Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Days 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

This is the last batch of missing days from my notes so hang in there!
At the end of this list I have a request for my bloggers so don't forget to check that and leave me a comment with your suggestions.
While grocery shopping by myself, early on a Saturday morning (my new sanity ritual which I LOVE) I learned that when I'm picking out cucumbers, I get a little embarrassed.

And then while checking out needing to stay within a $150 budget for food per week, I learned that I SUCK at following a budget. I only went $100 over. ONLY. I did buy diapers, paper towels, cascade and some shampoos too...gimme a break.

I enjoyed my time at the grocery store alone. I need it. It makes me feel calm and cozy. I like people watching and staring at the other shoppers as they wrestle their kids OR when they wear 6 inch stilettos with coochie cutter shorts having pockets hanging out, a low cut tank top with boobs popping out, and TOO long acrylic nails. I learned that I definitely live in the hoochiest city on the face of the planet. Girls all over the place looking like this...

I grabbed some Viva paper towels for the first time that day and
am I in love or WHAT?!
Where have these beauties been my whole life? It's like using a REAL towel.
I could dry off from the bath with these instead of using towels.
I learned that I will NEVER buy any other brand of paper towels but Viva from here on out!

I caught a glimpse of my head in the window of the commissary. It was a hot and humid day as usual and I learned that I needed a haircut more than I needed anything at that very moment. I officially had mushroom head. This is a picture of that day. I really did look like this. Peacock.


Uh oh. Another one of these days.
Hello hormones, I've missed you this week.
Welcome back into my life.

I spent the entire portion of sacrament in the Mother's Lounge because my littlest shiny guy was being UNbearable. I swear he thinks he has to be THE loudest voice at all times.
Again, I bawled my eyes out in there (I was alone, don't worry, I didn't look like a lunatic psycho new girl crying in there with my baby) and NOW, when I think back, I don't really know why I was so upset. The speakers were AMAZING, really. They said a lot of things that really seemed to touch me at this time in my life. My favorite quote was said in reference to going through hard times. I learned that
"The price we pay to become acquainted with God is a PRIVILEGE."
I needed to hear that I sat there whining about my situation. It IS a privilege. It's a privilege that I'm able to go to church with my family and fight with my kids to hurry and get ready.
It's a privilege that I'm able to wrestle with Isaak as I sit in the stinky mother's lounge just so I can hear the speakers.
Everything is. It's all been given to me and I can do nothing but be thankful.

I started thinking about my little privilege that caused me to be in the stinky room in the first place.crawling all over the mother's lounge pulling out diapers and wipers and throwing popcorn and wheat thins on the floor as he grunts like a bull just to make noise and how special he is to me.

I started thinking about the single girly princess privilege I have at home that runs around making pipe cleaner crowns and tiaras for our entire family in the midst of boxes and packing paper and tape all over the place.

I thought about the one special little privilege that came into our life by AMAZING circumstances who makes me smile DAILY with his sense of humor.

I thought about the 'too cool for school or anyone else for that matter' privilege that blows me away with his intelligence, drive for learning, and amazing help at home.

And then,
I thought about my Lover Privilege. How I knew from the first day I laid eyes on him that he would forever have my heart. How he works so hard each day to prepare a future for his family. For the fun dances and silly voices he does to make our kids laugh. How I pretend that he annoys me when he does but inside I'm smiling.

What amazing privileges I have been given. YES. Sometimes these privileges come along with paying a price, but I'm perfectly happy with doing so.
SEE how happy I am :)

Don't forget "the two hangy downy parts in the back" as Kora puts it.

Of course contemplating all of my fancy privileges made me cry even more as I sat there in my lonely stinky room. WHICH, by the way, I learned isn't SOOO bad if you go to the one just down the hall that doesn't have a stinky diaper pail in it.
Why didn't anyone tell me?

I also learned that the more pregnancies you have, the more hormonal you become.
I think I should get this tattoo...don't you?

After my Sunday nap I was greeted with a facebook message from Miss Katie saying that she was bringing me FOOOOOOD!!!
I love friends who bring me food.

HOME GROWN veggies?
Who does that?
Katie does that.

And then my favorite, home made bread.
I learned that I could DEFINITELY live off of home made bread for the rest of my life.
Thank you D family! You can yell at me whlle you're running ANY day!

Oh wait, back track. My pictures are out of order dangit.
Okay so my Sunday nap was taken in the family room with my Lover and the kids while they watched a movie. These last few months of being pregnant have made my sinuses totally jacked up and my nose is seriously FILLED with deep set boogers so I'm usually sleeping with my mouth wide open trying to breath. Austin calls me a mouth breather. I think he's gonna get me this contraption if I don't hurry and have this baby.
I kept dozing off of he couch and then waking myself up with my snoring but every time I'd look at the kid and my Lover, they were watching the movie so it made me wonder if I was only DREAMING about snoring or if I as REALLY snoring. I finally fell into a deep sleep and woke up hours later to ask my Lover if I was indeed snoring or not.
He acted surprised like he was caught and said, "Who told you? Did the kids tell you?"
TELL ME?!?! So I wasn't dreaming?!?
How embarrassing.
He said that he had laughed with the kids about my "mouth breathing" and snoring but told them not to tell me so I wouldn't be embarrassed.
Because of that, I learned that my Lover loves me.

