Friday, May 1, 2009

So far...

Quick Overview: Here we go...

On Wednesday morning I started out on one of these for 2.5 hours from Raleigh to DFW. No problems.... YAY I'm on my way!

I get to DFW and it all goes sour.

I ended up having to sit on one of these for FOUR HOURS while it wasn't moving.
Yum, I love recycled air.

First hour was because the plane was broken. Hmm.. crud. You'd think they'd check that before loading us on. So we all get off, and get on a new plane.

Second plane needs some of this.
That makes 2 hours.
Then one of these families all pass out in their seats.

The stuartists (how do you spell that?) freak out and call the paramedics on board. One by one they take this Thai family of NINE off the plane for evaluation.

They are worried they have this...

But really they were just exhausted. They had been traveling from Thailand for THREE days with no food. They would only eat rice so they couldn't be helped. They load them BACK on and we TRY to take off. That makes three hours.

More bad news.
The weather up North is bad. We wait on the runway for ANOTHER hour.
That makes four.
Finally we take off.

I get to Utah FOUR HOURS LATE, but I'm here :)
I woke up Thursday morning with a toothache. I think it's just a headache.
It's not.
It gets worse.
I take a nap.
I wake up wanting to stab a knife in my head to end the pain.
I call my insurance and find a dentist in West Jordan.
They can see me right away. YIPEE!
Bad news...
My tooth is infected with a HUUUGE cavity and there is a ton of soft tissue exposed.

$84.00 later, I leave the dentist with a souvenir.

Mmm...I feel MUCH better.
Puffy cheek and a hole in my gum but no more throbbing pain.
It was only a wisdom tooth, no big loss.

I get to spend my days with this stinkin HOTTIE.
He sure loves Aunt Jessi.

More to come I'm sure! I get to see Carolina tonight and more friends on Saturday.
Can't wait!
Peace out.


Staci said...

Mannnn I'm so sorry you had such bad luck getting out here. I hope it's all worth it..i mean come on look at the lil lucas he is the sweetest! I can't wait to hang out w/ you we will make your trip totally worth it!

Kathy said...

Just to be English-major-y I will tell you that it is stewardess, but I think the p.c. term is flight attendant.
I am glad you are finally having fun on your awesome vacation!!!

Cranberryfries said...

Glad you actually made it out here to Utah. That totally sucks about the 4 hours extra to your trip!!

David and Teresa said...

What a mess Jessica. I was told in my Scuba class that altitude can affect a bad tooth. You could have had a small air pocket in there. Oh well you made it alive and you get to hug my Lucas. Love Dad

Unknown said...

Major yuck! But man, that cute baby has got to make up for it, right!?

nat said...

Man that totally sucks!! But seeing that sweet baby must make it all better. Hope the trip home is better for you.

Amanda said...

u always have DRAMA! Hope ya have no more on this trip:)

Anonymous said...

$84 Dollars - What Brother in Law wouldn't do it for FREE-EEEEEE !!!

andi said...

Your life makes for good blogging. Thanks.

Oh, but sorry about your tooth, and your wasted day on an airplane!

Amy Herfurth said...

ok...after reading this I think you forgot a HUGE discovery by a few once in DFW??? Ummmm...maybe you didn't mention that on purpose!!

Candace said...

Flying SUCKS!!! I'm so sorry you had such a crappy experience!

And your TOOTH!!! Holy crapoli! Girl! Hope you're not having too much pain from that. Having wisdom teeth taken out is horribly painful. At least it was for me. I was sick for a month after having mine out. I had em all out at once though.

Hope you have a fun trip the rest of your visit lovin on your little hottie!

tiffanyg said...

This could only happen to you!! You always have the best stories, at your expense. Thats why I love you blog so much.

David and Teresa said...

This is Mutha and you forgot the part about *wink* me jumping up and down at the airport when I saw you and how we got to "talk" during your hour long layover. That was your first layover before they herded you all back on the plane and then back off again. What fun it was to "see" you. I love you and hope you had fun with your darling sister, Lindsay. Oops! Bill Eubanks knows Brother Parrish from church who works at REstland...uh oh...oh well...:)

David and Teresa said...

I forgot to mention that that "hottie" that you are spending time with sure loves his precious.

Jess said...

I can't believe you yanked the tooth. As the wife of a dentist, I'm freaked out that you didn't try harder to save it! Just kidding. I remember your root canal story at Baylor. Glad it wasn't that bad.

I'm assuming that you left your kids at home for this trip. If so, have FUN!!!!

Marnie said...

Oh my goodness, only you could have such an eventful airplane ride. I'm glad you finally made it to Utah to see sweet Lucas. Have a great visit!

Dana said...

Love the pictures... It brings the story to life:). Man the root on that tooth was huge.. hope you are feeling better