Thursday, December 3, 2009

These Boots Are Made for Jessica

Wow, two posts in one day? I'm on a role, it's time to go solo, ROLLIN...
Lately I've been in the mood to buy some really cute tall boots for the winter.
Ya know, since it gets all wintery here and all...Pfff.
No but for real, I HAVE been wanting some ultra radical boots so I went on a hunt online today to find the perfect pair.
I searched HI and LOWE and FINALLY found the ones I had envisioned in my head right HERE.
But wouldn't you know, they don't have my size.
Just my luck.
Aren't they cute though? Ohhh I'm in heaven.
So since I knew I wasn't getting those boots, I continued on with my search and I came across THESE lovelies shown below.
At first I was in love but the more I kept looking at them the more I started to think they looked a little elfish or maybe WWI-ish or whatever that war was called where they dressed colonial. I started thinking about powder wigs and heard Little Drummer Boy playing in my mind.
Yikes, I don't wanna look like that!
So nix those (I'm sure that's not the right 'nix' or the right way to spell 'nix' so go ahead Bonnie, Kathy or Valinda...correct me!)
I found these beauties HERE and started my love affair once again.
But the more I started staring at THESE, the more I started thinking they looked too rain booty or galoshey.
I dunno, whadya think? I think they're super adorable! Would I look dumb prancing around in these? And YES, I WOULD be prancing because that's just how odd I am.
Speaking of prancing around, Brandi I didn't see you this week!! Where were you?! I was getting excited about running into you. Have you gone home already? :(
Ok back to the rain boots.
Yes or No?
And don't answer if you have no sense of unique style or taste.
I don't care to hear your opinion, thanks :)

That brings us to Boot #4.
I found these and think they're pretty chic! I'd sure feel hot walking around in these babies with my skinny jeans on paired with a nice bag like the one my Kempy got me for my birthday and my headband from Stephy.
But then again I dunno. Am I that fancy? Should I stick with the galoshes and be more casual?
What are your thoughts?
You can see a bigger picture of them with different views HERE.
Go check em out.


For the Love of French said...

I would go with the last ones....

Deanna said...

I thought of the old man neighbor from Home Alone when I saw the #3 boots. I think the last ones. BUT...I have no fashion sense, so there you go.

Deanna said...

Meant to say, I LIKE the last ones.

***** said...

My faves are the first ones that don't fit you. Can't you work it? Like Cinderella's sisters do with the are smarter AND prettyier and more stylish than them. Call up that company and farth about the size issue. Maybe they will make more for you! You would be hot in any choice. Get two!

Bonnie said...

I love the last ones!!! They are fabulous... even better than the first ones. The first ones seem too UGGish and mainstream, the last ones look trendy equestrian and I LOVE them! I want a pair, but short fat chicks can't people pull off the tall boot look. I need to lose about twenty pounds first.

dena said...

no on WW1 boots. no on the "dirty jobs" know that show on tlc or whatever channel where the guy shovels poop and stuff. and i don't know on the last pair. they ARE really nice, but i'm more of a casual girl, so i still tend toward #1.

i know what bonnie's saying about being uggish, but somehow they're sleaker and the sole looks great. and they're bare traps and bare traps are super comfy.

i know you're resourceful girl and probably have already done this, but i went ahead and did a search for that style of boot...these are the results.

they have black too. they MUST have your size somewhere!

Carolina said...

the last ones yes.yes.yes!!!

Valinda said...

1 or 4 - to heck with being practical!

Stephanie Kelly said...

K I do like the first ones...I could totally see you in those! The second ones; I had looked at those same ones this week and liked them a lot...but totally started thinking the same thing about them...too colonial looking (but I love that toe). And I LOVEEEEE the forth LOVE LOVE LOVE...but are you surprised?

Froggylady said...

Golashes look stupid if it isn't raining. No matter how cute the rest of the outfit. Unless you only wear them with rubber ducky tights and a skirt. Then they'd be cute.

Go with the last ones. They're cute, stylish, not too dressy or too casual..or too furry. They are awesome!

Marian said...

I am delighted to know that you have surrounded yourself with friends whose tastes are spot on. LAST ONES, definitely.

Aunt M

Kathy said...

The last pair, for sure. Although I agree that the first pair are the best. Also, I am feeling special that I got a personal shout-out!

Crystal Renee said...

The 1st ones ROCK MY FRIGGIN SOCKS OFF! I have a black pair, similar to those, minus the button type stuff. LOVE EM!

But, the last pair are hot too! :)

The Nugen's said...

Go here:

Looks like they have boots in all sizes! Those are super cute!

Erica said...

First ones, without A DOUBT. You can find them. Are they Born ones? You can find them, I know you can. Do it!

If I have my heart set on one pair, I'm not happy til I find them.

Believe! You'll rock them :) Happy Hunting!

Dana said...

Ok.. Funny thing. I bought the first pair yesterday for myself... They feel so great on.. love them.. so don't you know. i vote for number 1....

Lindsay said...

last ones DEFINITELY.

Paige said...

Weird. Am I the ONLY person who likes the WWI boots? (and colonial style = revolutionary war) The mere fact that I may be the only comment on here in support of these boots makes me like them even MORE. I'm also not so much a black leather girl. Brown leather all the way. I guess I'm rustic like that. :)

Lindsay said...

In my opinion, the first pair are only acceptable if you live in Montana or somewhere where it snows. My vote is for the last pair- they are HOT and more versatile; you can wear them casual under or over jeans or with a skirt.