Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Throw me a FRICKIN bone!" AND Things I LOVE

Austin Powers.
There, now you can't guess the answer and make me WAIT for your response as to who the heck you are and where I can send you some junk.
Loser Amie. You better pipe up girl. I got people who will
Mean Girls is my absolute favorite movie of all time.
No but for real.
Who and where are you? And why did you answer if you don't wanna win?
So now on to bigger and better things. I saw this list on Raschel's blog and loved her creativity. I'm stealing it.
Because that's what I do.
And my brain hasn't been functioning properly since the accident.
Ya know...
The pregnancy.
1. I LOVE that Valinda is going to get my wedding dress and m
ake it into something grand. I need to call her and tell her my dreams about it. I think I want to just use the buttons or small pieces for the baby's blessing outfit and THEN,
I want her to create a MINI version of this dress for Kora's baptism when she turns 8.
Thank goodness I have a WHOLE YEAR to save up for that.

2. I LOVE when Miah says to me,
"Mom, I think you should just feed me these orange cokes for the rest of my life since I drank the whole thing!"

3. I LOVE watching Penny eat his favorite foods.

4. I LOVE when the mutha is right. About a week ago Jake told me that he was going to use his money to buy this game. He said he and my Lover had already discussed it and it was ok'd REGARDLESS of the fact that the Lover and I have had many discussions about not allowing Jake to play violent video games.
I took Jake to purchase the $60 game (used) still. I am obviously very outnumbered in this household and I hate when I am made to feel like the bad guy because "Mom won't let us". This is why I caved. Sometimes I get sick of trying to make my point...I'd rather let it prove itself.

After only TWO days of playing the game, Jake starts being really grouchy and bossy towards me and the other kids. I noticed it right away but didn't associate it back to the game. Then it hit me. It's the game that's making him be ugly. I took my case to the attorney (Lover) and told him that I KNEW we shouldn't have allowed him to have the game. Austin agreed that he had seen a difference in Jake and told Jake he had to return it.
Bad news is...
No receipt.
We went to one Gamestop and they offered Jake $20 IN STORE credit for that game and 3 others. Uhmm, no. Although I was willing for Jake to take a loss to learn a lesson, I didn't want him to be screwed.
SO off to another Gamestop.
There I told them the story.
From the beginning.
Too violent, I said no, Dad said yes, Jake gets the game....
and Mom is right.
They look up my account and see that I purchased it just 6 days ago.
They show pity on the mother who is carrying 4 kids AND 1 in her belly.
They offer a FULL cash refund.
But instead, Jake picks this stuff...

BOTH for the price of the violent video game.
Everyone is happy.
I told Jake in the car, "You know that guy didn't have to give you anything back today, right?" He nodded.
I said, "Sometimes when it's hard to choose the right but you do anyway, Heavenly Father blesses you."
He nodded again.
Lesson taught.
I love Jake.

5. I LOVE being crafty with my Modge Podge. I can't tell you what's a-brewin, but it sure is fun using my skilz. I may not be an artist in San Francisco but I do have a TAD bit of craftiness runnin through my veins.

6. I LOVE seeing my Koko walk around stores and over to friends' houses confidently in my veil.

7. I LOVE having my blog stalkers confront me when they see me out in public. Especially ones I've never personally met before. This little cutie named Katie spotted me and Amber at the pool yesterday! She is a SUPER doll and her husband is sooo precious and polite (I know because he came to my house for a party in VA). Sorry I gank'd this picture from your site but I wanted to show people that I'm not lying. You are for real.

8. I LOVE when I make a comeback. MA, did you notice that post before this one? 28 comments? And you think my fan base is shriveling? I think not...
9. I LOVE that my pregnancy counter has stayed at 100 days for like 100 years. What the crap man? How is it not breaking that 100 mark? OH and look what "I LOVE" post decided to pop up on number ironic. BLECK.


