Friday, January 8, 2010

Cotton Candy Shop Winner!!

This one had the most multiple entries by far, you guys really wanted to win this one! And guess what? It helped ONE of you out!
If your name was announced, email me with your contact information so I can forward it over to Lauren and she can get started on your CUSTOM made tutu!
Thanks to everyone who participated.
And don't feel sad or go into a deep dark depression if you didn't win.
The good news?
You can STILL get your own tutu by going HERE and buying one!
They are super affordable!
Also, we still have SeVeN more weeks of freeeeee stuuuuffff!!!
PS... It's Flashback Friday
and I'm going to a party today to celebrate Elvis' 75th Birthday!
Pictures to come!
Stay tuned...


Froggylady said...

Your video isn't working, so you can just have Lauren send Madelyn's tutu to me and not to whomever is on that piece of paper. I think that would be fair since I brought this problem to your attention.

Froggylady said...

OK, it just worked and it wasn't my name, but I'm pretty sure the winner would be OK with you sending their tutu to me since they probably haven't even seen the video yet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Krys!

Crystal Burch said...

Congrats! Very cute give-uh-way!

Paige said...

Is Kora wearing one of those feather headbands the Pioneer Woman wrote about on her blog? Are you as obsessed with her as I am?

The headband is great. I almost got one for my sister...

Krysten said...

Yay! Thats me! I emailed you last night.

David and Teresa said...

I didn't win anything so really my favorite part of this video was seeing those 2 cute babies. Koko you look so glamourous and Miah when are we having another scramich. I miss yall.