Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kora is 7!

Today my lovely ONLY girl turned 7!
We started the morning with sprinkle donuts from Dad and a song that is seriously OUT OF TUNE. Hey we don't claim to be musical.
Kora is seriously enthused about the song and being woken up.
Pardon the nudity.

She had a lovely day at school celebrating in her class with friends.

Here are the heathens before we left.

Then this super Dad came home to surprise her after school with a special prize.

A dozen red roses for his Princess :)
Kora LOOOOOVES flowers.

Wait a minute. How did she get roses for her birthday and I got the Fall mix of Granny flowers? Something is seriously wrong with that.

Sweet Amber brought over delicious cupcakes for the dahling girl.

And she didn't waste a MINUTE partaking of them!

Ps...stop growing.

I'm off for an evening with friends to watch the New Moon Twilight Movie at MIDNIGHT!!
OOooOOooOOO Spooky, right?
Jake came home from school with helmet hair from his bike helmet and he said he looks like Edward. Then he proceeds to do THIS face (seen below) and says, "Are you afraid?" in his most Edward sexy voice.

Peace Out!


Valinda said...

I'm going to stop sending you people presents if they don't get mentioned in blog posts.

Happy Birthday Kora!!!

Goodnight moon said... can start sending my family presents, and I WILL mention them on my blog! Geshhhh....some people are so unappreciative!

Happy 7th Birthday Kora!!!! You look so excited on your special day! And tell your mom next time she publishes something on her blog or Youtube, to make sure you have a shirt on!!!!! Muppet saw "them" and thought it was dinner time!

Lil Eskimo said...

it's like a whole new her between the video and the cupcake pic. my what a difference a few hours makes!

happy birthday kora chick!! personally, i think you're one of the coolest, best, neatest, most spectacular girlies i know! oh, and roman says happy birthday too!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday, Kora!! Love the video and the picture of Jake doing "edward"! Funny! Have a great time at the movie tonight!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Kora.. My girl who is seven was sitting with me when we watched this.. she said that is so cool her dad is a solider... I love the difference between the video and the pictures.. hahah

Giaellis2 said...

SO CUTE! Happy B-day Kora!!!

Paige said...

Ok, I LOVE Kora's hair in that video. Honestly. If I could MAKE my hair look like that, I'd be totally hot. And she just wakes up with it. Congrats on 7 years birthday girl!

Brandi said...

Seriously laughing out loud at her early morning hair, it's just looovely.

Yay for Mini Edward! Watch out for the ladies, they are so going to try and steal him. : D

Laura said...

Jake does a mean Edward impression. Or he could just be looking embarrassed by something his mom did or something. That's usually the look I get from mine. Penny reminds me of Beetlejuice.

Lindsay said...

yay Kora!!! Love you! oh.. and Jake DOES do a wicked Edward impression. he just needs to be whiter... yes.. even JAKOB isn't white enough to be edward. ew.

Lindsay said...

oh also.. i went to see the midnight showing TOO! how did you do it? even III was tired.... AND i love the picture of izey, miah and koko. they look so happy/stunned.

***** said...

HB Kora! That morning glorious song would make anyone so happy for a birthday donut.
Thats a good daddy bringing flowers to her. You all rule.
And being friends with Amber is fun too because she remembers everybody's special day, not like other slacker friends.