The Nugen's said...

Ya know those things in the bathroom that you stand or sit in and water comes out?? You use soap to clean yourself or others with?? Well I think you need to introduce Spike to the bathtub! Look at his feet!! ;)

Valinda said...

Yay! I made the love klist, sort of ... I am so there with the dress and the outfit. Do you want it to be what she wears into the water or what she wears afterward? Call me I will be around to chat. :)

dena said...

modge podge rocks. always on hand at the franco farm.

The Nugen's said...

Ok, so his feet don't look so dirty on my full size computer....on my iphone they are pretty black. Sorry for harassing you. :)

Local Girl said...

Great list!
If you like Mean Girls do you LOVE 30 rock?
I bet you would and you can get the whole season off of Netflix...ask Summer I told her that alot of the time you can watch them instantly too.
Anyways, the writing is fabulous and in my opinion better than Mean Girls. She is an amazing writer.
You better check it out.
Love the "I Love's" but you forgot that you LOVE to Torture Bonnie! I think that is the best thing about you! Dish it out girl!

Dana said...

cool idea for your dress... don't you love it when you are right... what a lesson w/ the game

Staci said...

i love that idea of your wedding dress. I sorta want to keep mine in the hopes of my girl or girls wearing it, but if its too outdated for them i would love to do that idea. No comment on the game thing..I have a gamer husband that would argue the whole violent games effect moods :S. But we will see when Miles is old enough!

Amanda said...

Okay---SO first I have to comment that I HATE violent video games. Period. end. P is only allowed to play E rated games....of course he is only 5 still. But it will be that case for a long time.....even the E rated games make him want to be crazier, and violent. When he acts like that I take away all his video game time for the next day (we use a timer in the summer). I hope Rock Band turns out good for ya'll.

Moving on.....

Does Izey choke on the popcorn? L does and it scares me to death! Does he has his 1 yr molars yet?

I love how KoKo wants to wear your veil:) So precious! I wish I could re pick my dress...11 years later I would make a different choice....but I think most ppl would. I haven't seen my dress since the day it was sealed air tight after being cleaned....I guess with no girl I'll never open it?!

David and Teresa said...

Those shooting games rock but I think they need to be much older to not let it affect them. Love Dad

Michael DeSa said...

Haha, I feel so special :)
And slightly embarrassed that I was identified as a stalker...when do I lose this status? :)

raschel said...

So you read my blog and didn't COMMENT?! That's mean. :) I feel partially famous to be mentioned on "THE Jessica Lowe's blog". ha.

I love your list! How nice of the guy to give Jake all his money back! What a nice worker man at the gamestop. I love your ideas for your wedding dress. I want to do something clever w/ mine also...but can't think of what I want....hmmm..

Lindsay said...

i like how dad used the word "rock". I don't think i've ever heard him say something "rocks". awesome. k... and i've decided that you are DESTINED to have something important on #9 because you hate that number so much. if i've ever learned something it's don't hate.. because those things will surround you until you are forced NOT to hate them!... i hope this doesn't mean you'll have nine kids. eeek. wouldn't that suck? *shivers*... no really.. i just got the shivers thinking about it. ps. you missed a sisterly conversation on skype yesterday!!! loser.

Schaufele said...

i definitely would have got the austin powers reference too. muhahaha. anywhos, i was CAMPING. with NO INTERNETS. so SUE ME. or just send me junk. that would be cool too :) ok, i'm emailing you! thank youuuu!

Anonymous said...

I made a blessing dress an baptism dress out of my wedding dress for my only daughter and I'm 100% glad I did it! Everyone always freaks out that I cut up my dress but really what will we ever use it for closed in a box?! Love your list I shall copy soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Koko and the veil. Love it! She is such a beauty!

PS, haven't they figured out that mom is always right yet?? :)

Unknown said...

Love those cute pics!! And good call on the game. When will boys learn that moms really do know best!?