Friday, June 26, 2009

An Award? For ME?

I got this "lovely" award from a lil someone named Queen Mama. She's rad. She made me smile when I read her dedication to me on her blog. She capitalized all the letters in my name unlike everyone else. It was a small gesture of love but I did notice it. She also wrote the longest paragraph for me. Another small gesture but 1 + 1 = a whoooole LOTTA love.
SO now here I am and I'm having to re-gift this award.
That's the way it works. I'd never received an award before and apparently, you have to give it away when you get it. Dumb rules really, but whatever. If it were up to me I'd keep if forever under my pillow and hug it all night.
SO these are the rulios....

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who granted the award and his or her blog link. Uhmm...DONE Queen Mama, she rocks, she's rad, she gave me an award, capitalized my name, longest paragraph, reading the BOM, had twins, I could never, and so on and so on.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now, I have never been one to love rules.
If you've read my ENTIRE blog (which Miss Queen Mama admits she has...what a fan!!) then you should know this by now. So THIS is the part where I mix things up a bit. I'm gonna give this award to however many people I want and they are gonna be for sarcastic terd (yes Bonnie tErd) ball reasons that I make up. If you don't get picked, then suck. No just kidding. You don't. But don't get all butt hurt about it, this is just for fun. Maybe I just can't think of any sarcastic terd ball reasons to give you the lovely blog award. OK? It may be for the better if you don't make this list.
SO chill.
1. The Fresh Notes - I'm giving this award to Miss Mary over there because of ONE reason and ONE reason only. She's stinkin HOT and it makes me sooooo jealous. Go check out her smokin wedding dress picture HERE. Seriously woman, you're makin us all look bad. Whatever...
2. All About the Brown Girls - Alright Heather. This is for you but don't get all excited. I'm giving it to you to make it get you off your bootie and BLOG for cryin out loud. April 10th? You last blog is April 10th?? Are you kidding me? I know you got stuff to say, Bonnie tells me all about it and lemme just is QUITE interesting. Who KNOWS the potential you could obtain by blogging all that drama. I love it. I wanna read it. I wanna share it!!! Do it. Do IT!! DO IT!!!!
3. ***** - Uhmmm yea, don't even bother clicking on that link because YOU CAN'T GO THERE. My Summer Sista and her clan like to keep their BIDness under wraps. I could tell you all the great things she talks about....the gospel, their beautiful family, their love for each other...but NO. Why would I tempt you like that when you can't even take a huge bite of it for yourself by visiting? Real fun SS, REAL fun.
4. Ramblings Rants and Raves - YAY for Laura and her HILarious stories and adventures. I think she has more stories about poop than anyone I've ever come across, yea, even more than me. Go ahead and visit her and then do a search on her blog for "poop". Like EVERY post will come up. She has heathen twins that make her life OOH SOO ExCiTinG! I love it. It makes me laugh out loud every time. I'm giving her this award because of the massive amounts of poop stories.
5. Shaunaaaaaaa - I hope I put the right amount of A's....7 is it? I like this girl because, 1. She found me through a friend through a friend through a friend. Love that. 2. She openly admits her love for my blog. Love that even more. 3. She's a cute young momma with 500 kids and a great sense of humor. She reminds me of me. Love that the MOSTest. Go read a few of her funny blog posts.

6. This is my blog... - My poor poor dear Kim. I feel sad when I read that you haven't had adult conversation and I wonder if I give this award to you then people will visit your blog and leave you comments to make you smile. I think you need a pick me up. So I'm offering this award to you out of pity my dear. Here's a HuG and smack on the booTAY (which I hear from Amber is shrinking from your rockin workouts....ohhh how jealous I am of that.). I think people will enjoy knowing that you allow your daughter to grab handfuls of peanut butter out of the jar and walk around the house licking it. I think they will love to hear the hair cut story and how Georgia now sports a rockin Sporty Spice Do. My best to you. Followers...GOO...go and make Kim smile.

