Monday, January 18, 2010

12 Week of Give-Uh-Ways

Ahhhh, runnin a little late this mornin!!
I know you're all patiently waiting at your computers,
clicking refresh,
and over
and over,
waiting for this week's featured vendor.
Well it's week #7,
and here she is!
The talented, Miss Stephanie Toland, and her baby boutique,

I told you those Kelly girls have mad skilz!!
Stephanie is a FABULOUS artist.
Honestly, if I were to list all of her creative abilities,
this blog would go on forever and ever.
I should probably just list the things
she CAN'T do.
That list will be shorter!
Oh wait...
I don't think there IS anything on that list.
From her art blog,
this girl is AmAzInG.
Most of you have seen her creations on my two little guys.
The lil' tErd hoodie.
The monster, pirate, ghost and owl onesies.
Stephanie and Wee Babai are donating not one, but TWO
items to the 12 weeks of give-uh-ways!
A dreamy soft robot inspired book for your little person.
Hand made by Stephanie, of course.

With SIX fun pages for little hands to turn.

Seriously, the detail is superb!

A super soft robot doll.
(still handmade by Stephanie)
Cuz what good is a robot book if you don't have a doll to squeeze while you look at it?

How precious is this!!!???

A perfect pair of prizes for boy OR girl.

EVERYONE better enter to win this one!
I wish I could!!

And the best part?
If you have an idea of something you'd like to see Stephanie create,
She does commissioned work!

Just go take a gander at Wee Babai.
I promise, you'll be addicted.
And she's MeGa affordable!
Which is good for those of us on Dave Ramsey :)

To enter:

Leave me a comment answering this question:
Judging by looks ONLY,
"If I(as in YOU reading this) were an animal, I'd be a...?"
Cuz most of you have seen my new Facebook pic.
You know you love it.

For additional entries,
Post this link on your BLOG
Post this link on your FACEBOOK
Leave Stephanie a comment telling her how awesome she is!

FOUR possible entries!
(or you can skip all this nonsense and take the gold with a comment from NieNie)

Lemme know which ones you did!

Contest ends Thursday 5pm EST
Winner hand drawn by Kora and announced Friday morning.


Froggylady said...

Based on looks I'm pretty sure I'm a penguin, short fat and waddly.

Froggylady said...

Facebooked it! :)

The Nugen's said...

I look and feel like an elephant. Yep, I said it, an elephant.

Serin said...

Wait, what animal *you* would be? Or me? I think you would be a tiger with such pretty and shiney "fur". Me, um, a horse. Not ugly, but not beautiful. :p

Matey's Aunt said...

I would be a sharpei puppy. And not for the cute reasons.

Tara said...

Do you want to know what animal I think YOU are? That's what I thought you meant, not what animal "I" would be. So just on looks, and this is probably the most unoriginal answer, you actually resemble A FEW of the features of our dog, Potter. He has "eye brows" like you do, your hair is the same color, defined and dainty proportioned features, and he is a skinny little thing with toothpick legs. This is just on looks ok? ;) (I really think a peacock is perfect though, gorgeous and colorful hidden feathers except when he wants to show them, long and graceful, etc) btw-when I get back into pottery, I have had an idea for a pottery piece for you for almost a year, with a variation on a peacock, someday.....

Lindsey said...

I would be a lion. You should see my hair when I wake up. Its crazy!

Staci said...

i hate steph's talent..jealous! But it's nice b /c she makes a ton of cute stuff for my babies! I think you look like an Avatar(does that count as an animal)! I look like fizzgig from "The Dark Crystal".

andi said...

I would TOTALLY be a bear. You cannot beat an animal that loads up on food and then sleeps for an entire season!

And I'm bloggin' it as well!

andi said...

Ooh, and I left her a comment. Sign me up for 3 entries, lady!

Jessica said...

If I was an animal, I'd be an ostrich.

3 entries: comment here, facebook, and stephanie's comment

Dixie Pierce said...

I'd be a tiger--lots of mystery and strong.

Stephanie Kelly said...

k I don't want to win my own stuff but I do want to say what animal I want to be... a Unicorn!!

Valinda said...

I'd be a bear and my super cute nephew who NEEDS this giveaway would be a puppy.

{Erica} said...

holy crappers I'm dying over that robot book.

You know I just found out I'm having a baby boy and I think that book would be awesome!!

Sarah Stamps said...

To start, Stephanie is crazy good with those talents of hers and she does a remarkable job with her quiet books. Amazing girl! Next, I would be a giraffe, tall, skinny, graceful and eating aLL the time.

P.S. Thank you for letting mom come watch GG's @ your house the other night. You are a life saver!!!

dena said...

if i were an animal, i would be a cheetah (because roman told me that's what he would be and it sounds good to me)!

Natalie said...

Unfortunately, lately, I would have to say a dog. My nine month old loves when we bark...and we love when she's happy.

I left Stephanie a comment. Sign me up for two! :)

Michael DeSa said...

Ooo, I'd be a monkey, I think! I have been told I have crazy facial expressions! And I left Stephanie a comment too!!

Lil Eskimo said...

i left stephanie a comment cause i love my cowboy.

Goodnight moon said...

I would like to be a bear, so that I could hibernate all winter long. I would love to catch up on my sleep!

I FBed it! Blog it, and of course I will leave the talented Stephanie a hook me up with 4 entries!

(word verification...canchb)

Matey's Aunt said...

Okay I left a comment on her blog so I get another entry now.

Aymee said...

Based on looks alone, I think I look like a bush-baby...okay, maybe not but I really don't know what kind of animal I look like. But if I could be an animal I would probably be a dog because they are spoiled and loved by all and they aren't anywhere near the endangered species list:)

Anna said...

I'd be a penguin. They sure swim super fast at the zoo... looks like fun!

Lindsay said...

steph.. you rock my world.. you always have... and i love your work and am severely jealous of your skillz. teach me!!! k... that's my entry for winning.. i NEED to win this!!!!!!! i heart stephanie toland!!!

word verification: putfru what IS that?

Jason said...

I don't know what animal I look like. No one has ever said I look like one either. I'm sure when I'm sitting on the couch not doing much, my wife thinks I look like a sloth, so I'll go with that.

I did all four; here, the blog, facebook, and Stephanie's blog; four entries please.

Kathy said...

I would be a cheetah so I could be wicked fast. I only am entering here since I have no babies but would give it to my cutie nephew.

Kris said...

I just want the robot stuff!!! As far as an animal, pick an ugly one. I'll go with...slug.

Jeri said...

Ahluvyew's mom thinks grandbaby NEEDS these robots! As for animal ... is the dingbat an animal???

Give ahluvyew extra entries for posts to FB, blog & Stephanie's blog, please!

andi said...

(ahluvyew is me :)

Larman Family said...

I think I look like a cat, and the laziness fits my personality. Cute but definitely not sexy. I love her work soooo much I am going to go post this on my blog and facebook and leave her a comment. It is a good thing you have such awesome friends!

Monica said...

I am a hummingbird...graceful, fast and many people put food outside there house just so I will stop by.

I put your giveaway on my blog and Facebook too! :)
I need that book!!!