Friday, October 2, 2009

OB Update and a fun picture!

I don't really have anything special to say about this picture, I just liked the way it looked this morning as I made the lunches and I thought to myself, I bet the rest of the WORLD would like to see what mornings are like for me as I prepare all the grub.
I don't usually make a lunch for Penny unless I know we'll be out during lunch time and I don't wanna listen to him scream and then have to buy him nasty nuggets or something.
Miah's PreK doesn't eat lunch there since he's a morning class guy but he likes me to make his lunch and have it in the fridge for him when he gets home so he can just grab it. I think it makes him feel big.
And yes, I cut Koko, Miah and Penny's sandwiches EVERY day in special shapes.
Because I love it.
And I know they do too :)
(Jake's too embarrassed to bring dinosaur sandwiches to lunch...who knew?!)
So I had my 37 week check up today and it went something like this...
(keep in mind I had Penny with me to help plead my case of insanity)
(opens door with a smile and cheery voice)
How are you?!!??!!
(immediately starts to cry uncontrollably, an ugly cry, lip shaking, face red, neck blotchy, Penny's crying, grabbing for me, I'm half naked, too weak to pick him up from the table, I'm apologizing, Penny is going crazy because the Doctor had to pick him up to help, my paper sheet that covers my nudity rips in half, crotch exposed, I'm crying more now, fumbling for some coverage, tears are wetting my shirt, Penny is trying to pull my face off in total hysteria, Doctor is trying to help but just making things worse, and then I finally open my mouth...)
I think she decided right then and there that I was a wreck.
She insisted I start my Zoloft TODAY.
Not tomorrow.
Not when the baby gets here.
Not when I start to feel PPD,
(Did I tell you last week I was a wreck too and the doc prescribed Zoloft for me to have "just in case" after the baby was born?)
I guess I needed it a little sooner than planned.
She also decided I needed an end in sight to help with my depression.
She scheduled the induction for the 16th.
It's not the 13th but I still love it already.
The 1st is My Lover
The 6th is Me.
Put them together...
and you get baby A!!!
Oh and I'm changing my counter to reflect the induction.
Cuz I don't wanna look at more days than I have to.
I gained 3 lbs in ONE WEEK ppl.
Thanks "friends" for the treats.
Turns out my sister was right about you. You just wanted to fatten me up.
I have protein and ketones in my urine AGAIN.
They think it might be an infection.
As if I'm not already diseased enough, right?
I told her about my pubic pressure and she assured me it's normal and gets worse with every kid I have. Then she checked me and realized that baby A's head is practically HANGING out of me.
Okay not really hanging out, but almost.
She said if I were to feel down there, I could feel his head easily.
Cervix is still closed but she said I should try to stay laying down as much as possible to avoid the baby's head getting any lower and causing more pressure.
She said my labor will be super quick since he doesn't have far to go.
Uhmm...haven't I been telling them that for WEEKS?!
So Lydianne, I read that article you linked and
That is my pain to a T.
I'm gonna try the suggestion.
If My Lover won't dilate me, maybe he'll "wishbone" me!
As I got dressed to leave the room, I looked at my frazzled face in the mirror.
No wonder she felt sorry for me.
I am FALLING APART mentally and physically.
I'm so glad this is almost over...
PS...I reread my post from yesterday and
Why didn't anyone tell me I sound like a freakin DRUNK?
Everything was spelled wrong.
Parenthesis? WTC was I smokin? Thanks Bonnie for pointing that out.
I think my brain is officially mashed potatoes.
Please don't judge me.


Lindsay said...

i'm judging. and i'm glad your doctor finally scheduled an induction... HONESTLY... honestly. i don't know if it's just our va jay jay's but lucas was inSANELY low too.. that's why i just had to push for 45 minutes and POOF! a baby... we really are lucky when it comes to fast deliveries. i can't wait until he gets here :)

Jess said...

