Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bless this sweet baby

On Sunday, the 3rd, my little August man was dressed to a T and went to church all fancy, ready for his baby blessing. We waited on giving it to him for a bit to give him time to grow into his handsome outfit.

Lover blessed him, as he has all our children, and he did a wonderful job.

Bishop Strickland, Brother Kehr, Brother Schrubb and Brother Capps stood in the circle along side my Lover.

I used the handy dandy voice memo app on our iPhones, tucked incognito-ly in Lover's shirt pocket, to record the event so I could come home and type it all out. I've done this with each child.

Aren't my boys handsome?

The best part was the fact that 11 years and 1 day before Gus' blessing, I wore his outfit for my wedding dress.


I wasn't THAT skinny.

I mean I sent my good pal, Valinda, my wedding dress that my Grandma made for me, she chopped it all up, and then she constructed this fancy blingy outfit for Gus.

It was a lovely day for all of us :)

If you like Valinda's work, look for her later in the 12 Days of Give-Uh-Ways!!

Speaking of Giveaways...

You need to enter to win THIS one.

It ends tonight!!!!


andi said...

That is the coolest idea! Such cute boys.

David and Teresa said...

That nice. Sad we weren't there. Way to go Austin and Jessica. Love Dad

Valinda said...

Oh what a sweet guy! He looks so perfect I am going to steal his picture for my portfolio! So did he behave for the blessing or did he cry?

Goodnight moon said...

Thanks for inviting ME to it!!! Gesh, your such a loser! I probably would've become a member of your missed out!

He looked so cute! Valinda did a great job with the outfit!

Candace said...

I love the outfit, Valinda is A-MAZING. I'll definitely be entering into her drawing! And I also appreciate the invite. According to Bonnie, I'm already a mormon, just in denial, since I have like 300 fabulous mormon friends. ;)

Serin said...

If I ever have a girl I'm having my wedding dress turned into a blessing gown (and baptism skirt and hanky for the wedding). I don't know why I didn't think to have it done for the boys, his looks great! I record baby blessings too Nd I'm planning on recording confirmation blessings.

***** said...

That incognito voice app is Brilliant! Austin did do a really good job. He is so eloquent. He talked so fast I kept thinking he would stuble on his words like many do, but nope, he just so smoothly said all the wonderful things about Gus's amazing life yet to come.

David and Teresa said...

I bet mother would love that you did that with your dress. He looks so handsome.
Love you

Crystal Burch said...

Ok-you keep doing everything I want to do before me so I'm going to look like I'm obsessed w/ you! I haven't thought about doing it for a boy though-just if this ones a girl. also-ive been hoping to do this all natural-we'll see!