Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So far this week...

As mentioned before, Pops Kim and Evan are visiting us this week and we've been having a blast hangin with them each day. We've had a big birthday bash for little Penny, spent days at the beach and the pool to work on our tans, me, Kora and Kim had a girl day antique-ing, AND Austin and I had our first date since January 2nd. It'd been way too long and Pops and Kim were kind enough to watch our chickens while we escaped to dinner and a movie.
Super Fun.
Today Isaak and I are taking a break at home while the others play at the beach. This go go go stuff has really been wearing me AND Isaak out and we needed a rest. Here are some pictures from our adventures.
Penny and Pops are best buds.
Only appropriate since they share a name (Keith).
(ps...So Heather, the name Penny came from me because I thought Izey always looked so roundy and shiny like a Penny. I started calling him that and it just stuck. Now it's his permanant nickname. His real name is Isaak Keith.)

My lover is enjoying his vacation from work too.

Little Izey spends lots of time in his tent at the beach. Out of the sun and the heat to chill with his jingle bell that he loves to wear around his neck.

Evan and Jake are crazy as usual.

Oh Oh Oh!!
So I stumbled upon this funny blog that points out crazy things you see in daily life and I decided that if I happen to see something nutty as well, why not share it with everyone?

If you can't read this sign it says, "This is not an ash tray, thankyou!"
Apparently there is a language barrier.

And while purchasing water toys for the party Jake points out this lovely toy and the mother in the picture. "What the crap is she wearing" Jake says.
Good question Jake.
Let's take a closer look...

Ahhh yes, still hoochie no matter how far or close you get.
Someone should have told her that the playboy auditions were next door.
Poor girl.

I'm sure I'll have more pics to come and if you haven't already checked out Penny's birthday pics then go do it!


Crystal Renee said...

Uhhh, yes! Such a hoochie. Good look pointing that out Jake. Gross.

Love the writing on Penny's shirt. Funny!

Definite language barrier. Seeing that picture makes me want to quit smoking!

Glad you all are having a blast!!!

Bonnie said...

This was soo much funnier when you told me it in person earlier. :-)

No seriously, I cannot believe what that lady has on! She looks like a cast member from Girls Next Door. With that off the shoulder halter and the fringe microskirt. What marketing genius would cast her in that spot, there is no way that baby could be hers!

Amanda said...

good grief. They must think that's what all Mom's wear????

glad you are having so much fun with your family visiting. Take it easy preggo:)

Valinda said...

LOL well at least the Hoochie Mama is married. Glad to hear you are all having such a fun summer vacation!

Anonymous said...

that is a horrid outfit-- don't care who you are! The face on little Penny... uh, makes me want babies of my own!

Unknown said...

SO CUTE pics!! Hope you had TONS o' fun on your date night!!

dena said...

i think i've said it before, but i'll say it again. isaak is kora in male form!

Lindsay said...

they need to take some propaganda lessons....what happened to appealing to your audience? i guess it works if your audience is single horny dads..ew. sorry i said that.

Ellis Family said...

I am offended here! I liked what I was wearing when I shot this add! Don't hate my twins ;)

Carolina said...

hahaha...hoochie on the box!!

time with family is always great!! You're having wayyy too much fun at the beach!!

and I'm just jealous!