Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet Spike...

I'm sure I've shared my haircutting boys philosophy on here before
just to be sure, I'll do it again.
We've noticed a trend in our boys over the years.
The longer their hair gets, the naughtier they become.
We try to make sure it stays at a "high reg" (Marine terms) to avoid running into their evil personalities.
As most of you have noticed, Penny was growin some massive bangs. I LOVED them. They reminded me of a rock star. He was cool with them. His skater hair.
Austin thought he needed a haircut because his hair was getting out of control.
It was.
The sides that had been shaved weren't meshing well with his long top.
It was nearing the Kate Gosselin hair cut (I'm gonna get the googlers with that one).
Last night I cut it.
I only used an 8.
BUT it ended up being sooooo short compared to Penny's natural length.
Meet our new friend,

OH and the boy hair cut theory?
It turns out, it works opposite on him.
He's triple-y ornery now.
I think he reminds me of his cousin Aidan.
Don't' go, I'm not done...
Did you remember it's the double dose of love on 9 today?
My random number picker selected my two winners just as efficiently as it did last month and the month before!
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Valinda said...

Maybe he's just mad cause it's so short...

Goodnight moon said...

I love Spike!

Another name for Emma-Kay to remember to call him now;)

Candace said...

It's a good thing Penny looks good in all haircuts. :) This one really makes those bright blue eyes sparkle! :)

The Nugen's said...

Oh my he looks so cute!!! And your comment about Kate Gosselin's hair...hilarious!!! I hate her haircut!! It is a backwards mullet.

Deanna said...

Oh my goodness! I never win anything.

I think Izzy looks fabulous with his cut!!

Froggylady said...

He looks so cute! Sorry your haircut theory is backwards on him, it's just cause he's so emo. :)

Lindsay said...

poor spike. i'd be ornery too if i lost my edge... actually i am... because i did. it's called being FAT. sorry Izey. :)

***** said...

His forehead is bigger than the whole other half of his face. He needs bangs/Kate Gosselin hair until he grows into his handsome scalp. Look at those eyes...they look a little naughty, yet stunning.

Amy Herfurth said...

Whats with all our boys looking like the same kid when they have their head shaved!

Anonymous said...

goodness he is cute! I actually think the spiky look is adorable!

Unknown said...

Awe, he's so adorable!! And you're right, he does look like Aidan.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, I'm a little irritated that you cut that boy's hair! Now he looks so grown up! And when you have the baby, he's gonna look even more grown up. And, frankly, I'm not very happy about that! He was so little when I saw him last and, now, he's practically a teenager! :-(

Aymee said...

He's so handsome. I LOVE the new haircut!

Giaellis2 said...

He is freakin adorable and those eyes..............stunning :)

Laura said...

oh penny looks so forlorn. like those animated pets with the giant eyeballs.