Monday, May 4, 2009

A trip to Salt Lake City

Well friends, I finally made it home! I was hoping for a stress free trip home but unfortunately, my first place was delayed for over an hour which made me miss my second flight. I ended up having to catch another later (MUCH later) flight home which left me getting HOME home at 1am. good pal Summer came to my house at 8pm so she could help out by sitting with the kids at the house while they slept so Austin didn't have to drag them out for 5 hours. Summer you are a LIFE saver...I mean it.
So here are the bone heads I went to visit. ACTUALLY, they aren't the REAL ones I went to see, it was their spawn that I wanted to see so badly. But they were a nice treat too.

You all know about the tooth troubles that happened on Thursday...
So lets see, where did I leave off????
OH OH...
Okay so then on Friday Lindsay I met Enos at work and we all ate lunch at a great Mexican place. It was so divine. Even with a sore mouth I enjoyed it quite fully. I haven't had even DECENT Mexican in a long time so this was a true treat.
We tried to find NieNie there but no such luck. I think even if she WAS there I wouldn't have noticed because I had my face in my food the whole time.

After lunch I had to BEG Lindsay to take me downtown to Temple Square. In my entire life I've never been to Temple Square to see the SLC temple and she wasn't even gonna take me. Some tour guide right? Anyway, she started being sweet and finally decided she WOULD drive me there. I was hoping to see NieNie at the conference center.

Maybe she was at the temple doing work?
Don't think so.
Beautiful right? I got chills, it was so awesome. I guess if you live there you take for granted how truly amazing it is...

After Temple Square we went to some vintage/retro shops. I got a brand new bag and Lindsay got a headband with a flower on it. I thought I saw NieNie in the store window, but was just the Cullens.

THEN, I thought I got a text from NieNie saying she would meet us inside the Premium Crackers box at the Moriarty's Antique shop. But unfortunately, she was a no show...or maybe I never got a text like I thought I did. We still had fun there and I got presents for all my kids to bring home.

That night my super good friend Carolina came over to Lindsay's for dinner and we had Costco pot stickers and Asian salad..mmmm. I think I'm gonna get a Costco membership JUST for that stinkin salad it was so good. We gossiped about old friends and good times and watched what not to wear over and over and over. By the time she had to leave, I was dead (from being post-operative of course) and I looked like crap so I opted out of a facial shot and went for the holding hands shot. This is proof that she WAS there and I DID see her.

On Saturday morning we ran a few errands and then got ready for the super fun girls night out!! We met up with Tara, Mica, Staci and Stephanie at Squatters for dinner and had a BLAST eating and enjoying good company.
That's Me, Linds, Tara and Mica (whom I don't hate).

I had never met Staci and Stephanie in real life, they were only blogging friends up until Saturday so it was really cool to be able to hang with them and see them in person.
YES Staci's eyelashes are real.
YES Stephanie's hair is really that shiny.
and YES I look like an Amazon woman standing next to them.
Questions answered.

After dinner we had dessert at Salt Lake Roasting Company while a freaky man stared at us the whole time thinking about "old mascara" and we took 50 pictures until one was JUST right.
But that wasn't the end of the night..OH NO.
After that we went to Gateway for a girly movie.
17 Again.
It was so cute! I loved it and I'm not even a super huge Zac fan. It has such a sweet story :)

The night ended late but we had to grab some meds at Walmart so we stopped there on our way home. Noooo, NieNie wasn't there either, but I DID see something that my Walmart must have forgotten to add when building. Does YOUR Walmart have an LDS section?

I had to end my trip on Sunday which was bittersweet because I had fun with friends and family but was ready to see my OWN family. Salt Lake was such a fun place, better than I thought I would be! I mean where else can you sit next to people at the airport who are all reading their Book of Mormon? I love that :)

Thank you Lindsay and Enos for having me!
Thank you Tara for throwing our party together.
Thank you Mica for not hating me too.
Thank you Staci and Stephanie for taking the time to meet up with us!
Thank you Lucas for being so delicious!
AND most of all...
Thank YOU Lover for playing Mom so I could get away.
I love you all!


