Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Week of Give-Uh-Ways

First and foremost, some of you may have noticed my radical Mormon Mommy Blogs Contributor Team badge on my side bar.
It is true.
have been invited by MMB to write a monthly article for their blog.
What an honor right?
I submitted my first article last week and guess what,
(you have to because it counts as my Christmas card this year)
On to business...
It's Week #3!!
This week's featured vendor is Jessica Crapo's craft blog,
Can I just say that this family is like MEGA talented?!? I mean, come on.
I have three vendors during this 12 weeks of give-uh-ways that all belong to the same group of genes and THIS in one of them.
Lucky you!
Jessica is a cutie mom of 1 and wife to a dedicated med student. She spends her time being TOTALLY all out crafty doing things like:
My PERSONAL favorites are her AMAZING CHILDREN'S BACKPACKS she designs and makes. I've seen one in the flesh (or fabric, I mean) and they are ADORABLE PEOPLE! They sell out fast on her Etsy site because they're so rad.
Everything Jessica makes is 100% quality. She puts time and effort in each of her designs and it really shows. I only WISH I had her mad skilz. Plus, she has like the most amazing name.
She can't get any better in my mind.
Jessica has offered to donate one of her cute mini beach totes to the giveaway!
The winner will get to choose their favorite tote and Jessica will ship it directly to you!
These totes are about 7 inches wide by 9 inches tall.
Perfect for your little person's shell collection or to stash a few toys for them to carry to the pool or beach.
Here are the choices:


(this is my favorite!)

Palm Tree

or Surf Boards


Leave me a comment telling me what celebrity you wish you were friends with.
NieNie, of course

One comment enters the contest.
One post on your blog give you TWO entries.
One post on Facebook gives you THREE.

As always, if you can get NieNie to comment, you WIN.
Come on people, be resourceful!
She better comment at least ONCE during this 12 weeks.

Contest ends Thursdays at 5pm EST.
Winner announced THAT NIGHT
(since the next day is Christmas!)
SO don't forget to check back on Christmas Eve to see if you won the present!


Tara said...

your article was awesome Jess! Love it! You are so perfect for this line of work. (multiple references) Merry Christmas beautiful!

Aymee said...

Okay, so every time I see her in a movie I think, "Man, I wish she and I were friends." That lovely lady would be Kate Winslet...yeah, I'm a weirdo, but I love her and think she would be such a cute friend. I also think Christian Bale and I would be pretty good friends too if he got to know me;)

Staci said...

I know us Kelly girls are pretty dang talented ;). Jessica is so awesome w/ a needle..her sister is insane too! I will learn someday! Ok so the celebrity i would want to be bestfriends with is zooey deschanel, she just seem so cool, laid back and i wouldn't mind going to her house and having her husband's band(death cab) put on a private concert for me!

Crystal Renee said...

I emailed her and told her I didn't care if I won a giveaway but that she has to comment on your page, because you are like her BIGGEST fan! Haha! So, hope she does at some point.

Valinda said...

I would LOVE to meet Alex Trebek. Yes, that makes me a huge nerd, it's ok. Maybe if you emailed NieNie and told her she would get the same prize as the winner then she would come and comment. I would donate double prizes for her. :)

Anonymous said...

I checked out NieNie's blog and she sounds nice and I think you should maybe leave her alone.

nat said...

love the goofy family pic, just wish it would blow up bigger so we could see it better...

Bonnie said...

If I were friends with pretty much any celebrity I'd be the fat friend, sooooo I'm gonna have to pick Paris Hilton. Then at least I'd be the smart friend.

The Nugen's said...
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The Nugen's said...

Ok, Jessica--that article was AWESOME!! Great job!

I deleted my comment above because I didn't read the rules right and put the celebrity I wanted to be...I am a preggo dummy!

Ok, so I want to be friends with Kathy Griffin because she is so funny!

Ok, posted on Facebook and Blog also!

Denise Wiggins said...

Ok, so thru A.W., B.S, and K.R. I am now going to have to follow your great blog. So, I would love to be friends with Reese Witherspoon. She is from my homestate, TN and I think she is just too darn cute.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah said...

I don't really get star struck. Ellen seems like she would be fun to be around, but Oprah probably gives great Christmas Gifts. Can I choose President Monson?

Natalie said...

Good question........ today, I would go with Jennifer Garner.

Goodnight moon said...

I really like reading all your "anonymous" comments...especially the chinesse one?!?! I would really love to know what it says? You should work on translating that for us.

For a celebrity as a friend?!?! YOU!!! Okay, but foreals....I know someone already said her, but Jennifer Garner. I think she is so down to earth, and she looks like such a great mother. Just a "girl next door".

Kathy said...

I would pick Bill Cosby as my celebrity friend. Seriously, that would be awesome!

Hey, I didn't know they let people write for Mormon Mommy Blogs who say things like VaJayJay on their blog!

Very cute article though. Good job.

Crystal Burch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael DeSa said...

I would LOVE to be friends with Giada Di Laurentiis...since I love to cook and all :)

David and Teresa said...

You will not believe this and I certainly dont believe this but I really wish I was "friends" with Johnny Depp. Seriously, just friends. It would be fun to be able to ask him questions and stuff. Anyway that is Mutha's wish I was friends with.....
I love those cute bags and just because I dont have little babies does not mean that I cant have a bag. Baby I LOVED YOUR ARTICLE ON THE MMB...I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. YOU ARE PERFECT FOR THIS...YOU PUNCTUATE AND IVE TOLD YOU THAT IS WHY THEY LIKE YOU AND THE FACT THAT YOUR STUFF IS VERY GOOD. LOVE YOU MUTHA...

David and Teresa said...

BAby that person above that said that they think you should leave Nie Nie are not hurting her. I don't understand. YOu admire her and maybe that person that commented above doesnt understand the Nie Nie thing. Anyway, you know Mutha...just wanted to say that.

andi said...

Maybe going out on a limb here about "celebrity" but really, I'd totally want to be friends with Sarah Palin.

And way to go on the article! How do you have time for all of this???