7. Ellis Family Adventures - I'm only awarding this blog because of pure vanity. I'll be honest when I say that pretty people make everything better. I like watching movies with pretty people, TV shows, blogs, pretty people are just fun to watch. You should check out this adorable family. Every ONE of them is pretty. Honestly, I don't know this girl. I've only met her once but that was a weird stalkerish kind of meeting because I saw her at the pool and recognized her from her blog and then introduced myself. I'm sure she was freaked out but I like to think she loved the fan club attention as I did when Jeremy came up to me for an autograph. But probably not because I was nervous and had mega word vomit all over the place and mentioned how I loved her new "twins" and by that, I didn't mean children. Oh well. Go's fun. Crap. I just realized according to the rules I have to let her know about this award. Hmm, I think I'll break that one too.

That's all folks. Can't think of any more and more importantly, don't wanna spend any more time on this. Hope you enjoy and congrats to all my award winners!


Bonnie said...

I'm totally and utterly and completely BUTT-HURT! I can't believe you didn't devote an entire paragraph to me and my wonderfulness. Seriously, butt-hurt doesn't even come close to describing it. I'm crying on the inside.

Ok, so THANK YOU for giving Heather a boost. Her blog sucks. she needs to write about half the stuff she talks about and she might rival you and your famous blog. Well, maybe not, but potp might get a few comments!

I'm gonna go check out Ellis Family Adventures. I love pretty people and "twins."

Crystal Renee said...

Aww... thanks! I got mentioned here.. wow! And yes, I DID READ THE ENTIRE THING!!!!!! Crazy, I know. But your friends are pretty RAD to!

Goodnight moon said...

Blah Blah Blah....O yeah...and BLAH!!!!!

Local Girl said...

I love being loved!
I knew I was better than everyone else! I knew it!
Summer we are taking over the world!
See I don't have to blog everyday, because I am just plain awesome all by myself!

Anonymous said...

WHAT???!! What is this!!? You sweetest dear, you! I'm blushing seriously! **hugs**

Local Girl said...

Okay done!
I am the best!
Hold on wait, I am still second...
next time I am going to be Numero 1!!
Thanks for the shout out!!

***** said...

Whatever...I am not seriously private...I just have a private blog and I will invite anyone who wants to read it unless you're the taliban. No taliban aloud.
So, email me if you wanna see...

Thanks for the award. I don't follow rules either. I never pass stuff on. I keep it all to myself. You might of waisted it on me. Maybe Amber the cry baby should have gotten it.

I do feel super special right now though. Thanks sis.

Vagabond Mother said...

I think it would be hard to think of why I actually like other peoples' blogs. It would require thinking about people other than myself. I'm really proud of you for getting this done. I had to search Queen Mama's blog to find her awards post. It was really sweet what she wrote about you. You've got class!

Goodnight moon said...

Jess, don't u love the way that ****** spelled "waisted" instead of "wasted"? In ur face ******!

Aymee said...

Congrats you amazing blogger lady!

dena said...

i'm with Queen Mama, the friends (even the forgotten ones) ARE pretty rad.


Burns Family said...

Congrats!!! on your first blog award, I know many more are on thier way to come.

Ellis Family said...

So, I have been blog-stalking you now! How does it feel? Do you feel violated? Apparently you've recruited "Bonnie" (if that's her REAL name) to your posse as well. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, should I be worried? The fact that you're friends with Summer, tells me NO ;) Anyway, can I just say that I am SUPER jealous of ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EVERYTHING about YOU? You are gorgeous and have an AMAZINGlY beautiful family! Your photographer is also RAD! I FREAKIN LOVE THESE PICS! I am also super intriqued by the family mascot............what gives? Should I have a family mascot? Is it a Mormon thing? I'm afraid to know what I would have..........a porcupine perhaps? All of your entrys are so cute and witty and actually enjoyable to read (unlike mine). How do you have time to be this cute, smart and funny with all these kids? I have two (not the twins) and am at my wits end most days! Does the peacock help out? Thank you for the award, even though I ONLY found out about it after stalking YOUR blog after looking at Summer's! Your compliments are so nice too since I often feel gross! Sadly (but not really) the "twins" will be removed in 3 weeks. It's a longgggggggggggg story! However, if you want to hang out sometime I can tell you and give you a chance to say goodbye :)

Unknown said...


Carolina said...

uhm...where in the crap is my award??

All I know is you better MAKE ONE UP fool!! better!!!

Congrats're star is rising!