Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Trip to the pictures

The kids were off school today for some teacher inservice stuff I think so I decided it would be fun if I took the kids to the aquarium. YAY for fun ideas! I figured it had been awhile since I took the kids ANYWHERE and before long it would be more of a task to get done...why not today!
So OFF to Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium it was!

I entered the address in my trusty, never faileth me, 10 yr Anniversary gift, iPhone and our path was set! Easy're the BLUE dot, follow the purple line to the RED dot.

So it tells me to head South to Wilmington. We of course pass the famous fence with all the welcome home signs on our way out. Always a good read. Some are so heartfelt, some so "unique". But ALWAYS a good read.

Everyone was getting hungry so we stopped for some food at nasty Hardees because...
That's all there is.
And funny enough, I had a strong feeling I needed to check my directions.
Keep in mind we've been traveling for at least 40 minutes in this direction. We should be just about there!
I re-entered my destination address and to my surprise...
My trusty iPhone had failed me.
THIS time it points me going NORTH.
Ugh. Dangit. I've just been driving for 40 minutes in the wrong direction.
NOW, keep in mind that I could have continued this direction for another 45-1 hour and found ANOTHER aquarium, but we had our hearts set on Pine Knoll Shores.
So what do we do?

We turn around.
40 MORE minutes to get back to our starting position.
Thank you iPhone.
BACK passed the fence of signs.
Now THERE'S a good one.
Told you it's always a good read.

Once we hit our original starting point, we still had about an hour to go and everyone was restless, especially Penny.
So we stop for 4 of these to keep our spirits up.
3 chocolate, 1 vanilla.
By now the kids are doubting that we're really going ANYWHERE.

Although the ride was long it was fun. There was lots to look at, great beachy scenery and fun stores to drool over and wish I could go into. As much as I wanted to pull over every 10 minutes and leave my kids in a hot car so I could shop...I refrained. Nothing worse than melty kids.
What was GREAT was that you guys never told me so many of you are famous! I saw SOOO many places named after my lovely bloggers.
Paddy's Pub
Melissa, don't you think he's a bit juvenile to already have a pub named after him?
Amber and her clan were super famous that day. Not one, but TWO places named after her family.
Willis Seafood

And then my favorite,
Cap'n Willis Seafood Market
Okay, first of all what's with all the seafood? Or do I WANT to know?
Second, so Matt got promoted? TWICE? And you never told me??

And this is gonna blow you away! They even had a hotel named after Gia.
Clam Digger Inn
The nicest surprise in the whole vacation world? I don't think I like surprises.
After almost TWO HOURS of enjoyable scenic driving, we FINALLY get to the aquarium!
We did all the normal stuff. Forgive me Hee-Dee-Ous pictures. If you don't like them, my birthday is in a couple weeks and you can send me a new coolpix camera.
Kora wanted a picture with her head in the jaws of an alligator.
Funny how I usually feel like putting her head in MY jaws on most of her PMS days.

They had some MEGA HUGE sand tiger sharks and we got there 5 minutes before the divers got in the tank with them. It was awesome! The kids were totally crazy about this one!

We got to "pet" as Kora put it, the Horseshoe Crab.

And we while at an exhibit, this one fish fell in love with Kora and wouldn't leave the glass for a minute. It just kept staring at her.

Miah's favorite were the albino bullfrogs. He said they were "peach" like me. Thanks Miah. I know I'm pale and pasty but ALBINO?

Penny loved the turtles and kept his hand on the glass the whole time we watched them dive and swim and sunbathe. He was in love.

Before we left I made the kids do all the typical poses.
One on the turtle that was seriously hot from the sun and even after putting my sweater on it for Penny to sit, he kept saying, "Ha, Ha" because his thighs were melting.

And then of course the "stand inside the jaws and make a scary face!!" picture.
Why do mother's do this crap? How annoying am I?

The top TWO favorites of the day were "petting" the stingrays. Kora didn't wanna leave this one. She was scared to death at first and then after she got comfortable I couldn't peel her away from them.

Digging for money in the fish display out front.
NO, I AM white trash, but not white trash enough to let me kids KEEP the money. Don't worry. They threw it back in.

But not Penny. He just ate it.

Once we were done I knew the ride home would be tough so I stopped at a gas station to get cold "DRANKS" for all of us. Mmmmm Orange Sunkist!!

