Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures for Candace

Me and the boys went to the park the other day while Miss Koko was at gymnastics and I TRIED to get pictures of Penny Guy in his cute little Zutano outfit Candace got him for his birthday. He's a hard guy to make sit still. There's a precious little owl on the front and the bottoms are striped blue and white. My Lover calls them Isaak's "striped panties". He's not a big fan of the outfit. He thinks it's a tad feminine.
on the other hand,
think it's PRECIOUS and DREAMY.
Aren't those thighs delectable?
Thanks Candace!


Candace said...

Awww!!!! I LOVE it on him!!!!! I think those outfits are so stinkin cute on babies... in fact, I was almost tempted to keep it and find something else for Izey just cause I like it so much! ;)

Amanda said...


The Nugen's said...

Yup the thighs look as appetizing as Paddy's!!

Lindsay said...

i wish lucas' thighs were that delicious, his are a tad more skinny.. i wanna kiss 'em!

Unknown said...

That kid is PRECIOUS!!

David and Teresa said...

where is my Miah? :(

Mawmaw...aka Mutha

PS oh yes, cute cute thighs and handsome Jr. Marine in the background.