.
If you don't wanna be left out, go HERE to grab ur "ticket", i.e. BUTTON.
2. My lovely friend, Lauren, over at Cotton Candy Shop is having an AMAZING sale going on right now. Everything...that's right, EVERYTHING in her shop is going for 20% off the original price. She has NEVER put every item on sale like this before, but she's in a good mood right now and is offering it to her customers until Friday. All you gotta do is go HERE, to her Facebook page, become a fan and tell her which of her products are your favorite. THEN, go shopping!!!
My favorite item is the Whale Seersucker Jon Jon.
Wouldn't Izey and Gus Gus look ADORABLE in matching Jon Jon's this summer?
Oh my gosh, I can hardly stand it.
I wonder if Dave Ramsey will allow it?

2. So my beauty, Koko, has been chosen as this week's VIP in her classroom at school.

She had to fill this giNORMOUS bag full of items that described who she is to share with the classroom. How proud was I when she wanted to bring her "Daughter of a Heavenly King" plaque? Lemme just say that the past few weeks with her have been...less than perfect. So seeing her want to CTR, made me smile.

3. My Gus Gus is so dreamy.
Especially in his hounds tooth bell bottoms and star wars shirt handed down from Penny.
Look at that faux hawk action.

4. Lately, Penny has been obsessed with taking pictures and then wanting to see himself on the camera screen afterwards. He brought the camera to me and then stood my Jake for a pose. He was so proud.
I love brothers.
Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug.
-Tommy Boy

5. Remember how I told you the freakin barber always squares away my boys' hair?
Dadgumit, they did it again.
It's not tooooo noticeable on Jake with his light hair. Still ridiculous, but not as bad.

But on MIAH!
I mean come on. Seriously? Really?
You think this looks GOOD?!?!
I'm so annoyed.

6. For Superbowl Sunday we partied with individual pizzas!
The kids had a blast designing their own.
Koko was sick but still wanted to be in on the fun.
Jake even went buck wild and folded CHEESE into his crust.
Talented boy I've got there...

7. And don't forget our current giveaway!!!
Baby booties.
The kind that warm tiny toes,
not the ghetto ones.
Go HERE to enter to win.
Denise just told me that she'll customize the size you need!!
You gotta have these.


Camilla said...

Yummy Pizza!! and cute, cute kidlets.

Unknown said...

Gus is getting soo big already! luv the faux hawk. chris just did that to himself. well, his friend did. jake is just getting more and more handsome too, if that's possible. he looks so mature next to izzy. luv your personal pizzas! we were stuck at home for superbowl. hopefully we can make it out this weekend to celebrate valentines day! we've got another 2ft on top of the 3ft of snow we got last weekend. :P

Kim said...

I actually really like how line ups look :)

(stop going to barbers)

Kris said...

Man, Izzy looks so much like Kora. Really, they all look alike. And Gus has on some sweet pants.

My word is "argod".