Sunday, February 7, 2010

12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways

It's Week #10!!
My lovely featured vendor is...
by Denise and Katrina
Okay, I am totally jealous of these two girlies and the craftiness fun they have over on their blog. Remember my 2009 New Year's Resolution?
I was supposed to learn how to sew.
I learned how to get pregnant,
and have a baby boy,
Therefore, I am incredibly envious of these two girls' crafting blood that pumps through their veins. I wanna be like them!!!
Denise and Katrina spend their days making things like outfits for their girlies, knitting, baking and much much more! Then they blog it all for us to see how they did it and try it ourselves! You have GOT to get on over to their blog for ideas!
Denise was kind enough to offer up a lovely and CoZy prize for this weeks Give-Uh-Way.
She constructed a pair of baby booties for either a girl OR a boy, depending on what the winner needs!
I'm not exactly sure of the size, but I know they'll fit about a 3-6 month old baby.
Maybe a little bigger if your baby has tiny toes.
Mine does :)
Feel free to enter to win so you can send them to me and Gus!
MmmMmMm. Warm.

MmmMmMmmm. Furry.

To enter, answer this question:
What ONE baby item do you wish
you could still use for yourself?
For more entries,
Don't forget to tell me!
Also, if Denise and Katrina can get 30 followers on their blog, their promising a giveaway of their own!! So do it! Follow 'em! I wonder what they'd do if we doubled it to SIXTY followers!!
Think we can?
And we're nearing the end of the Give-Uh-Ways,
Get to work people.
Contest ends Thursday EST,
winner drawn on Friday morning.


Val said...

umbilical cord. who has time to eat.

Goodnight moon said...

These booties are da'bomb!!!! I know, since my spitball has a pair! He wears the ALL the time!!!

Good question!!!!

How about a baby swing? Then I could be rocked to sleep, but only on low speed. I don't want to get motion sickness, which I get now that I'm OLD!

I also FB it!

***** said...

Diapers. On road trips. I hate stopping and using the nasty pit stops. It slows me down.

Valinda said...

The baby papasan chair. I loved that thing cozy, comfy and played nice music. I don't need baby booties though. :)

julielollar said...

The white minky blanket my daughter had. It's so soft and cozy but I think momma would look a little crazy snuggling with a blankie! :P

Froggylady said...

I'm gonna go with diapers. Just every now and then, long car rides, car rides where Madelyn falls asleep, anytime I'm in a store with icky restrooms...

I can vouch for how cute these little slippers are first hand!

nat said...

I'd have to say the doorway jumper....those things just look fun

Michael DeSa said...

Diapers. For. Sure. :)

Not nienie, sorry said...

I want huge stairs! Ok so it isn't a baby item per say but if I could find nice carpeted stairs as big compared to me as real stairs are to babies I would be in much better shape or never go up them....

Anne Godinich (Katie DeSa's Mommo) said...

a comfy pastel baby blankie
Katie DeSa's Mommo (Anne)

Marnie said...

Hairbows of course! :) Does that count?

Lil Eskimo said...

the excuse to nap whenever i want. AGHHH i'm getting at this late!

Lil Eskimo said...

i also commented on their blog.

Brooke H. said...


Nannie said...

I love these booties...too cute...they would look super cute on my little Junie....thanks for the giveaways...awesome...