Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Amber!!!

I'm so lame.
We had a surprise birthday party for Amber today and I'm SOOO lame that I didn't take any pictures. Why do I do that?
Guess what?
That super great friend named Candace that I have? Remember her?
Well she has a spiffy camera and SHE took pictures of the WHOLE THING!
I love it! And when she comes back from her relaxing vacation, I'll show you her pictures!
So we all met up at Candace's beach house and made a yummy lunch.
I told Amber I was sick and couldn't come but little did she know I was tricking :)
Summer came too even though she told Amber she "had plans"!
Aren't we sneaky?
We got there early and decorated the place to a T in black and white with red accents.
The theme of her party was...
"Drama Queens From Past, Present and Future."
Future meaning Amber because life only BEGINS at 30!
We all pitched in and got her a spa package
(not at Hairtage).
She's gonna need it after this baby comes!
I also threw a little project together with my handy dandy Modge Podge that I think turned out fabulous! I only have pictures of IT because again, I'm lame.
I used up all my brain cells on the party and getting ready and lying to Amber that...
I forgot to bring my present :(
So on the way home, I made her stop by my place to pick it up and before she got here, I snapped some shots of it so I'll have at least SOME pictures to go with this post.
Amber and I have this deal.
We both love to shop.
And even more, we LOVE to shop for others.
We decided that instead of us spending out money on each other and going bankrupt to buy things for one another to make them happy...we just take pictures of them instead and email them to each other.
"Hey Amber, I saw this fabulous new camera lens that you'd LOVE, here's a picture of it!"
Like that.
It's AMAZING how cheap of a friend she is. I don't have to buy her anything.
SO for her present, I found a precious little plant stand at one of our favorite antique shops.
I bought it.
Cut out pictures of wonderful things I'd LOVE to give Amber but won't because I'm poor.
Modge Podge'd them all over the stand.
Lacquered it about 20 times.
And then smiled at my work!
It's perfect.
Whadya think?

This is my favorite leg of the stand.
It has a picture of the Book of Mormon on it :)
Thankfully those are free and I can just sneak one into her bed sheets one day when she's not looking!

Happy Birthday dear friend!
Even though I've only known you for like 10 months or so...
You sure are grand :)
(more pictures of the fabulous event to come!)


Froggylady said...

I love that stand! It's so wonderful. Just make sure Amber doesn't kill a cockroach on it.

Valinda said...

Fun project! I'm glad you got to sneek a few shots of it before she took it away!

Candace said...

I love the plant stand.. had a super fab day with you girls and your marvelous children today. I couldn't ask for better friends! :) I'll get on top of posting the pictures.. sorry for being such a slacker! :)

Goodnight moon said...

Jessica is such a LIAR!!!! No wonder why Kora does it so much!

Thank you for such a FABULOUS day today! Seriously, by far the BEST birthday I have EVER had!!!!! You all went completely out of your way to make my day extra special! I loved all of it!!!!!!!!! I couldn't ask for better friends:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my plant stand, although, I will NOT be using it as that, its WAY to pretty to cover it up with a plant.

Thank you so much Jess!!!!!! Love ya! Okay, now you can go and throw up since that was probably WAY to mushy for you, and because you LIED to me!!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Oh, and....your at 99 days now!!!! Yeah!!!!!

FYI, I'm at 51 now...but really 44 since I will have a scheduled c-section.

Bonnie said...

Oh wow! I love that stand!! Welcome back crafty Jessica.... you've outdone yourself! It's beautiful!

Kim said...

I have never heard of Modge Podge before, I am really excited to go out find some.

Beth said...

Just found your blog... you have a beautiful family!! Lucky you.

andi said...

You crafty little thing- didn't know you had so much Relief Society in you! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a grand idea, and funny to read that Kim has never heard of Modge Podge.

Unknown said...

What a FABULOUS idea! Turned out GREAT!!