Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taebo Wednesday

I'm late.
Sorry, I spent all day doing something I'll tell you about later.
But first.
I have to share with you how much weight I HAVEN'T lost.
No, but for real.
I HAVE lost weight, I'm just a tad behind my schedule.
Here it is in all it's glory.
165 lbs
Monday, Dec. 7th: 163.5
Monday, Dec 14th: 161
Monday, Dec. 21st: 160.5
Monday, Dec. 28th: 159.5
**Stopped drinking cokes for 3 weeks but then I started dreaming about one and my glands were watering and then it was downhill from there. I'm back on cokes.
**Did really bad working out over the holiday. Like, I didn't. At all.
**Was supposed to lose 2 lbs a week which would total 8 lbs but instead I only lost 5 1/2 lbs.
**Did good over all eating healthy and having good sized portions.
**I am going to allow myself cokes but on a limited basis.
**Will start working out regularly with my SS and at home with my Billy Blanks.
**Continue eating healthy, good portions.
Now on to what I spent my ENTIRE day doing.
My rowdy friend Gia came over to lend me her (and Jill's) debt reduction expertise.
We are both jumping on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and
For good this time.
She gave me the spread sheet,
taught me the rules
and finally...
we cut up the ALL the credit cards.
It was big.
My heart was beating.
Credit Union of Texas,
I love Texas. But I had to end time together even though they always made me feel special because they were a credit union. Whatever...that was their trick.

American Express,
I didn't have you with me because Austin keeps you in his wallet so I cut up this Babies R Us gift card in proxy for the real thing which I'll cut up tonight. You were the card we got on a whim because we wanted to be able to deposit at home. We weren't supposed to ever use you. Now you're a thorn in my side.

And LASTLY, the big momma of them ALL.
I have a love hate relationship with you. I can't count how many times I've paid you off and then racked you back up. You must die Citi. You must die a slow painful scissor slicing death.

And Austin's too!

Welcome to my new world of cash ONLY and envelopes.
Wish us luck.

If you're not phased by debt and you don't have serious issues like me,go HERE and enter to win a cute tutu or buy one of your own!


Anonymous said...

So I haven't worked out AT ALL since I've been ill for over four weeks now, turns out I have pneumonia. Bad right?! But the good that has come out of it is that I have lost.... 15 yep 15 pounds. When I get better I'm gonna make it look good and hot and toned, cuz now its just me skinny. Soooooooooo I win!!

***** said...

OhMYbrave! I can't believe you did that.... well, I can believe you did that! Awesome! I got that book at a gift exchange over the weekend. Lemme know how the cash only thing goes for you. It sounds crazy and wonderful! Good job sister! Proud of you. Hooray for friends like G that can push you over the edge of a really healthy cliff.

Goodnight moon said...

So, I'm really nervous for you. I think that you need to take that pic of your Citi card OFF, some "anonymous" might try and read through the blackness and charge up the 2cents you have left on that card! Yikes!

Goodnight moon said...
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Brandi said...

Since at 18 I quickly jumped aboard and ruined my credit, I have been paying cash for EVERYTHING since I was 19 (that's seven years eeeh). I don't know what it's like to use a credit card to do things, if I don't have the cash then I can't have something. BUT with cash I've taken amazing trips with my Mom, like Hawaii for a week, several cruises, and never once have I felt like I missed out.

Yay for a creditcardless experience. :D

Candace said...

I would love to be credit card-less, but at the same time, it absolutely TERRIFIES me!!! All the what if's... What if the car breaks down and I have no money... what if there is any other EMERGENCY and I have no money!!! Oh, I just can't do it. I'll always have at least one... or two.. I know it...

Bonnie said...

I was gonna sound all high and mighty and tell you that Dave and I have only ONE credit card and we rarely use it. I don't even have a card for the account. Don't we sound extremely self-controlled and financially mature.... but then I remember that we don't use it because it is maxed out. However, there is a modicum of self-control there. It's maxed out because we lower our limit every time we pay down a thousand of it.... which I recommend in your pursuit of debtlessness. It's helped us in many moments of weakness.

Good luck! I think this is the very best New Year's Resolution ever! Just think of how skinny you will be when you have no debt and you hire your personal chef. It's gonna be great!

Joanna said...

I love me some Dave Ramsey! I watch him all the time on TV - mainly because the horror stories make me feel good about our own finances but also because he really does have good advice:) You are so good cutting up your cards!! But you should have done it in a really cool way and recorded it and sent it to him so you could be on his show! C'mon!!! You didn't think of doing that?! OH well you still have that Amex to destroy in an amazing way ;)

Giaellis2 said...

