Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Time for Christmas Treats!

Every year for Christmas, I bake treats and bring them to my lovely friends.
Last night I finally decided to stop procrastinating the day of my baking.
I set Izey up on the counter to play and keep him from hanging on my legs and standing on my feet, whining.
He loves to pretend like he's really doing something.

Gus sat in his Papasan and felt patriotic.

I made:
Gorilla Poops
Mini Pecan Pies
Peanut Brittle
Peppermint Bark
And then I enlisted the help of one of my henchmen to help me deliver the goods to all of our loved ones.
Doesn't it make you wish you lived by me?

But just because I like to share my treats.
Doesn't mean I'm never selfish.
I kept the best treat for myself :)
There's something SO delicious about babies in big t-shirts, huh?

I've been playing around today (as I'm sure you can tell).
You know how when your baby is just SOOOO cute you wanna squeeze it to death?

Bad idea.

Cute babies BEWARE.
Love hurts.
Wanna win a cute baggy?


Goodnight moon said...

You must of gotten a good nights sleep last night since you had time to play around with your pictures and get all fancy! I guess that's because your some famous blogger or something?!?

Anyways, thanks for my yummy treats! My favs are the pecan mini's!!!!

Brandi said...

Gus' outfit is HILARIOUSLY cute!!!

Love all the photos. Picnik.com is wonderful. :D You creative Mommy you.; 0

Bonnie said...

well, if I didn't wish I lived by you before.... I certainly do now! I love mini peCAN pies and peanut brittle.... yum yum! You should ship me some in the mail.

Crystal Burch said...

You crack me up with your photo enhancements! lol! Yes, I did wish I lived by you when I saw those goodies. Although, I've eaten enough of what I baked for us all!! And I haven't even delivered anything yet! Ahhh!!

dena said...

yeah, you musta started delivering goodies to people after you exited the big tx. or, you have some splainin' to do!

lovin' the enhancements...gonna have to check that out!

Monica said...

I am jealous! I haven't even thought about baking. My poor familia is going to have to suffer with Oreo's this year.

nat said...

love the way the pics look...too cute

Michael DeSa said...

ah HA! NOW we know who left us the yummy pecan pies at Thanksgiving!!! Thanks so much Jessica! I actually have a tin of peanut brittle for yall too!!! :)

The Nugen's said...

Yummy...if I send you a prepaid box, will you mail me some goodies?? :)

Laura said...

please don't photoshop anymore of your babies to look dead. it disturbed me. I'm still shuddering.

i may come steal that penny. he cracks me up.

Dana said...

I checked out your article.. very good.. and the picture at the bottom.. girl you look hot.. i have to ask though what is gorilla poop?

andi said...

You bake TOO?? OMG.

Jill said...

I read your blog when I was still in AL and I was so sad that I was going to be missing all of your yummy goodness! Thank you so much for bringing me a bag which was awaiting me when I got home Wednesday night. And it was all delicious! Thank you also for being the gift deliverer. They were a total success! And one last thing, what program are you using to do these pictures like this? I love it!

Unknown said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the Kora picture! That's hysterical!!