Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taebo Wednesdays

So I've decided to dedicate the first Wednesday of each month to be...
I know I know, it's really original, huh?
I'm doing it for three reasons:
1. I can't go running on Wednesdays because Miah doesn't have Pre-K so I'm forced to do an indoor workout and Taebo it is.
2. I want some sort of accountability with my weight loss program and I've chosen to blast myself publicly to my blog viewers so you can hate on me if I slack.
Okay so I only have 2 reasons but I guess it just sounded better to say I had three.
So each first Wednesday of the month I'll be posting my stats.
Isn't Billy Blanks intimidating?
He makes me nervous when he talks to the camera like he's talking to me and he knows when I'm cheating.

My goal is to lose at LEAST 2 lbs a week which I think is healthy enough right?
This should put me at my goal weight right around April 1st.

My goal weight is...
130 lbs
This is my most favorite weight, the weight I was happiest at.
This is the weight I was POST Kora pregnancy when I was most athletic. See how skinny my face and arms are?
Awwww, to be a light weight again...
oooh AND that tan.
I plan to obtain my goal weight by running, walking, taebo, eating healthy, and cutting out...
That's a biggie for me but I've already gone 3 days without one and gotten past the headache stage so I think I can tough it out.
and Perrier doesn't count cuz everyone needs a little bubbly in their throat now and then, right?
Are you ready for this?
Don't laugh. Well, you CAN laugh but don't let ME know that you're laughing.
(which won't change but I'm giving you perspective):
WEIGHT: 165 lbs *shutter*
Now I'm not gonna list all those left thigh right bicep crap measurements cuz y'all don't care about that. You just wanna know the weight, right?
So there it is.
I'm debating.
I'm debating whether or not I should go full all out Biggest Loser style and take a picture of me with sports bra and running pants.
Do I dare show you?
I ain't got no shame.
If you're cool, you'll start Taebo Wednesdays on YOUR blog too.
I dare you.


Anonymous said...
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Kathy said...

I think that I am the first real comment since the one above me is spam. I will do Taebo Wednesday with you, but since I am as tall as you, and not as skinny as you, I may not dare share my actual weight. I will probably just stick with how much I want to lose and report back each Wednesday with amount loss. Does that sound good?

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Sounds good Kathy!! But it's only the first wednesday of each month so not too much pressure. unless you just WANT to do EVERY wednesday. but i dont.

dena said...

i've toyed with this same idea. inspired by bonnie girl. isn't that picture from your family vacation that kora feel asleep in her food? i LOVE that picture!

anyway. maybe i'll do this too. maybe. i'm to the point that it's not so much about weight for me. my weight isn't all that "off", but my shape, that's the issue! so, maybe i'll do the measurements that way i'll know things are moving.

my goal's the same as yours, but i'm 2 inches shorter.

Anonymous said...

We are the same height and I will join you in Taebo Weds! I am all about Taebo! I need to work at melting off that butterrrrrrrr. Giving up coke, now THAT is brave!

Valinda said...

So I'm 4 inches shorter and I haven't weighed 130 since I was like ... 13? That is so unfair! I think you should totally go all Biggest Loser on us and post the sports bra biker shorts picture.

ps It's shudder, A shutter is on a house or in a camera. Kathy was too wrapped up in the exercise part to correct your spelling :)

Crystal Renee said...

Wow! That is SKINNY! 5'10" and you look FAB! And you have like twenty kids. Geesh. I wish I was your size. I can't have as good as genes as you, haha! Okay, I am going to TRY taebo! But yes, Billy freaks me out!

Anonymous said...

At least 2 lbs? That may be a bit unrealistic - recommendations are usually 1% of your weight at most so that would be 1.6lbs a week at MOST. I think trying to lose weight is great and all but if you want it to last long term (and aren't living on the biggest loser ranch) sometimes going slower is better. A study I saw recently showed people who keep weight off the longest lose 10% in 6 months but that would make your goal take a year and the studies were based on overweight people and you don't qualify as overweight (your bmi is 23.7 and overweight is 25)...

Camilla said...

I'll take your dare. I'll do p90x Wednesdays. I have 30 more lbs. to lose too. I want to be at 130 but I'm 5'4". How I wish I were 5'10". I think 2 lbs. works. I am so not doing the picture. yuck.

Lindsay said...

oh man.. i hate that you and i have the EXACT amount of weight to lose. i wanna be back to 130 also... and unfortunately am ALSO 165 lbs... why am i not losing weight~!?!??!?! stupid baby weight. i just wanna scream! i'm eating MEGA healthy.. working out TWICE a day... what else can i DO!?!?!?!? damn it! k sorry.. i'm just pissed.