Staci said...

awe SLC loves you and so do we! You are so lovely and I had such a good time. I'm sorry you didn't get to see nie nie but maybe after mentioning her name 100 times on your blog she will make sure you get to meet her!

Carolina said...

Awww..I'm glad you had lotsa fun here in UTAH!!

I felt the same way about watching people read the BOM on the was certainly new!

I had so much fun with you guys on Friday night. I remembered why I liked you so much in the first place and Lindsay was cracking my up!! I'm just sad there aren't more pics to document the occasion..but I guess I should have thought of that in the first place!

I loved your purse...and wanted to secretly snatch it, but couldn't figure out how! I also love how prominently you showcased your purse in all your pics of girls night out...hehehe!

By the hand DOES look like a little mexican boy who works hard in a field and gets too much sun exposure...but I'm glad there's that pic to document the night :)

Wish I could see ya more often...I miss how much you make me laugh!!

Glad your safe at home with all the littlin's and the lover...I bet they're glad to have you back!!

Valinda said...

U said I couldn't come meet up with u but those other girls got 2? No fair!

Cranberryfries said...

Sounds like a great trip with lots of fun girl time! Glad SLC was good to ya.

Candace said...

Glad you had such a great trip and made it home safely!!

Anonymous said...

Klyde, Glad you had a great trip. You should travel more often. Austin handled the kids easily without you. Made me wonder why you think he is dependent on you.... MA

Kathy said...

I love it that you got to go away for the weekend the very same weekend my Alabama sis was surprising me with a super fun visit! Thanks to all the great dads who play Mr. Mom.

Deanna said...

What a disappointing picture of you and Carol. How are we supposed to know that was actually her and not a little mexican boy who works in the field too much (as she said)?

Glad you had a good time!!!

Brooke H. said...

well I have to admit, I would have been pretty jealous if you had seen NieNIe because I live here and have never seen her...and I have tons of sisters on the look out too!

Laura said...

Dang. I knew I was missing out by not having any sistas. NIce tan, btw. And taht guy reading the bom looks like David Letterman

Jason said...

I'm glad you're back. Blog world has been boring with you gone.
I'm from SLC, and you're right, we do take for granted the beauty of the temple, and the convenience of every store having an LDS section. I think I used to work with Stephanie. Also, I want to know what Mexican restaurant that was, I think I've eaten there. Next time you're this far west, you should come down to St. George, you have some fans that would love to meet you.

Carolina said...

Wow really are a BLOG-EBRITY!! You're famous!!

Aaaaand Deanna...just for the record...there were actual pics of our pretty little faces taken; however, Jessica thought she looked too "POST-OPERATIVE" and scary to release those pics to her AVID FANS!! I thought they we looked cute, but you know the DIVA she is these days...hahaha (JK JESS!)


Stephanie Kelly said...

What a fun week you was so lovely spending the day with you lets do it again!!! ta ta new BFF!

***** said...

Wow, I feel so caught up on the trip...what a great get-away...when is the next one?

Bonnie said...

Interesting purse placement... are you hiding something? I'm just saying, you never actually came out after the April Fools day antic with a confirmation or denial.... what's up with that?

Unknown said...

*smacking my lips* I want Mexican food now.

What great pics! I'm glad you had a good time. I hate to tell you though, Lucas will quickly forget you when I arrive. :) Hee hee.

Lindsay said...

i'm glad you had fun :) i hope you got to do all the things you wanted to.. i tried to be a good hostess/chauffeur.... I loved having you here!!! but i'm glad you get to be with your family again.. i could feel your sadness on that last day from missing them. Just imagine having that feeling all the time? that's how i feel living far away from 'em. Oh... and tell jason that the mexican place was called Red Iguana... it was on food network. :)

David and Teresa said...

yes, Carolina I like the way the purse was "strategically placed" also. Looks like you all had fun. I wish I could have "seen more" of you and Jess together pictures.

Love you Baby and glad you got to go on this trip alone.

Love you

David and Teresa said...

Who is Nie Nie?