We took Kora to her meet the teacher night at her NEW school today and she was super excited. Unfortunately, I learned that the meet the teacher night is seriously anticlimactic. You get there and see this amazing room and all these new friends around and then you're teacher only says about 3 words to you and shoves some forms to fill out in your face because she's so busy with other mothers coming in. Poor Kora felt like she wanted to stay and talk, but she didn't really have anyone to talk to.

The kids have been LOVING playing at the park across the street from our house. They spend almost every minute of every day there. BUT, I learned that Miah must have chocolate tasting skin because he seems to be attacked by mosquitoes more than any of the others.
Doesn't he look chocolaty?

I never realized how much I took for granted living in apartments and having my lawn mowed for free until I moved into a house and had to pay $80 a month to have it done. I learned that free is good. I like free. I want more of free.

I can't really remember what made me start to get all hormoney again that night, but I was hugging my Penny and started thinking to myself that even though he IS my baby, pretty soon...he won't be anymore :( I learned that the day I birth this new baby 'A' and I hold him in my arms I'll realize that my Penny is all of a sudden a mammoth child and I know it will make me cry. For days.

Jake FINALLY lost another tooth a few days before this. He's like 20 teeth behind all the kids in his age group but whatever...he hates pain. He laid that tooth out for the fairy of teeth for
and nothing.
Poor kid.
I learned that the stinkin tooth fairy SUCKS.
She should find a new job.

Penny's hair had been getin a little shaggy lately and as much as I had bugged my Lover to cut it, he never got around to it.
I took it upon my self to get the job done.
Bad idea.
I messed up of course and ended up having to just buzz it all really short. Poor Poor Penny's head grew like 3 sizes that moment. I wanted to cry. He looked like he had been going through months of chemo. What did I do?
I was stressed but then my SS sent me a text saying...
"He's too cute to worry about it. own it. Pretend u did it on purpose and blow a kiss to anyone that looks @ u sideways."
I learned that I DO stress about my boys' haircuts WAAAAY too much. It's just hair, it grows back and even FASTER on boys so why the worry?
Introducing, my little Uncle Fester:

He's checking Miah's blood pressure.

Watching my little bald man roam the house I learned that my Penny is a fat boy and I love every single little roll and crevasse he has!

I don't want him to come across as unsupportive,
lately my Lover is SERIOUSLY doubting my natural birthing idea. Like...he laughs at me when I talk about it. Butt hole.
I had a conversation with my sweet Candace (who doesn't have a nickname yet but needs one) and I've decided that since she'll be in the birthing room anyway, taking pictures of heads popping out of holes...why not make HER my doula as well.
I mean, she can wear two hats right?
She agreed to the double duty and I learned that if my Lover won't be my support that day because he's too busy watching sports in my room or laughing his head off when I'm puking over the side of the bed....I'll have Candace :)

Don't you just love this handsome guy? He's such a winner isn't he?
I took him for his 9 year well check and all is going great with this kid.
I talked to the doctor about some personal issues and I learned that I want to be a better mother for Jake. I HAVE to be. I just hope he's patient enough to let me work on it and practice getting better. You're awesome Jakob :)

Some how I got trapped (not really, I love chattin with this hooker) on the phone with Bonnie that evening while I was making dinner and I learned
Whoa momma.
But you know I loved the drama :)

It hit me this morning harder than it ever had before.
I'm birthing a baby in a state other my Texas :(
I'm going to have a tar heel baby!!?!??!?
I learned that I MUST get busy making newborn onesies with the big Texas flag on the chest for him to wear each day during his stay at the hospital so everyone knows where his heart lies.
Tar Heels.
SO there's this neighbor girl next door who is an absolutely beauty. And there's this kid I know named Jakob Lowe who has a bigtime crush on her. They play at the park all the time, she invites him over and he does the same, and they sometimes ride their bikes together to school and back. One day as I prepared dinner and stared out my kitchen window at the park, I watched her and Jake on the swings as they swayed in opposite directions just slow enough to keep a good conversation going with each other. I wondered what they were talking about as I smiled to myself to see Jake enjoying her company so much.
I learned that one day my little Jake will get bigger and he'll find a girl that he he thinks is the greatest thing ever and he'll fall in love.
And then.
She'll break his heart.
And all I'll be able to do is watch it happen.
I hate that.

Alright followers I need your help. I've learned from several different people that there are many unaswered questions on my blog about many different things. Things that people are curious about, things that confuse the new people who just started reading, things that need some explaning.
I'm asking my follwors for requests.
Do you have something specific you want me to blog about?
Please share it with my in my comments!
I may not do ALL the requests, but I'll do my best.
In the meantime, I'll get started on the ones already submitted.


dena said...

no ?s here. i'm no help. i guess's your bp? oh, and when do I get to see your rockin' belly pics? oh, and will you come to texas and rescue me from the candy that i bought for you TWICE but can't seem to get it to the post office before i eat it? oh, and roscoe peco's he? is he still with you? did i just bring up another crazy emotion?

