Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well as most of you noticed in my pictures I WAS a tad bit tanner than usual. YES, I did get a spray tan before going to Utah as not to scare those who were gonna meet me for the first time. Yikes.
I didn't end up getting an actual "MYSTIC" tan, I went to another place that had a similar thing called the Veraspa. It's the same idea. I think the only thing different was that it sprayed me with air at the end to blow dry me.
Many of you (including myself) have been curious as to how a spray tan turns out. Is it a disaster never to be tried? Does it leave streaks? Does it stain your clothes? All very legit questions that I believe deserve answers.
Guess what?
That's what I'm here for...to answer those questions!!
So here are my thoughts.
**It didn't stain my hands and feet all weird like I expected. It actually looked really blended. I used a TON of the lotion on my nails and hands, covering them completely and not rubbing it in at all. I looked like I had glue all over my hands and feet.
**It was an overall good color. Not too orange but the lady said the veraspa uses different formulas than mystic and it's a more brown. I liked the color a lot, it was just enough and I ended up going with medium.
**It left absolutely NO streaks on my legs, arms or any other part of my body visable to me. It was very smooth and clean looking.
**It didn't stain my clothes at ALL. I put them back on right after using it and even SLEPT in those WHITE undies (if ya know what I mean) and not a single streak of brown on them. Okay that sounds gross.
**The color on my face and neck was much darker than on the rest of my body, a little darker than I had wanted.
**Now that the color is fading, there are certain areas that look blotchy because the color is coming off of them faster. In between my boobs I have a section that is really bad and if I rub it it gets worse and worse.
**The color DOES stain your towels when it starts to fade as you get outta the bath. I didn't notice it until today when I used a white towel and it looked disgusting after I dried off.
**My belly button looks dirty. I guess I should have put cream in it too but I didn't think of that.
I probably WILL do this again because I liked the results and the cons aren't bad enough to make me never do it again. BUT, I'll probably only use it for special occasions, like the first week of the summer before the beach every day, trips, night outs...stuff like that.
In all honesty, I think it looks BETTER the first few days than the last few. It really starts to get weird at the end so make sure if you do it, do it the day or two before your "event" or whatever you're doing it for.
Hope this helps!
And yea...
this is a picture of me just finishing up my Veraspa treatment.


Jason said...

That picture of you looks so amazing! They should totally use it for their brochures and advertising:). I, too, have used the spray tan stuff. Before a vacation to Brasil, I didn't want to look too obviously American. One more warning: you can just have it done again every few days to avoid the nasty end phase, but the more you do this, the drier your skin gets.

Amanda said...

Did u just wear your bathing suit to get sprayed or what? Won't it stain whatever you are wearing? We u naked?

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

i didn't wear a THING amanda...totally neked (texas accent there).

i would imagine if you DID wear something it still wouldn't stain unless it was white because the mist is so fine. it's like one of those misty sections at six flags where you walk under to get cooled from the water but you don't really get wet...just misted. does that make sense? i thought it would be more like a SPRAY, and it's definitely not.

Candace said...

Thanks for writing this review, I've been thinking of getting this done, but I'm scarrrrrrrred! :)

Cranberryfries said...

Cool, I've been wondering about that and loved this post. How many days would you say that you actually liked it/did it last? A week-ish?

dena said...

you left out the part about brown boogers for a couple days. you looked like a hot latin mama!

Lindsay said...

i think besides the face thing... it looked really natural... i liked it and shall get it someday. :)

Amanda said...

ooohhh--- NAKED--I could not do that! I mean I can have my family and friends in when I am giving birth--but that is TOTALLY different....just standing there buck naked in front of a STRANGER--aaaaahhhhhh! Your brave!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! where did we get off track amanda? no way IN HECK i would do this nude in front of a complete stranger...NOOOO.

this is just like a tanning booth you get into, except you stand, like the picture and when you're all ready, you push a button and it sprays you up and down 4 times and in between each pass, you change positions. it tells you what positions to do and everything.

oh my heavens...i would never do this nude in front of someone without a swimmer on holy smokes.

Amanda said...

HA! HA!!!!! Okay:) I get it now!!!! I am still LAUGHING!

Froggylady said...

See, I did the mystic tan and I looked nothing like the girl in the purple bikini. Guess I'll have to try veraspa because it looks like it has amazing slimming abilities. :)

Unknown said...

Yay for cancer-free tanning! I can't wait to get some of the cancer causing kind this summer! Thanks for your review, I'd considered it, too, but didn't want to risk looking like an umpaloompa.

***** said...

I am totally copying you. Thanks for taking one for the team and trying it out.