TAKE your meds! Seriously made a world of difference for me. I decided I was cured from PPD and stopped and whoa mama...not good! I immediately was put back on them. Yay for an end in sight!

nat said...

Yay only two more weeks, I can't wait to see this little man!!!!!

Carolina said...

awww..I'm sorry my friend! I hope it all gets better!

Hugs for you!


Amanda said...

you poor preggo:( I am glad you have med's and a date to help you! And yes..I LOVED seeing your lunches all lined up! P eats a weird lunch every day since school started...he has whole all natural planters cashews, a cheese and crackers pack (ya know where you spread that fake cheese?!) About 8 sour cream and onion pringles, and one oreo. He does not eat everything everyday...and they are really small servings. Anyway are the capri sun waters good? He has the normal ones...but I'd like to go healthier:)

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Amanda, My kids love the Capri sun waters better than the regular so yea, I guess they are good!

Sometimes I do sliced summer sausage with cheese and crackers for lunches, they love that!!!

Candace said...

Awww, I"m sorry I gave you a hard time. I'm so glad you have your date scheduled. I hope it makes your world a happier place to be. :)

Laura said...

I hate those freakin tissue paper sheets-- they're pointless and only there to give you the slight feeling you're not completely naked while you're having a 20 min conversation with another adult. And take the meds w/out guilt--you have no control over them dang hormonies. Your family will thank you.

Adam & Brandi said...

I am sorry for even saying this, but when you were describing those first few moments in the check-up room the tears started flowing, seriously. But for the wrong reason. I admit it, this one had me literally laughing out loud! Sorry to laugh, please don't cry. I know I saw the counter and I was like "what"? I had to keep reading. Congratulations! So please tell me you are getting an epidural now, beings you are getting induced!!! If not then, GOOD LUCK!

dena said...

i didn't notice your mashed potato brain, BUT i did like your play by play for your dr. visit. 1 + 6 = a great day to meet A in a super speedy delivery!!

Chernobyl said...

Hooray! Three cheers for anti-depressants! I am glad you will be able to at least feel some peace and sanity - if not pain relief. I guess you at least have the consolation prize of quick labor even though you have to suffer for it before-hand. Good luck! who knows - maybe you'll go early???

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, whatever, you totally stole my 1+6 side by side = 16! But I'll let you think that!

All I can say right now, is I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I think I need some of your meds myself! I'll exchange some of my felxrol or perocet for your!?! Man, we could seriously go into business here couldn't we?

Anonymous said...

Such a fun mom making all those shapes. I can not stand making lunches so maybe I should try having fun with it. I had that same pain with my number four pregnancy and thought I would die, but didn't, and my delivery was also very fast. Feel for ya and thinking of you, I would bring you flowers today if you were my real life friend. So just pretend I did.

KrystalandAdam said...

The 16th is a GREAT day!! IT's my birthday also!!! :)

Froggylady said...

Yay for Zoloft! I hope you start feeling better soon.

I hope that the medication helps you enjoy these last TWO weeks of pregnancy and that Baby A's head doesn't pop out at the commissary.

andi said...

Bless your little heart- I totally feel you. At least now you have a for-certain date in sight, and it's not long! You should go read my last post, if you want some depression empathy!

Jess said...

When I got diagnosed with diabetes I was such a blubbering mess that my doctor finally said, "Um, what do you want me to give you for your nerves?" And then of course, I was crazier and started rambling off all this junk about having faith and family and blah, blah, blah.

I'm cheering for you here in Texas! Your friends still love you even if you are hideous, spell terribly, and fall apart at the doctor's office. 11 days to go! Wa-hoo!!

Unknown said...

YAY! Glad there is an end in sight. It's too bad your baby won't share Addison's AWESOME birthday, but that's ok.

Le said...

A resource for issues with PPD is I know you have meds prescribed but sometimes having options in addition to meds can help or even just reading some of the books listed on their site...

(I'm Valinda's sister who is training to be a midwife)