Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You know you're a bad blogger when...

...your Father in Law has to call you to tell you to update.
Sorry Pops.
So it's December 1st. How did that happen?
My Lover is out of town for a week and this is the first time I've ever been left alone for several days in a row with all five rats.
Maybe that's why my candy countdown looks like this when it SHOULD only have ONE candy missing from the top.
Sorry mutha. I'll refill it.
(prolly more than once)

So here's what you've missed.
I had a girl day with Amber and we stormed Target being rowdy heathens with our babies and our big girls.
And little girls.
No just kidding.
That's August that we dressed up with a bow just to see what it would feel like to have a new baby girl.
HEY, a mom can dream right?
I'm sure he'll love this picture when he's 16.

The two REAL girls acted wild and crazy running up and down isles and scanning every item they could find with the self scanner.
I think I'm gonna get one of those installed in my house.

I went to the craft fair here on base and found the loveliest little item. It's called a Sasha ABC. I bought it because it's UH-MAZE-ING.
You all know I've tried every single wrap, sling, bjorn, and baby carrier known to man with my FIVE kids and I can 100% honestly say that THIS is THE BEST YET.
It has all the function and comfort of a Moby or Sleepy Baby wrap, the ease of a Bjorn or carrier and cuteness and style of a sling.
I'm in love.

And so is Gus.
The lady who makes them lives here on base and she's a super cute dreamy little bundle of sweetness!! Her name is Corinna and her business is called Sasha's Inspirations.
I love her so much I'm thinking of asking her to donate a Sasha ABC to the blog for a give away. I'll keep you posted on that.
You can visit her website HERE and order a Sasha ABC just like mine!
Trust me, you will LOVE IT.

For Thanksgiving we had Austin's mom in town and we also invited our new friends Michele and her two sons Aidan and Cole over. Michele's husband is deployed so we didn't want her to spend the holiday alone.

Just in case you're wondering WHY I decided to have so many kids...
It's so they can do the cleaning before parties.

Miah does the tables.

Kora vacuums.

And Jake sweeps.

All while me and the Lover do a little of this stuff.

Boy won't it be nice when the two littlest guys get bigger?!
So the food was super yummy and the company was even better!

The boys had so much fun.

They played Marines until late late late.
That never gets old.

On Saturday we had Kora's 7th birthday party at the base theater.
We watched a movie that pretty much sucked biz-alls.
I don't recommend it.
And we ate popcorn, hot dogs and nachos!!

After the movie we did cupcakes and presents!
Ooooh, my favorite!

We had a blast!

The boys thought they were so cool.

Penner guy thought he was so grownup with his frosting free cupcake.

And the mothers thought they were so skinny.
Oh wait.
They are.
Why do I keep choosing friends who are like SERIOUSLY skinny?
It's really bad for my health.
That's Michele and Amber.

And Summer and Karma with some of the big girls.

And My Lover and his Mom and August's head flailing backwards.

And the cutie patootie rock stars.
Isabel, Ava, Kora and Abby.

And then of course, Kora and her...
Friend that's a boy named Cole
The one she talked about in THIS post.

Until next time my dears!


dena said...

LOVE the idea of dressing gus up like a girl! i'm stealing that!

the cuddliness of a sleepy PLUS the ease of a bjorn...MUST have one for franco babe #4.

tell kora that i think her friend, that's a boy, named cole has some really DREAMY dimples and looks really cool "hanging loose?".

Brandi said...

I was JUST thinking to harrass you about an update. lol I love it. YOU sound like my Mom and Aunt, on why they had so many kids. hehe

I'm praying and keeping my fingers crossed I'll see you out and on base this coming week, I swear if I see you and your five munchkins walking down the street I'm running up and hugging you. LOL

Yay for Tony coming home FINALLY!! :D


Kathy said...

Well, when you update, you really update! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. And just to beat Bonnie to the punch, it is aisle, not isle. :) I usually make it a point not to correct people, but today I will make an exception!

Jess said...

#1...you are NOT fat! Puh-lease girl! You just birthed a baby and are already waaaaayyyy skinnier than my fat self. I see skinny arms, no double chin, thin thighs and either Gus is hiding your belly or it's gone...probably gone since you chase after kids all day that are cleaning your house!

Thanks for posting about this wrap. I've been in limbo for a while now trying to decide what my next one should be. Love the support of a Moby, but it's not user friendly especially on outings. Get her to give a give away so I can win...hint, hint! :)