Saturday, August 22, 2009

Days 6,7,8,9, and 10. OH and an Anniversary!

First and foremost, I would like to announce to everyone that THIS 22nd day of August represents something very special for my and my pal Bonnie.


my friends,

I know it feels like we've been friends for much longer but no, we've just crossed over the newlyweds line.

A quick tribute to my dear friend...

Dear Jessica/Jessica a.k.a. Bonnie,

Thank you for being so lovely to me ALL the time.

Thank you for always letting me be the skinniest at the gym.

Thank you for always letting me be the tallest.

Thank you for letting me have the biggest boobs.

Thank you for running that marathon for me.

Thank you for telling me what you did in that porta potty.

Thank you for letting me throw Cooper a birthday after only knowing you for 3 days.

Thank you for never going swimming with us in the river because you were afraid of germs.

Thank you for saving my life when I had a flat tire.

Thank you for my surprise 30th birthday party where you set me up to bash my toe.

Thank you for always correcting my spelling...TERD.

You're my greatest mistake.

I love you BFF #...

(well, in the top 3 that's for sure).



Back to business...
The day prior to this day I, for some unknown reason, decided to cut Penny from having his bottle anymore. I don't know what came over me. Mega hormones or something but it hit me like a ton of bricks that I would soon have TWO babies on a bottle and it freaked me out. So I took it away from him. I gave him a soft silicone sippy at night and he cried and cried his little eyes out. SOOOO badly that I had to leave the house because it was hurting my heart.
I awoke on day 6 to the sound of my sweet Penny calling out from his room,
"Daaaaaaaaaa Doooooooo"
"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dooooooooooooooooo"
(meaning "botttle")
Each cry would get longer and more whiny.
My heart started to cry.
I went in to get him and gave him a sippy of his rice dream and he immediately threw it on the ground giving me the stink eye and then crying out again,
I took him into my room and watched him roam around my room in search of da doo.
He poked his head under my bed and all of a sudden I hear a gasp from his little mouth.
He disappeared under the bed for a moment and then emerged with none of than...
Except this was an OLD and MOLDY da doo that had been long forgotten.
Penny didn't care and excitedly popped it in his mouth.
My heart broke.
At that moment I learned that Penny will always win his da doo back as long as he continues to act as sweet as he always is.
Who cares if I'll have two babies on a bottle.
Who cares if Penny will be drinking out of it until he goes to Kindergarten.
All that matters is that Penny is happy and my heart is at peace.
I don't need any added stress right now so screw it all.
Who cares that I'll get the stink eye from every mother who passes by.

So this was it. This was the big day that started our whole moving process. The movers arrived bright and early to start packing our house. There were only three of them but I had high expectations and high hopes for them to get it all done and maybe even start to unload at the new house that same day. Boy was I wrong. These movers sucked BIG TIME. They were sooooooo sloooooow. We sat around the house doing absolutely NOTHING as we watched them pack. I happened to be in the kitchen when one of them found my sexy lady salt and pepper shakers. He pulled it down and then laughed a little to himself and then quickly looked at me to see if I saw him. I pretended not to notice. I learned that no matter how serious and gangster you PRETEND to be, the sexy lady salt and pepper shakers will always make you smile.

At the end of the day, everything was boxed up and all the walls were bare. I walked around the house peeking into each room to make sure nothing had been forgotten. As I did that, I learned that I'm gonna miss this very first house of ours and all of the love and decor that was put into making it our HOME. We settled in for one last night there together as a family and it was truly bittersweet.

It was round two of the move. I woke up early and jetted off to the new home to be ready to meet the movers after they loaded the old home and made their way over.
I waited.
and waited.
and waited.
And then at 1:30, they FINALLY showed up.
What the...
Seriously, these guys SUCKED.
I learned that no one will EVER do a better job at something than you could do yourself.
There seemed to be too much of this going on...
and this...

and this...
for anything to get done quickly.
I could tell they were drawing out this whole process so they wouldn't be asked to unpack as well. Too bad. They WILL be asked to unpack.

The kids were getting bored and restless and HOT but thankfully I have SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR friends like the Shrubs who dashed over (without being asked) and stole some of our kids for the day. Seeing how sweet these friends are, I learned that when friends surprise me with help, it not only makes me smile, but it makes me wanna do the same for others.