WHAT? We coulda done something crazy and been on his show? CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all for crazzzzzy! It was a very fun and productive day and I'm excited for us both to finally enter responsible adulthood (like the Kehrs) It will take us a few years on Babystep #2, but once we complete it............HOW LIBERATING! You can do this! If I can, you can :) And the weight look fab, so don't beat yourself up too much. Oh and switch to ONE DIET coke a day as a treat and that's it!

dena said...

dave rocks!

Valinda said...

Weren't there supposed to be pictures to go with the weight loss thing? Kathy has pictures. So does her sister. They are more hardcore than you i guess.

I'm not allowed to have credit cards. I do bad things with them. ;) ElCid has 2 but they are paid promptly each month and the funds are helping him make investments. I'm not allowed to touch the investment money either.

Yet even with all those safeguards in place I still manage to mess us up!

Monica said...

I totally envy you cutting up the credit cards. I need to do that...someday.

Amanda said...


very shocking entertaining post. GOOD LUCK. I for one could NEVER go to cash envelopes. We go to great lengths to not charge stuff we can't pay off and for the most part we don't have a problem (unless the washer breaks or something like that. We actually use our card for EVERYTHING and pay it off each month and get the cash rewards. What ur doing is awesome and would require a lot of discipline and organization! please keep us updated. ur better than I!

Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Gia told me about you guys doing this. Dave Ramsey rocks! We read his book and jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago and for the most part it has been fabulous! It has definitely changed the way we do things. And once you pay off that first debt, it is so motivating! Way to go!!!!!

Kim said...

Did you tell your husband you were cutting up his card??? or is that going to be some kind of suprise when he reads your blog :)

Froggylady said...

I am so impressed! I can't get Chris to get rid of the cards. He's like Candace and paralyzed by the "what ifs". Of course then some somthing that isn't an emergency gets put on a card to be paid off right away and then it never happens. Luckily he's deploying soon and I get full control of the finances again.

Erica said...

First and foremost, congrats on the weight loss!!! 5.5 lbs is really, really good! I know it doesn't seem like it, but you're doing great!!

And, this happens to be my new year's resolution too! I may need to check this book out. I'm not sure I could be as brave as you. My cards are hidden in my dresser drawer. But maybe... And who knows what my husband will think. He's a big "what if" type of person too. Here's to a long, tough 2010 with lots of spending restrictions but a much needed, much wanted, beautiful debt-free ending!!!

andi said...

WAY TO GO!! We have been doing Dave for over 2 years, paid all our debt off in a year and it feels SO good! It starts to get fun saving money, watching it add up (but it does kinda suck to write those big checks when you pay it off...and then you kinda get runner's high.) Stick to it!

Anonymous said...

I love Dave Ramsey but in this day and age I think you need to have one credit card like hidden somewhere in case of emergency and not like in case you need money emergency but like in case you need to rent a car. Do you know how hard it is to do that with cash and they freeze like $500 in your checking account if you use a debit card....

And I like online bill pay and debit cards, I have lost cash before, like lost it lost it not just don't knwo where I spent it...

Crystal Burch said...

We gave up credit cards a while back. I love it! Some people can manage them effectively...we weren't those people. So, we don't do it anymore. But, I'm so nervous about just having cash in envelopes. I haven't read his book but I heard that you literally have all your cash in envelopes. I'm so scared I'd lose it or something. Maybe we'll try it. I was thinking we could at least try to do it with the gas, grocery, etc... money. Good luck. By the way..I'll be right there with you trying to lose weight! I delivered at 153 with my first two...I'm 167 now. So, I'll have my work cut out for me. I'd never hit 160 before this pregnancy! UGH! Oh well, we'll be hott again soon right? lol!

David and Teresa said...

Yes, are a great example for my Baby. I am glad she has you to "push her over the edge of that really healthy cliff"
Gia thanks.

Lindsay said...

i actually DID read this post... well.. not really.. but i looked at the pictures... aren't you worried people will steal your credit card info? i'm assuming you also CANCELLED these cards as well. welp... i'm glad for you.. i know debt has been a problem for you and i'm happy to see you work to get out of it... enos and i are gonna be RIGHT there in it after dental school.. did you know it costs $600 a DAY for him to go to this school? yeah... (throwing up in my mouth)