Sunday, February 14, 2010

12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways

Aside from all the Hussy bUzZ, you're gonna wanna meet this week's featured vendor.
She spawns from the same blood of my very own so be prepared for some major bragging here.
Week #11 is...
by Lindsay Heinzen

For some reason, my sisters, Amy and Lindsay, were gifted with mega talents.
I, on the other hand, was not.
I'm not sure, but I have that question ready for Heavenly Father when I get a chance to ask him in person.
Lindsay is like the most fantastical artist.
On top of being super radically awkward and "hunduddle" her creativity makes for some really interesting work. I only WISH I could express my oddness like she can.
This mermaid is one of my most favorite of her pieces.

The thing about Lindsay is that she can go in almost any direction with her art.
I love her roundy ladies the best.
She always gives them the best curves.

She does a TON of commissioned work.
People are always asking her to make doppelgangers for them.

She never ceases to amaze.
She brings out people's personalities in her art.

She makes invitations too!
Baby Shower, Birthdays, you name it!

Recently, she started creating screen print T's for babies.
Her cartoons are so perfect and unlike ANY other baby attire.
I love it!
She sent me a few of these for baby Gus and he wore them proudly!

She's created a signature character whom she's named, Kevin.
He's interesting and fun.
I think Kevin and I would be good friends.

And whenever she gets artist's block,
she just draws her self portrait and some how, she clears her mind and is ready to work!

Another Lindsay, when she moved to San Francisco.
She's an artist there ya know.

She's a master at drawing chubby precious babies.

This is her interpretation when she found out she was pregnant with her son.

And if you're in the market for a blog header?
She does those too!

For the Give-Uh-Way, Lindsay is donating a number series, similar to this one.
Three paintings that go together,
the winner chooses what they want them to be of and what colors to use.
Princesses? Puppies? Ghosts? Daffodils? Boogers?
You name it.
Lindsay creates it for you.
Trust me, she can do ANYTHING.
She's amazing.
Did I tell you she's my sister?
She is.

So all you haters out there who have been buggin me about having a give-uh-way that DOESN'T pertain to babies, I better see you enter this one.
A number series would be precious in ANY room.
Kids room, play room, bathroom...
YOU customize it!
Answer this question to enter...
Have you gone to the new
And if so,
did you leave the Hussy a comment?
(you're answers better be HELL YEA!!!)
For more entries,
(or to just win, bring me NieNie)
...and tell me what you did.
That's a total of FIVE entries.
And if you wanna just skip all this contest crap and have Lindsay make you something, go to her blog and tell her what you want! She loves work.
Good luck!
Ends Thursday, 5pm EST
Winner announced Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Wow your on top of things, for me its still sunday and look at you all prepared for monday. I'm about to go to hunduddle hussy and I will leave a comment!

Paige said...

Oh yeah, I thought your blog was opening on Monday. You're on the ball, Jessica. Way to be. And can I say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lindsay's art. Holy cow, she's so talented! I'm heading over to her blog to leave her a comment right now. :)

Unknown said...

Blah. Can I tell you how much I debated doing more than one entry?? I REALLY REALLY WANNA WIN THIS ONE, so which one is worse: limiting myself to one entry, or getting the word out and having 900 more people enter to win what I want FOR MYSELF!?

In the end, I think of Lindsay and want other people to see how INSANELY talented she is. She's lucky to have a friend like me!!

All that said, put me down for 5 entries. I'm doing it ALL!!

Valinda said...

Me! Me! Me!!!!! I left a comment for the hussy and I will blog it and facebook it and leave Lindsay a comment because George LOVES Lindsay's work!

Goodnight moon said...

So, I think I'm going to brig all your kids this week, so who's ever turn it is to pull a name, will pull my name! Kora does enjoy her taxi cab service after school. Miah's pretty easy too...and JaKob...I'll just buy him a military peice of gear!

Seriously....I want to win this one!!!!!!!

Of course I commented on your Vblog, and FBed it! I'll work on Nienie for you!

Goodnight moon said...

So, its 1am, and I spelled a few words wrong in my comment...but you got the point of what I was trying to say. I'm going to bed now!

For the Love of French said...

not yet...I have been saving lives at work....but you are number 2 on my list...

Sandra said...

I face-booked,
I twittered,
I blogged about it,
I commented on Lynsey's blog
and here I am on yours.

I totally want the as 3 of my princesses!!!!!

Jill said...

I haven't gone to your vlog yet but I'm on my way!!!!

Jill said...

Love your new vlog! We all layed in bed and watched it and laughed hysterically!

Jill said...

Facebooked it

Jill said...

blogged it

Jill said...

Left Lindsey a comment.

Brandi said...

Jessica I am SO on this one. This is gonna be miiiiiine! : D

Sorry folks you are going to be wastin some entries when I'm done. haha

julielollar said...

LOVE the new Vlog! Definitely left a comment and invited all of my friends on Facebook to take a look! I really want to win this for my lil sis and her sweet lil baby girl! I think that she and Lindsay were friends in elementary school! ;)

Giaellis2 said...

WOW! Lins has MAD SKILLZ!!! Her art is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly talented.................unlike her Hussy sister! lol Your Vlog rocks girl! If only I could leave a comkment on it :(

nat said...

not yet, but i'm plannin on it...i gotta wake up more's still early

Brooke H. said...

