Friday, July 10, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was kinda stumped about what to write about for Flashback Friday today. I thought about it for a lot of today until I went to Kora's dentist appointment and picked up a Family Circle Magazine. I started to flip through the pages when LO AND BEHOLD!!!
Exsqueeze me?
Baking Powder?
MY Rockwall?
My teeny tiny hometown?
But YES!!
I had the receptionist copy the page for me so I could admire my sweet town and I began to reminisce about it's greatness as I sat and waited for Kora to be done.
My family moved to Rockwall, TX from Garland, TX when I was 5 years old.
My Dad actually built our house. A beautiful home on 10 acres.
I remember traveling out to check out the progress every few weeks and thinking that Rockwall was SOOOOO FAAAAAR.
It was back then.
Rockwall is the smallest county in the entire state of Texas.
It's located just east of Dallas and the big Lake Ray Hubbard.

When we first moved there, it had NOTHING. It was a bunch of huge country fields and the only stores were really just Wal-Mart, Dairy Queen, and the Movies 8 Theater.

Everyone knew everyone AND their business and you could always guarantee to see someone you knew if you made a trip to the store.

Rockwall was named after it's subterranean rock wall and a portion of it still remains in front of the county courthouse to this day.

I spent my entire youth in Rockwall and plus some and loved every bit of it. I have mixed feelings about it's growth over the last few years. Part of me is so happy to see it grow up and change. To be a bigger city and have attraction for others to want to visit and live near.
Part of me misses the small town country feel.
The empty fields.
The traffic free roads.
The snob-LESS people.

Going back makes me wanna scream to all the newbies:

Now they've built the Harbor with all the fancy stores and restaurants.

The waterfalls.
The place where I watched Jason Castro in 110 degree Texas humid weather being a big 'ole 9 months pregnant.

Rockwall means home to me.
Always has been.
Always will be.
I can't wait to go back in a week and enjoy this little piece of my heart.
I guess only Rockwallians can understand what it means to drive the I-30 bridge to Dallas.
Pride. It makes my heart smile.

I love you Rockwall!
See you soon!


Deanna said...

I love that drive across the bridge after being gone for awhile. It's just so comforting. Go Rockwall!

Candace said...

Are you still planning to fit me into your suitcase? Because I really want to see that town! It looks so beautiful! I had no idea there was so much water there. Beautiful!*

Valinda said...

Aww that makes me homesick too! I hope you have a great time!

Tami said...

OK, I love all your posts....but especially this one because my tiny home town made that list too! Sherwood, Oregon! Fun.

Goodnight moon said...


Froggylady said...

How fun to run across an article about your hometown! I hope you have a great visit!

David and Teresa said...

I saw that in the Rockwall Success. It is big news here. They have put it in every Rockwall paper. We are very proud of this little county. Love it here so much. Can't wait for your family to arrive. Love Dad

Amy said...

Oh do I ever LOVE Rockwall!! It is so beautiful by the water and such a great town. I am sure it is hard to come back though and see how much it's grown and changed. Amy

Amanda said...

oh I remember visiting that BIG house in the country! I also thought it was WAY far out there and wondered how you could live w/o a mall nearby! LOL:) Those were my shallow minded teenage thoughts. and the bridge was always a sign that we were almost there:)

dena said...

Resortwall IS a pretty little town!

Giaellis2 said...

How do you have time for all these clever and cute posts with a gaggle of kids????????? I have two and never have time! I need time mgmt lessons from you!

Jess said...

Yea for Rockwall! Even bigger yea for your upcoming visit! Can't wait to see you.

raschel said...

Rock the wall, rock, rock, the wall, GO ROCKWALL! :) (Don't act like you're not singing it...)

Laura said...

hey--yall are coming home?! I'll be outta town from the 14-21 but we've totally gotta plan a sweet GNO. And quit advertising Rockwall--with all the new peeps moving here traffic is getting nasty round here.

Laura said...

oh and hey--i did see your nice little blog shout out on here for me. I just haven't had a chance yet to post on mine, but I will...

Carolina said...

oh how i wish I could share the same enthusiasm about this little town...however..I didn't belong to it. I grew up in its "RED HEADED STEP CHILD" sister city of Rowlett... and have much trauma from being from the "wrong side of the bridge"!!!!!

But I can get down with the fact that YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH! Yay for you and your Rockwall probably bleed Orange and White.

wish i was there too to see ya and hang out!

Have fun!

Sara said...

It looks like a nice lil place! I would have never guessed there was sooo much water around....I've never been to Texas.

nat said...

your coming long you guys staying? call me

Staci said...

sounds like such a dreamy place. I'm grateful i was raised in such a small country town too and wish my kids could experience that but sorry never moving back to missouri!

Lindsay said...

i like how everyone who has never been to texas thinks it's a complete desert. remember that one girl who you went to school with who thought when they moved there it would be a bunch of horses and wagons? wow. retarded. i DO love this little place.

David and Teresa said...

I loved this post. It made me appreciate what I love about Rockwall. Thanks Baby and can't wait to see you and the peeps.

David and Teresa said...

Please bear with me everyone who reads this. I am going to try to remain a good example as i comment on one thing that really pisses me off in this section. WHY IN THE HECK DO ALL OF THESE BOYS TRY TO BEAT UP MY JAKOB????????? I am so mad about that. If I lived there I would probably embarrass my Jake because I would be beating up all of those kids that keep trying to fight with my precious grandson. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mawmaw

Brittany said...

So, I'm one of the new-comers who's taking over your sweet little town. We are going to be moving to Dallas in a few months and we just drove through there tonight and absolutely fell in love. It felt like home (small town Idaho). I think your post convinced me to move there!

Any advice for me?

Kathy Leerskov said...

I found your blog... so fun! I miss Rockwall so much! These pictures are amazing and make me want to cry. How is life for all you Rockwallians? :)