Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

Looking through old pictures today.
Remember when I used to be skinny?


I sure miss those days.

I bet you all liked me better when I was skinnier.

Well, at least you commented more back then.


Staci said...

DANG are hot...still are by the way I thought this was a new recent pic of you! Seriously though you are still beautiful!

Laura said...

Wow you have great legs. I'm so jealous. I'm shorter (5'4") I've always been jealous of long great look legs. (From Laura: AKA Matt Martin's sister)

Valinda said...

Well pretty people are just easier to like. I guess ur lucky that ur still pretty on the inside.

{Erica} said...

pretty picture but honestly you gotta love yourself at where you're at NOW. Love yourself and you'll look and feel great no matter your am so going to take over Oprah's job when she retires :)

Camilla said...

I have like zero pity for you. You're going to be skinny any second now. You're one of those girls that are naturally skinny. Me, on the other hand, nope. I'm one of those girls people always say "she big boned." Seriously. Whatever.

Great picture though. Love it. You are stunning.

Crystal Renee said...

Jessica.. now now! You are FRIGGIN GORGEOUS! You have a GREAT body for poppin out sooooo many kids. I am seriously JEALOUS! But NO WOMAN, even 110lbs is HAPPY with her size. It's a woman thing. But I hope it matters that I think you are friggin BEAUTIFUL! Smile :)

andi said...

Well, you're still skinny, whatever. Thanks for being friends with us fat people.

dena said...

absolutely liked you better when you were skinny. ;)

Brandi said...

I might be the only person the face face of the Earth who is gonna say this but ... you look pretty there but darn it I think you look hotter now! :D There I said it. :D

Crystal Burch said...

I agree that no woman is ever really happy with her body. I look back at skinny pics and think..I wish...but I didn't think I was skinny then either! Like I said, you just had 2 kids and you're still hot...shut it! By the way-I'd rather be friends w/ people less hot than me so I can be the hott friend! LOL!

Carolina said...

Seriously Jess....SERIOUSLY?????


You're soooo silly!! You KNEW that if you posted this the comments would come pouring in!!

You're just a big comment whore!
Why don't you post about that hmmm??? LOL!!

I love ya...chubby or all top model, like in your pic (that look says it all)

I think Tyra would say that you're "smiling with your eyes"


Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

CarolE!!! I AM a comment whore. Actually no. I'm a comment hooker. I like hooker better than whore. it's cleaner.

David and Teresa said...

yes, i agree Hooker is cleaner than that other word. Girls, girls, oh my...what shall a mutha do with you two. LOL!
I am glad you said something finally baby because yes, I, your mutha like you much better skinny...NOT! We women!! when will we ever think we are good enough. I love you no matter what baby. You are precious to me with a pregnant belly, a chubby just post baby delivery, and several months after the baby comes and the chubby is still clinging...however you be, I love thee.

Goodnight moon said...

I think you need to start putting your fingers down your throat and making yourself throw up, istead of typing them on your keyboard!

Thanks for making ME throw up, I needed this inspiration to get skinny again too!

Serin said...

I like you better now (of course I didn't "know" you then...)

Ellis Family said... are SMOKIN, then and now! You are a MILF and the M stands for Mormon! LOL J didn't believe this was you, so I'm kinda glad you don't look like this now or YET again! Good thing we're movin soon! Have a cheeseburger :) LYLAS!