And then a yummy snack to go with it.
Corn Nuts.
Okay maybe I AM that white trash.
The day turned out SUPREME! GRAND supreme (I learned that from Toddlers and Tiaras). As much as I contemplated just calling it a day once we found out we had gone the wrong direction, I'm glad I didn't.
The kids all came home with a prize to fit their personalities.
Shark teeth for Jake and a shark tooth postcard to study.

A Sting Ray stuffed animal for Kora since she loved them SO much.
She named this one "Rose Mary Totter".
Yea...I don't know...

And binoculars for the little Explorer Miah.
With his one creepy glove.
As usual.

Tomorrow it's back to school to finish the week off but I'm sure they'll ALL have fun stories to tell their teachers thanks to our super fly day!


David and Teresa said...

Sounds like aload of fun. Glad you stuck to it. The kids are glad too. See you soon. Love Dad

The Nugen's said...

Awww, Paddy got a shout out! Thanks for that sign, I love it!! I am stealing a copy later use. I guess this makes up for not winning the boobie salt and pepper shakers!

I love going to the aquarium and zoo. I was so happy to have kids, so I could get a membership and not look like a loser! We are actually going to the zoo on Friday (if it doesn't rain!).

Thanks for the always take great ones!

Michael DeSa said...

Hey! You should totally go to Capt Willis seafood! Mike and I got there every Sunday after church...the BEST fresh seafood ever.

Camilla said...

Fun day!! Minus the crappy GPS junk.

Giaellis2 said...

How fun! You are "Mother of the Year" I made my kids run errands all day then treated them to "hand, foot, mouth" at Chuck E. Cheese afterwards! UGH! Katie - are you serious about their seafood? I've been DYING for good seafood since moving here and annoyed that we live ON the freakin Coast and don't have any FRESH local places to eat at! Grrrrrrrrr

***** said...

That IS a super fly day! I knew there was a fun mommy under that big basketball belly of yours thats filled with a divine babyA.

Carolina said...


I would have to looked supa DUPA fly!

Unknown said...

love the stingrays too! i got to swim with a bunch of them in the carribean--awesome. miah makes me laugh....albino mom. :) love his binoculars and glove.

Goodnight moon said...

Yes, my hubby is NOW a Capt! I didn't wait to show A up is all. I'm just waiting on him to get Major so that we can move into a HUGE house on base!

Oh, and thats also how I have fat wallets, because I own 2 seafood resturants!

Love your day with the kids! Your such a great mom! I'm just on house arrest right now!

Laura said...

dude--you hauled your preg body around an aquarium after being in the car for 2 hours? you earned those stinky corn nuts. Remind me to tell you the Farts and Corn nuts story sometime. It's hysterical.
just how stinky is Miah's glove at this point?

Crystal Renee said...

You guys had fun. The one in Fort Fisher is a lot nicer.. for sure. ;) You guys should check out Hammocks Beach. It's near Pine Knoll and you ride a boat to a little island and get to see a lot of sea turtles. And the beach on the island is AMAZING! Even though we saw like 4000000 dead jelly fish washed up, lol. But it's such a good learning experience. Especially for your kids ages.

Glad yall had fun ;)


For the Love of French said...

Rose Mary's Grand-daughter....or could be interpreted as Rose Mary's "totter"...I was singing that song at work the other day.....

David and Teresa said...

Baby you are such a precious mommy. I love that you take your babies to the zoo and aquarium like we did when you all were little. Everyone looks so happy and like they are enjoying it all. I cannot wait to come there and see them.

Love you Mutha

David and Teresa said...

Hey why does my Miah wear the one glove?

Tell me.

PS Does it have to do with the Michael Jackson thing?

Unknown said...

What a fun trip! I need to throw my kids in the car one weekend and take them somewhere fun!

Dana said...

Looks like a fun day.. Snaps to you for doing it at the end of being prego... i love penny's shirt very cool

Froggylady said...

Sunkist and Cornnuts, that IS white trash. Before you know it I'll be seeing you on the people of walmart with your stripper hair, black clothes, and oily peppermint butt.

Valinda said...

Hey! My birthday is in a couple weeks too, somebody ought to get me a coolpix camera too! What a fun day, I love the aquarium.

Bonnie said...

Dave LOVED your comment. He came home telling me about how I would hate it because you said "irregardless." Funny funny!

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