I just love this!! I definitely commented on the Hussy vlog, facebooked it, tweeted it, commented on LIndsey's blog, and also blogged it myself! I definitely want to win this!! YAy!

v. word: thlogram

Kris said...

Wow, she is awesome.

Valinda said...

Blogged it - Facebooked it - left Lindsay a comment - I BETTER WIN!!!!

Froggylady said...

Did and done. :) Love these paintings!

Valinda said...

I should get extra points because I spelled Lindsay's name right in my other comment. :)

Froggylady said...

facebooked it

Froggylady said...

blogged it AND that extra? :)

Val said...

facebooked, went to vlog, left Lindsay a comment, for the love of God I want to win something on this contest. I've been a very good little blog follower and tried to do your bidding. Why do I not win.

The Nugen's said...

Ok, your Vlog finally let me leave a comment, so here's my count:

1. Left a comment on HunDuddle Hussy Vlog!
2. Facebooked it!
3. Blogged it!

Froggylady said...


Anonymous said...

okay, I want to win too! I facebooked it, commented on your blog and lindsey's blog! That makes 3 for me!

Burns Family said...

Very excited about this give away! LOVE your sister's Art work. I still have and envelope that has all her artwork on it from when we were pen pals one Summer/School year...

Have you gone to the new HunDuddle Hussy Vlog? -YES

And if so, did you leave the Hussy a comment? -YES

Blog it? -YES and posted your button

Facebook it? -YES

Tweet it? -Yes and now I am following you

Lindsay said...

Blogged and left Lindsay a msg!

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, I want ALL the enteries you can give me, which is like 20!

Okay, I blogged it, FBed it, left Linz a comment...and I hooked you up with a ton of FB fans for your Hussy page, and gave you shout outs for that too on FB. That does count for something right?

Oh, and I am working on Nienie for you...she might be stopping by your Hussy blog.

Shannon said...

I twitted it, I left a comment for the hussy and for lindsay, so that makes 3. I'll be sure to let you know when I blog and facebook it. :)

Laura Jansson said...

I don't twitter :(... but I Facebooked, left a comment for Lindsay, for the hussy, and blogged it. To get invited to my blog so you can prove my entry, I need your email address--I just recently went private!( :) Anyway, I love Lindsay's work and REALLY want to win it!!! :)

Morgan Hagey said...

Very awesome! She's really talented!

Ashley Stone said...

I tweeted it and I left Lindsay a comment. Love the artwork!!

Anne Godinich said...

I want to win a graphic of "the sprout" wink wink :)

Michael DeSa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael DeSa said...

I wanna win and I posted on Lindsey's site too :)

Jen said...

WOW AWESOME! You and your family are sooooooooo sooooooo talented. I wanna win this one for my 3 beautiful little granddaughters :-D

Anonymous said...

I posted a thingy on facebook, I'm just not sure how to get the link to be automatic but I spelled it out. so pick me pick me

Anonymous said...

I left Lindsay a comment. By the way I have a sister-in-law whose name also is Lindsey and also happens to be a freakin awesome artist-WEIRD. ok maybe not that weird.

Jen said...

HEY! give me two more entries please :-) I posted to the HUSSY page and to Lindsay's blog.
P.S. where did Hunduddle come from?

shelaughsalot said...

I want this prize!

Deanna said...

I'm not going to win because I have bad luck like that...never win anything. But I just want to let Lindsey know how very impressed I am. And when you don't draw my name, I'm going to head over and ask her for prices cause her stuff is so dang cute.

I have visited the Hussy and was very impressed with her singing voice. And I can totally see you and Nat doing your hunduddle dance that you used to do. Very creative name, my dear. Looking forward to more of your craziness.

word ver: hatormat

Stephanie Kelly said...

#1- left a comment on HUSSY
#2- FB it!!!
#3- Left Lindz a comment!!

If I don't freakin win this...I am going to HUNT down the slut who won and kill her. Ok no no I wouldnt kill her but I will kick her in the back of the knees and steal the Lindsay paintings!!

Denise Wiggins said...

1. Left a comment on HunDuddle Hussy Vlog!
2. Facebooked it!
3. Blogged it!
5. Tweeted
6. Left Lindsay a comment, I love her 50's housewife.

I thought I already submitted a comment and I am so glad I checked this morning because I don't see it... SCARY.

Anonymous said...

I think I get extra entries for all my friends I now have addicted to the HUSSY!

Joanna said...

After spending about 2 hours looking through Lindsay's blog (you think I'm kidding?! HA I'm totally serious!) I left her a comment. I feel like her newest blog stalker. She is an amazing artist, and I am so inspired by her! If I don't win, I think I'll get her to make me a blog header. Oh and her baby - AH- DOR-AH-BUL!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I blogged it! I had to make sure I was gonna like it! Oh and do I ever!

***** said...

blogged it, commented it and if I had facebook and twitter, I would'a done that already too! Wanna win!

Kathy said...

I wanna win. So here is my lucky entry.

Kathy said...

Okay, I commented on Lindsay's blog. Maybe if I am the 100th entry, it will bring me good luck.

Marnie said...

Ok, hubby is out of town and I barely have time to shower (needy kids this week) let alone play online. I totally missed this give-uh-way...bummer...but I still wanted to post and agree with everything that you said about Lindsay. She is pretty darn talented. Thanks for sharing her art.

P.S. I don't think you were overlooked when talents were being handed out. You've got it going ON in the humor department!