As I directed moving traffic, bringing things in and out and watching carefully as the movers DROPPED my brand new crate and barrel table...
I learned that the planning on this move was indeed
I could NEVER have done this
with TWO of these running around getting into things...
and these three heathens already in school with schedules...
This was Miah's first day of Pre-school picture which was this last Friday.
He wears that single baseball glove everywhere.
Because he's cool like that.

And this is the first day of school picture for the older heathens which was this last Thursday. They are in HOG HEAVEN because they get to ride their bikes to and from school every day.

(oh and no, Kora didn't go to school looking that sweaty. I forgot to take a before school picture so I got this one when they came home.)

As I knew they would be, the movers were PISSED that we asked them to unpack as well. They took it out on us by trashing the place which I thought was very cordial of them.
We asked them not to unpack clothes, but they decided to unpack EVERYTHING and throw it all into one huge pile in the middle of each room.
The master bedroom.

Penny's room

And my favorite,
The toy room.
What's that?
Why YES, that IS a computer just strewn on the floor amongst other paraphernalia.

I could have KILLED someone I was so pissed when they told me they were done and I saw this. Usually I AM the type to confront people when they make me mad like the lady at Chick Fil A who waited until I had stood in line for 30 minutes to tell me that their debit card machine was broken.
As these three grown men were standing in front of me in my home all alone without my husband there (because he had a meeting), I learned that when people are ugly to me AND they know where I live, I tend to act like I had my balls cut off for fear that they may come back and kill me and my family in our sleep.
I smiled and said,
"Thank you, have a nice day guys."
I didn't tip them and they KNEW why.
That night we spent our first night in our new home. Obviously there were no beds to sleep on since they had been drowned in JUNK so we made beds on the couch and floors. And as I laid there that night with the moonlight on my face blinding me and keeping me up ALL NIGHT LONG,
I learned that some of my most fond memories of time spent with my family were when we were forced to sleep on the floor together, like in Fredericksburg.

Or when we had no place to sit and had to make do with what we could as we ate on the floor.

Given the condition of the house and the wood floors, this place sounded like a cave which caused Penny to rise and shine earlier than the butt crack of dawn. I was sooo dead tired and I dreaded having to get up and to start piecing everything back together. But when I walked into Penny's room, I learned that no matter how tired or grouchy I am when I have to get up in the morning, Penny's precious face always makes it all worth it. He can never smile too much.

Austin went back to work that day as well. When we lived in our old house he would have to get up really early to make it in on time and I usually never saw him off. Being on base I was able to kiss him goodbye which was a first! And when he walked out to his truck, flashing me the "I Love You" sign from our new driveway I learned that I STILL think My Lover looks SOOOO incredibly HOT in his cammies.
(and probably always will!)

Busy Busy Busy this day was as I hussled to throw this place back to normal so it would feel like home. I was happy there but I knew My Lover was still feeling sad about not being in our old house because he loved it so much. I wanted to try to get as much done before he got home so he would soon be able to FEEL at home when he arrived. It was stressful, but looking around the house as it came together I learned that HOME will always be where my family is.
On that day I decided, I loved our new home.

And it loved us too.

Remember my blue kitchen from the old house? Well, the home owners didn't LOOOOVE it as much as me and forced us to paint it before we left. I was NOT about to take on any extra painting tasks so I hired someone to do it for us. He took care of it without me even being there since I left a key for him. Unfortunately I forgot to leave a check too so I called him and told him that I would be there shortly to give him my payment. I dreaded having to go out because it was pouring rain, I had ALL the kids, AND it would interrupt my progress with the new house.
To my surprise, the painter told me not to worry about making the drive out there. He knew I had all the kids and he told me to call him on another day when it was prettier outside.
Excuse me?
Baking Powder?
I learned that there STILL ARE good people in the world today that trust you.

Going through the massive mounds of junk, I learned that I LOVE throwing things away!! It feels sooooo good and refreshing to downsize.

This day Kora couldn't stop talking about her dream she had the night before. When she told me, I reminded her that Amber had a dream very similar to hers just a few nights back as well. Kora was so excited that she asked to call Amber right away and tell her about it. I told her no because Amber was probably still asleep. And then Kora asked me,
"Did we move so far away that we have different sunshine?"
I learned that yes,
we DO have different sunshine being now 30 minutes from Amber.

