Thursday, October 1, 2009

Junk....oh and Happy Birthday PUNK.

1. Today happens to be the 1st day of the greatest most amazing month of the entire year. I've come to realize that those whose birthdays fall in this month, like to claim the ENTIRE month as their birth"month" instead of just DAY. I being one of them because it is JUST that awesome.

Speaking of birthdays My Lover seems to be having another one of those today celebrating 33 big 'ole fat ones. Last night we had "a falling out" and even with hatred in my heart (not really hatred, just annoyance and sadness...there's always sadness these days) I was still able to make some special surprises for him when he awoke. I wrote sweet signs and placed them all over the house leading him to the fridge where delicious chocolate covered strawberry sugary goodness lie awaiting his taste buds. I sat in the dark making these signs as I cried my eyes out. No worries though, I cry over everything these days. Including the morning that I brushed my hair when it had I cried. And obviously my brain function is running low as I spelled the work "smooch" wrong. Don't judge. Funny thing about when you write all those big fancy letters, they seem to fall in the wrong place. Odd. Oh wait, Penny ate that sign so you can't see it anyway. Good.
2. So My Lover didn't feel the need to inform his fellow co-workers about his special day. Instead, I was able to do the honors when I brought them all yummy treats to share. Just like you do when you bring cupcakes to the PreK class. Yep :) Except the ones I brought weren't half eaten like these.

3. I was PLANNING on making him some yummy dinner tonight but then something happened. My crotch bone started freaking out and putting me in so much pain where I wasn't able to stand for a long time. Sooo...yea. I'm not making dinner. But he knows I would have! Happy Birthday Lover 'O' Mine.
4. So with Miah's PreK, every now and then he comes home with a homework project to complete. Funny thing about those homework projects, she labels them "family work". More like...MOM work. So when Miah told me wanted to dress his doll as a Marine, I got to work on cutting out camo clothes and accessories for him to glue on. I think I did a pretty good job, don't you? I mean, HE...yea...he?

5. When I was blow drying my hair this morning I electrocuted my finger when I tried to unplug the dryer. Crazy right? It was weird cuz I had a feeling I was gonna get electrocuted from the beginning. I kept looking at Penny in the tub next to me feeling nervous and had no idea it was gonna actually happen to ME, not him. That's besides the point though. While blowing it, my brush flew from the clasp of my paws and into the tub. When I fetched it out I stood there with it dripping in my hands and decided...I need a new brush. This may be the source of my GBS from the looks of it.

6. Nothing to say here except total CUTENESS!! Nothing like having a free-baller on his Dad's back while he surfs the web. No, My Lover doesn't just wear white trash cut off T's...he just got back from running.

7. Today Miah tells me, "Mom? Did you know that the word Bee, starts with an 'M'?" Uhmm, maybe that PreK isn't getting through to him.
8. Jake started football yesterday and looks PRECIOUS in his "jersey". I parenthesize (is that a word or did I just make that up because that's a good one if I did) that because I like to call it a "costume" or "outfit" but every time I do, I'm shunned by the Lover.
9. After TWO MONTHS or paying double rent, our house FINALLY got rented out for October. Ahhh, talk about RELIEF. I was about to jump on at amateur night at Driftwood this month. Thankfully I won't have to now. So we don't have to pay for October, get our deposit back, AND NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THAT HOUSE AGAIN!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO.
10. "I hate orphans! I HATE all the orphans in the world!" -Steven from Nacho Libre


Brandi said...

LOL You are SO right! LOL My birthday is on the 27th and I claim the WHOLE month. :D ... except both my Cousins, my niece's, my cousins daughter and my younger sister have this month too .. it's still ALLLL MINEEEE bwahahaha

Brandi :D

The Nugen's said...

Oh yay!!! October Babies ROCK!! My bday is TOMORRROW!!! YAY!! Besides it being our birthday all month, October is just an awesome month!

Lydianne said...

Hey, I read this and thought about you.
I know you are farther along than 36 weeks, but maybe you could try the "wishbone" exercise once or twice to see if it helps you those last few weeks.

Dana said...

I love the pictures... You did do a great job on your paper doll:-)

Bonnie said...

If I correct you, will you start to cry? I'm guessing so, but will that keep me from correcting you... I'm guessing no. I'm right! I will correct you.

"- quotation mark

(- parenthesis

You did not make up parenthesize and you did not use parenthesis.

BUT.... you are smart, beautiful, funny and dang it... I like you. So stop crying all the time.

Happy Birthday Jessica's lover! Maybe for your birthday, Jessica will let you dilate her.

Goodnight moon said...

I love Miah's Marine! His face is purple and his arms are brown:)

Oh, and I can't believe that nobody commented on the fact that Penny is BUTT NAKED on your Lovers back! Wouldn't of been really cool if he had peed on him?!?! It would of made for a better read:)

Good luck at the appt today!!!!!

Froggylady said...

Sure, blame the baby for eating your misspelled sign. You just didn't want to show us.

I hope the sadness starts letting up soon. Start taking the zoloft already!

I would cry too if I had to brush tangles out of my hair with that poor pitiful brush. Go the walmarts, laugh at the trashy ppl there and get a new brush!

Love Penny looking all nekkid monkey on Daddy's back. It's like there was something on the computer that was just so interesting that he couldn't bother to put on pants before looking at it.

dena said...

SO many things about this made me laugh or smile.

1. October, sigh.
2. Austin in Pre-K!
3. Miah's man
4. Austin and Isaak...YESSSSS CUTE!!!
5. Miah spells like Elijah rhymes.
6. Only you call jerseys costumes and swimsuits swimmers. :)
7. and, last by DEFINITELY not least, bonnie's message to austin!

Staci said...

that pic of naked penny on daddy's back made my day! Miles would of totally peed on Rob if that ever was attempted!

Staci said...

oh and YAY to OCT bdays! We are the coolest!

Lindsay said...

i kind of want that paper doll to tap dance... it looks like he would. your brush is DISGUSTING. get a new one...eek. also.. i love your little free baller. his cheek profile is so bite-able. k.. yay!!! i'm so glad i can be excited about the 16th now!!! and least it isn't the 19th... right? you and nines... weirdo. k love you and i'm sorry you are feeling yucky. i'll be glad when all of this is over for you too.. you sound depressed and crazy.. don't make a trip to the golden gate bridge puh-LEASE! :)

***** said...

I love the dino samwiches. Your are a A+ mommy.
You are also a's okay too. I really like having a emo sis.

Dana said...

hahaha amateur night at driftwood. i am privileged to understand this joke:)

Jess said...

It's funny that Summer called you her "emo sis." It goes right along with Laura's comment about how you should get the Kempy hairdo to match your black wardrobe. And since you already have the emo's the perfect combination!!


Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. The last month is always the hardest. But the good part is coming--pretty soon your sweet little "A" will be here and you will forget all the pain and suffering. Don't forget that when Izey was born you texted me saying you were ready for another. And here he is! Your perfect last little man. I can't wait to see him!!

Unknown said...

I am completely in love with Miah's paper doll!! You did such a great job! LOVE IT!

Kleanteeth said...

So could you start hearing the thoughts of men after this electrocution thing? And what's better is when naked kids are hanging around the necks of shirtless dads and certain liquids and semi-liquids start running down the back and into the shorts.