Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pizza Night

Instead of ordering pizza on Friday night like usual,
Dave Ramsey made us MAKE our own.
Really, he did.
He's strict like that.
Thank goodness we had Pioneer Woman to help us.
It was our first time.
I perched my kids on the counter to help me, even Penny.

But he's quite the Tasmanian devil
so his surroundings were a little blank.
Except for his pal, Newman,
and his bag of cheese.

Rectangle pizzas turned out DeeeeVINE,
Spent quality time with babies (and PW),
$20 saved.
Go win something.


Amanda said...

share the recipe? I usually just do Digiorno..but I am sure homemade is even better. I have never made my own dough before though.

REAL white trash said...

seriously??? you have never made your own pizza before????? Sorry but I think your right to claim to be white trash at all should be revoked. Even your white trash moments have been discredited. White trash would have done homemade pizza before and the "crust" would occasionally have been a layer of white bread. I am sooooooooooo disappointed..... I am lableing you as white trash wannabe. (lableing is not misspelled it is the wv)

Lil Eskimo said...

i'm with right trash. can't believe you've never made homemade pizza before. good stuff!

dave would be proud!

Camilla said...

I don't think its such a shocker that you haven't made pizza before. I don't think a lot of people do. I know I probably wouldn't if I didn't have to. We just figured out how to make a pretty decent bbq chicken one, if you like that kind of stuff I'll let you in on my tips. :)

Goodnight moon said...

Where did you get that idea from?!?!

Word vefr: villo

The Nugen's said...

My hubby likes to make his own breads and pizza dough, so he has been experimenting for a little while now. It's pretty good and much cheaper! Also walmarts premade, ready to cook pizzas are pretty good if you're on a budget.

Bonnie said...

Dude, I am totally with the REAL WHITETRASH! Growing up we didn't even have a pizza joint in our town so when we got the craving we made our very own special personal pizza. Take a piece of white bread, spread some spaghetti sauce on top and lay a slice of american cheese atop and voila.... the real white trash pizza. Man it was sooooo good, well, that's how I remember it, but to be honest... it sounds pretty nasty now that I'm refined and dignified. Now if only I could get rid of this hickey and I might someday escape my white trashiness.

Lindsay said...

i love izey's new look. it's sassy. and frassy. and classy. mmmm i want some of that pizza.

Dana said...

I just read Bonnie's comment.. We made our own pizza the same way.. and we had pizza joints.. hahahah brought back some good memories.. thanks bonnie and jessica word verf: groginve

David and Teresa said...

I love those babies too. Where is my Jake? Did you throw him away? I want to see more Jake.