My love languages book along with this one came in the mail on this day and then suddenly I learned that I will have to actually OPEN the books and READ them to gain their insight.

The house was quickly coming together by now and I learned that I LOVE organizing.
See our new closet?
Yeah right.

Hanging all my stuff up became a regular activity. I couldn't find anything to bang with so I used this lovely rock. It became my favorite friend and I would carry it from room to room banging nails into the wall.

And then I googled "hammer" and I learned that

Answers to Questions:
I don't NOT like being called "Jess" but only a handful of people call me that and to hear anyone else say it just seems weird. But I'm not offended when people do. No worries.
A different font? I'm confused. I didn't touch anything but bold.
But this time I did. Is it bad?


Bonnie said...

Oh yeah, BABY! I made it! Top three.... I'm AWESOME!

Loved my tribute! Of course, allowing you to be the skinniest/tallest/bustiest was not exactly by choice, but I'm glad you appreciated it nonetheless.

I don't have time to comment on all the other, slightly less important stuff right now. But I will as soon as we get back from Costco.

You're awesome, Jess!

David and Teresa said...

Baby, I am glad my little Izey gets his dadoo back. It made me cry to hear what he was going through. He is too young to take it away. Lindsay held on to the boobie too long and I thought I would still be nursing her at her baptism. Don't worry what other people think. Most important is what is best for your Izey or any of you other babies, for that matter.

Love you Mutha and can't wait to come in October!

David and Teresa said...
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Valinda said...

Wow what a move! Too bad your Lover wasn't around so you could give those movers a piece of your mind! Don't worry about Penny and the bottle when Baby A arrives people will look at the two of them and think they're twins, no really both Kathy and I were asked if our kids were and yours will fall inbetween. If I buy you the pink hammer can I be BFF #4? :)

Amanda said...

man..I can't believe you had to pay someone to paint your kitchen:( How sad:( I become WAY too attached to the places I live. Yeah--forget about taking away the bottle when penny is having big changes in his life...a move and a new baby. and I CAN NOT BELIEVE The piles those movers made. I would have cussed, seriously I would have cussed. And I never do that except when I am in labor. Are they hired by the marines? Are they really supposed to unpack you nicely? If they are I would call whoever and show them those pictures.

Camilla said...

I'm so glad you're back. I'll stop calling you Jess (sorry), especially since we've never met...dangit. Loved the posts. You are wonderwoman, as usual.

Erica said...

I'm so glad you're back!!! And I love that you kept notes so that you could update us all :)

Oh man! Those movers! I laughed out loud looking at your pics....not because of you having to go through and undo all of it (I'm not that mean), but at the thought of them being so ticked that you asked them to unpack and them just dumping boxes. That's pretty nervy and hilarious. Oh man...

Anyway, so glad you're back! I don't know how you find time to do it all! Can I borrow some of your energy?????

Unknown said...

yeah, my first thought was you need to send those pics to the moving company too...those guys need to be ratted on!!!

brian wants to know where you got those shakers! :)

hmmm....i've always ever called you jess. didn't know you didn't go by that!!

Local Girl said...

First of all...
What are the actual qualifications to getting into your,
"Jessica's Top 3?"

Really, I don't get it, Bonnie? By the way I am sure many people are pissed right now, just finding out that you put up goofball Bonnie in the Top 3!!
You know I'm right...people will be calling,crying and complaining "Why am I not in the Top 3?"
I love you Bonnie but this sure seems strange trying for a whole year to get in the Top 3 of Jessica's friendship, and you live like 3 thousand miles away?
Funny, I live the same distance and am expecting that you will be writing that I am the new flavor of the month! Move over Bonnie!

And yes, Bonnie is a goofball, who coincidentally had me make Cooper a cake on his bday too. Interesting?!

But after all said and done, I really bet it is Summer in the top 3, and you just said that so Bonnie will post something about you on her blog too. I think you should just send Bonnie the pink hammer and call it a day!

Bonnie said...

Ok, seriously, your posts are so freakin' long when you put 5 days together! But, fortunately, they are always good.