Staci said...

ok you are having someone take pics of your baby coming out of your vaj ja??? You are brave! Also dido w/ Dena...we when are you gonna post those awesome belly pics on the blog...I saw some on fb!

Crystal Renee said...

Thanks for sharing. We were talking about heartbreak today! Ahh! Poor thing, you need help umpacking girl, but as always your family is gorgeous.

Oh, my one question.. I WOULD LOOOOVE TO KNOW THE ENTIRE MIAH ADOPTION STORY! Like, why you chose (since you are fertile) etc, etc. The emotional side, if possible. If not, I understand.

Also, something about your religion, I always thought that Mormons don't use birth control and just let it happen, sorta, if it's meant to be thing. Well, didn't you mention you are DONE? So, would that mean clipped/tied/burnt? Just wondering.

Call me nosey! I am just addicted to your blog I guess.. *Shrugs shoulders*

Bonnie said...

k, here it goes

1. Cucumbers? Really? You're nasty girl.

2. Stop the whole budget thing... if the card doesn't work, you don't buy it. If it goes through... you're in the clear. That's how the Snipes roll.

3. I was sort of hoping to see Amber in coochie cutter shorts and and halter top. Nothing like seeing a pregnant belly peek out from under a midriff.

4. Oh, my gosh! I love Viva! I don't buy anything else. I've even convinced Dave that we NEED them.

5. Nice hair, stripper.

6. I started crying when I was thinking about my talk for Sunday. It's kind of the same right?

7. I love how you all have on crowns. So cute! You really have a beautiful family, Jess.

8. I think you should get WHO|RE|MO|ANS on your hand.

9. I love home grown veggies... especially tomatoes!

10. Hahaha, you're a mouth breather. Dirty mouth breather.

11. Open house is always a let down.

12. Stop cutting that baby's hair!

13. I'm jealous that Candace gets to be your doula.

14. Jake looks adorable!


16. I'll have my family start looking for cute Texas caps for baby A

17. Ah, this part almost made me cry. I hate the idea of Jake getting his heart broke.


1. Brazilian wax

2. Your thoughts on White skirts after labor day.

3. Reveal the BFF list so Amber can quit thinking she's higher than me.

kelly manz said...

i wanna be in the birthing room too! i can be a doula....

Michael DeSa said...

Okay, that food looks nasty! I hope it tasted better :) And since Mike just sat down and gave me the schedule of ALL the days that he's gonna be out in the field this fall, you better get ready for a bunch of nasty-looking Katie food and Katie, herself over at your door. A. Lot. I cook when I'm sad and I'll weigh 200 pounds if I try to eat it all myself. So, help me, ok? Oh, and send those kids over one day after school. They can help me eat the cookies too :)

Laura said...

Don't massage the cucumbers. Just grab them and put them in the bag, perv. My sinuses got totally that way with the twins though I don't remember snoring--although I know jeremy would be HAPPY to tell me not nice enough to try to hide it from me. I think you should go short hair again--maybe with some fun highlights. Reveal it in the birthing video--since apparently you will be painfully hairless everywhere else. I double dare Austin to wear that pipecleaner headdress during the delivery. And I've got a kid born in freaking MISSISSIPPI, so don't complain.

Valinda said...

No questions here ... well maybe about the pink hammer but that's all.

Dana said...

i think you're awesome:)
at life in general and wanting to do natural child birth!!!

Lindsay said...

i think we should have a party in the va jay jay room. and just all talk about va jay jay's and serve ice cream and cake (of course in the shape of a vah jay jay. and yuck to natural child birth. but good luck.

Froggylady said...

You should only feel dirty around the cucumbers if you lick them.

Clear your sinuses with a neti pot. Google it, gag and then try it. It works, I promise!

Love all of the crowns! They are wonderful!

Miah is just chocolatey scrumptious!

Penny's hair is adorable and I love his fat rolls!

You should threaten any girl that Jake is interested in with bodily harm if she breaks his heart. You know, take an active role in his love life.

I don't have any questions, except I would love to know Miah's adoption story as we might be going a similar route in the next year or so.

Camilla said...

I am HORRIBLE at budgeting too.

I always cut my boys' hair way too short. Penny is still adorable.

I felt the same way about Ethan when Luke was born (they are 17 months apart). Penny and August will be best buds, thats the pay off.

Amanda said...

I can't believe I made it through this one! Penny does look older than Liam...but don't fret. He is adorable and the hair will grow--fast:)

Dana said...

I have been following you for so long i can only think of two things.... I know that miah was adopted but what process??? with your church to you change churches because you have to.. like there is a church so close to you that you must go there and can't drive across town if you like another better... and why do you call it ward???

Kathy said...

I liked everything about this post. The cucumbers made me laugh. Penny's hair is cute. He looks like a baby bird now.
Also, you can go natural! I know it. If you end up getting the epidural, no worries. It is your body and your delivery. Just get that baby out any way you can.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Laura, my family is from Mississippi and we are perfectly normal. Stop hatin'

Anonymous said...

you are a retard

something wrong upstairs :-(