Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Friday

So I'd like for you to take a look at THIS little yummy guy of mine.

And then take a look at THESE pictures of my little Jake when he was the same age.

Could they be more twinish?

I just think it's neat how I got TWO long and skinny fuzzy heads.

And then I got TWO round and chubby baldies.

And don't forget my chocolate DEEEE-light :)


dena said...

we do the same thing with roman and dane's pictures. it's like the same child plus a gazillion pounds. okay, so the same face.

gus is looking DOES look like his biggest brother! no wonder he and jake are buds.

kora's picture makes me laugh. she was practicing her "you know you want me" look even then!

and penny polar butt...sweet buzz cut boy.

and the chocolate delight skinny butt.

good grief j lowe, how many kids DO you have?!

Carolina said...


Staci said...

holy cow jake and august look so much alike! That isn't fair you get the best of all worlds, skinny babies, chubby babies, and chocolate baby! Miles was so skinny I hope I get atleast one chubby :(

Erica said...

holy Moses...your kids are cute!

Deanna said...

So cute!!! All of them. And very interesting how genes work.

Anonymous said...

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Crystal Renee said...

Wtc was with that anon comment? Mmmk!

Your kids are gorgeous as ever! Skinny..chubby.. And chocolate! You get the best of all worlds!

Lindsay said...

and the first shall be last and the last shall be first.... JUST like your babies. WOW. i love your babies...even though some aren't anymore....