-I'm sad for you that you had to leave that beautiful house. It was absolutely gorgeous! And that blue kitchen was so trendy and cute. I don't know why they made you change that. BUT, living on base is so nice. As you said, it is such a treat to be able to see your hubby off everyday. And, just as he leaves a little later... he'll get home a little sooner.

-Those movers sucked big time, but usually they do. I don't believe I have ever been totally satisfied with my movers. Some are better than others, and yours, well, they were especially bad.

-I LOVE Miah's glove. That is so awesome, very latin Jackson Five (aka Menudo, except not Puerto Rican). So, maybe not.

-That sign is awesome! I love those! Doesn't it make Austin feel so special?

-I wish I had a closet like that!

-I hope you get your pink hammer. You and Kora can pose with your manly but pink weapons of choice.

Bonnie said...

Hey, Heather... you can SUCK IT! You know you are just jealous cuz Jess has known me a whole year. Admit it fool, you wish you had that kind of history with me.

But, in all honesty, Heather did make Cooper's cake this year. But next time, Heather... can you make it in the shape of a light saber or a deathstar? Plain old chocolate with yummy homemade icing.... BOOOOORRRRRING!

The Nugen's said...

Thanks for addressing my question!! Sorry!!!

I think I would have either taken over, pregnant and all, or shot those movers!

s h a u n a said...

pink tools are a must - at least once in your lifetime - i got a set the night we graduated - and still have (most of) them.

and Bonnie's comment about the Latin Jackson 5 = Miah made me lit-rally LOL.

Welcome back. Your were definitely missed - glad things are moving forward for you & that beautiful family!

Froggylady said...

Just an FYI, if you don't like the movers for ANY reason you can send them home and reschedule with a new mover. You need to feel safe and confident that they are doing their best job possible.

Happy Anniversary to you and Bonnie! :)

I'm glad you gave Penny back his dadoo, I'm sure he won't take one to college so you'll be just fine.

I hate that you had to leave your pretty pretty house, but yay for shorter work drives and for feeling at home in a new place! Plus there's the bonus of being far away from Amber.

Love Miah's glove. He's doing a Michael Jackson tribute. Such a rock star!

Staci said...

hahah ok Miles fav. saying is DAAA DOO or DOOO DAAA! To him it doesn't mean anything or it could mean everything he just goes around the house saying it all the time. So cute...nothing wrong w/ Penny and his thing for bottles!
I love Miah's first day of school pic. I bet all your kids got the "Rock-Stare" ya just watch the Kmart commercials!

Carolina said... happy am I that I clicked on your post right now as I'm trying to stay awake...before I leave for the airport??

i was trying to give you the stink eye..but was quickly diverted by the sexy lady salt & pepper shakers..oh man!

good call on not going postal on the gangster movers..hahaha!

I'm glad you're little home is coming together or has come together even if I'm not in the top anything of anything :(

Oh and I realized that I don't call you Jess...I just type Jess. I call you "JessKA" hahaha!


David and Teresa said...

To much happening in just a few days. No wonder you took a break from blogging. Love Dad

Anonymous said...

I love Bonnie! She is so sweet and funny (from her blog that is, I don't know her in real life!!)

I hate moving. I hate movers. Did I say I hate moving???

Giaellis2 said...

1. Why did you move from that beautiful house? I'm sure it was to stalk me effectively!
2. Which kid is Penny and why? I am soooo confused! It seems like there's way more kids cause there's so many names for each of them! I'm stressed trying to figure it all out! Lover is your husband, but named Austin? Kora is also Koko? Jerimiah is Miah and Penny? The baby is Isack and Izzy and Penny too? You are Jessica, Jess, JessKa, Throw up Mouth, stalker, hoochie.....etc. etc.
3. Where did you live that was 30 mins away and why did you leave Amber, your BFF, or at least one of 3 when you are both having a baby at the same time! (you were almost gettin busy on the same night! ewwwwwwwwwww!)
4. If you buy that pink hammer, do they donate $$$ to breast cancer? If so, it's even COOLER!
5. I liked the blue kitchen - the people that bought your house must have been retarded!
6. How did you sell a house in this crap market?
7. Can Lover sue my PS and get my boobie $$$$ back? Thanks!
8. Sister Shrubb is my new VT (guess SS dumped me!) and I accidentally told her I thought you were hilarious and really liked you before I saw that you are friends! Now she prob told you and you'll have a big head! DANG IT!
9. Funny how you took a hiatus from blogging and took COPIUS amounts of notes only to blog AFTER said hiatus! DORK!
10. Only CLOSE friends call me "G" so I know the feeling. One day I shall call you Jess and you shall call me G and it will be good!

kelly manz said...

hey was like you never left....ya know what i mean, jess?....

dena said...

let's put this into year anniversary of bonnie girl friendship and 3, count them THREE moves ago. right?! wow, j lowe that's a whole lotta crappy packers!