Stephanie Kelly said...

You do look HOT in that pic. (you are always hot), but my fav. part is Enos in the background sneaking into your family pic. I think Anonymous's comment is stupid...don't listen to them they are just jealous that you (think) you need to loose weight and will be too hot and everyones husbands will want to leave us and be with you! Do what you want and loose it however you want, even if it means eating only 100 calories a day and sticking your finger down your throat to get any food out! Good luck you will do GREAT!

TanyatheMom said...

Seriously.....130! SHUT UP :-)! I'm uhh.....6', and my GOAL WEIGHT was 165....guess we have "different frames." Now, I have surpassed my goal weight by a tiny bit, but I can't imagine the were always a skinny minny. Oh and by the way I saw you in the whole new sling thing pic, and you already look there! Good luck.

Erica said...

Ok, I love this because I am on a losing kick right now and I love when other people are on board!! I love that you posted your awesome. I was 4lbs heavier than you a little over 3 months ago (and i'm 4 inches shorter...but whatever...). Anyway, I started weight watchers because I really don't like working out AT ALL, but I figure chasing kids counts a little. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The first few weeks were tough and I was super strict (never touched my weekly points) and after a few weeks the lbs started melting away. Like 3-4 a week. It's been 3 months, 2 weeks and I've lost 25 lbs. If you're looking to cut calories, I would highly suggest this route! I feel really awesome and am so happy with where I am now. I still want to lose around 7 more but I'm not as strict now, so I'm not stressing. But, I eat better, feel better, and look WAY better. Plus, I just bought size 2 jeans from the GAP today and they rock!

Best of luck! You look awesome anyway, but I know the feeling. You have my support 100% You rock!!

Oh, and perriers SAVED me (and 100 cal popcorn bags)! I am a pop (a coke to you) addict and those things kept me on track. I like the lemon ones :)

nat said...

good for you...wish i had that much will power

The Nugen's said...

Billy Blanks is really a nice guy...well from the 30 seconds that i met him. We were in the Bahamas and took a tour of Atlantis Hotel and he was there, so I took a picture of him, wonder where that is?? Hmmm... But I as soon as I pop this baby out and am cleared for strenuous activity, I am so with you (Not going to post my weight or photo though). I was thinking of going all out and trying the P90X. I know crazy, but guaranteed results in 90 days. Worth a try...

Amanda said...

okay girl that's too skinny. I am
5 4' and at 130 right now. my skinniest as an adult was only 4 lbs under (126). So yeah I think that's too little for you.....but...if you want to kill yourself go ahead:) I haven't exercised a day pretty much since P was born...just chasing these kids is enough for me...I have no aspirations of being perfect:)

Froggylady said...

I think I'm just gonna do fat day friday's and embrace my fatness. Oh wait, I'm competing in this stupid challenge so I guess I can't do that. Darn! Love your taebo wednsdays, but mix it up and throw in some aerobic striptease or belly dancing. :)

Risa said...

go get'em! i don't know if this just works for me cause i'm a freak, but drinking lots and lots of water helps me lose weight. i know that sounds backwards with all that talk of water weight, but i swear it works. i think it flushes out my body or something.

Paige said...

130 lbs at 5'10"? That's really thin, but if that's what you're most comfortable at, then that's good for you. But remember, it's not just a number. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. I was looking back at photos of myself in varying stages of fitness and decided that I DIDN'T look good that skinny (125lbs at 5'9" - about what I was when I first met you) and that I wanted to stay the weight I am now (almost 10 lbs heavier then that). But maybe I just made that decision so I could eat another one of those delicious cookies. Hmm... Good luck with Taebo. :)

Jess said...

I totally support your goals! But does that mean you're going to want your jeans back??

I have a quote to motivate you. I read it in Time Magazine, and it is from super-thin model, Kate Moss. She said, "No food tastes as good as the feeling of being skinny." She got a lot of criticism for it, but I agreed with it. So what does that say about me? Who cares... I hope you come for Spring Break, and I can see you lookin fabulous.

And speaking of looking fabulous, I am waiting to see your sexy new hair color. Where are the pics??

Bonnie said...

WHAT THE CRAP! I sent you a picture of me "biggest loser" style. I better get one of you!!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Is that Enos in the chair behind u in ur skinny pic?!? Pahahaha!