Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Jake

Last night after church, everyone had gone to bed.
The house was silent and I had finally gotten little August down.
I tiptoed away from his pak n play to the computer to shut it down, when I found this letter next to the keyboard and began to read it as my eyes filled with tears.
After I read it I snuck into his room, kissed him on the head and then tucked him under his Spiderman blanket.
I usually think of him as a mature 9 year old.
A wise old man in a kid's body.
He's my go to guy when I need someone I can trust.
Sometimes I'm really hard on him.
most times I am.
I need to remember that as grownup as I think he is,
he's still just a little boy.
A little boy with a great big heart of gold.
I love you Jakob.


Carolina said...

this sweet letter from your sweet little boy, just made me feel the spirit.

I know I can't quite explain it properly (I think that's just how the spirit works), but I think you know what I mean.

Thank you for sharing this today!

***** said...

That is the sweetest. It shows a lot of bravery and spirituality for him to want to say prayer in sacrament meeting! I am so impressed. What a wonderful boy. So eager to do right and be good. His future is so bright I have to wear shades.

Amanda said...

so so so precious!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I love this post...and I love your sweet kiddos!

andi said...

I love your Jake. He's so sweet.

Lindsay said...

this made me tear up. i love that jakob. he's better than chocolate.

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! Truly a proud Mom moment...made me get all emotional. He should be allowed to speak in sacrament.;)

Camilla said...

Tears in my eyes, seriously. What a great boy he is. He is going to be an incredible man. Love it.

Bonnie said...

Seriously, I think this is my favorite post EVER! I love your little Jake Jake, he's such a sensitive and spiritual soul. I see great things in his future. I think that my Ashlyn should marry him, so that I can have a General Authority in the family.

Crystal Renee said...

Too sweet. Yes, I too am harder on my oldest. I am going to try to remember that as well.... Aww Jake.. you make me all teary eyed!

David and Teresa said...

Wow! What 9 year old would be asking to say a prayer in sacrament? Jakob makes me so proud. What a wonderful 1st Grandson to have. I love you Jakob. Paw Paw

Sara said...

You have a great young man on your hands!! they way you always speak of him, I thought he was older than 9...that's def a proud mommy moment!

David and Teresa said...

That makes me cry. He is the sweetest boy i know. I love him and yes, I think it is normal to think of your oldest as more grown up than they are. I used to do that to Amy. Then ever so often I would be hit in the face with an "ah ha" moment to remind me that she was just a little girl. I loved this post very much and I agree with Lindsay. That boy is better than chocolate. If he lived closer I would hug him when I wanted chocolate and then I wouldn't gain weight. Hmmm....tell my son in law that I just found the cure for his chocolate addiction. LOL!

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

The best story ever! Tears.. what a sweetheart!