YEAH!! that you're in your new place where the bills are great, the schools are promising, the ammenties are close, and the roots can be put down for longer than the past two cribs (i'm gangsta :).

Laura said...

I don't know where you start to tackle a mess like those movers left you. they need to be hit in the head with a pink hammer and then shot with a pink bb gun in the hiney. And then go take a pink sharpie to that sign and add "A.K.A. Lover."
I need me a bonnie.

Giaellis2 said...

"J Lowe"! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

GREATEST. LIST. EVER. I loved each and every one of these... tell kora that her and i have the most different sunshine of anyone she knows. :/ I miss her. I also miss the rest of your heathens... look at that chubby penny guy? he and lucas are going to be BEST BUDS when we all move back home. honestly.. i can totally see Lucas being sad about losing his DA Doo privileges. i'm glad you are almost settled in.. i want to come visit you!!!! k.. that's all. love you. bye

tiffanyg said...

Jessica, Your such a better person then I am, if the movers lefted my house like that, they would have been looking for a NEW job (at Wendys)! Oh yeah every girl needs a pink Hammer! ~Tiffany

Crystal Renee said...

Okay! Your kids are adorable. You sure were busy! The house is nice, you will make it a home.

Oh, my mama was looking at this with me, and she said for me to tell you that your husband is GORGEOUS and reminds her of one of the chippendales she went to see YEARS ago. (Sorry, dont mean to offend, I was laughing when she said this) I had to tell you!

Larman Family said...

You are simply amazing! I am glad great moms like you have many wonderful children. Don't worry I am one mom that will never look at you wrong for giving your baby boy his bottle. I miss that Clayton doesn't get one any more even though he is almost 3.

raschel said...

i'm glad you mentioned about Izey and his da doo. That's Makena's favorite "word" right now, and I was trying to figure out what the heck she was saying b/c she's so serious when she says, I'm thinking she's saying "bottle" ...and maybe sometimes "thank you". Trying to figure out baby language is hard... :-/

***** said...

woah, so much to say, but not as much as Gia. I bet she gets in the top three this next year. She has some serious best friend potential for you Jessica. Well for anyone who she will bestow time to really. I have invited her over for dinner more times than I have apendages and she always has better things to do but she has time to just drop in on you for hours. I like that about her. She is a keeper...ANYWAYS,
*I still really like your family photo on the header, great colors, to bad it will expire in 60 days.
*Hooray for Bonnie and your anniversary. Is the friendship better or worse after 8months of being 3000 miles apart? cute photo.
*Babies deserve bottles until they get braces. Bottles are easier than any other form of drink with two babies. You should be grateful.
*those boobie shakers make me giggle to myself.
*movers suck but what would we do without them?
*The Schrubbs rule! What would we do without them?
*FIrst day of School! I love seeing those little sweaty cuties after school everyday. Koko waves me down and tells me she had a great day. You have given these kids paradise by moving over here. Look how happy they look!
*Sleeping on the floor!? No Way! Never! My hips fall asleep and wake me up.
*That blue kitchen was amazing. retards.
*Please pass some peace joy and happiness to me when you find some.
Welcome to the neighborhood. The sun is brighter with the Lowes closer.

dena said...

pictures! pictures!! PICTURES!!!!

i'll be patient...........

Giaellis2 said...

Summer - Can I have another chance? It's not you it's me! :)
J Lowe - I need the boobie salt-n-pepper in honor of the twins please!

Michael DeSa said...

I was running the other day and saw you and your little ones getting their bikes ready for school. I almost yelled at you but I figured you wouldn't know who I was because I was all ugly and sweaty and then I would have been embarrassed :)