Monday, May 18, 2009

A Slight Change pf Plans

So here's the deal.
I'm 18 weeks now so I was thinking I'd have my ultrasound pretty soon to find out the sex.
Dumb naval hospital is booked out until the MIDDLE of June.
But whatever because I've done some thinking.
I've been unhappy with my care at the Naval hospital, their branch near my house, the rude people I have to deal with, the annoying rules and crap (I had to take a CLASS for my first pregnancy visit...never mind the fact this is my FOURTH pregnancy).
I was looking for another alternative to prenatal care but didn't know what to do so that I'd still have insurance.
On my last visit I found out that my early glucose test I took...
was lost.
The results are no where to be found.
They want me to do it again AND again on the real time.
Sorry, I'm not drinking this crap again and wrestling with Isaak for an hour while I wait.

As if that's not enough.
They also lost a little of this...
MY blood.
They want me to give them more since they screwed up.

After that visit I said to myself, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
I'm switching to Tricare Standard for my pregnancy.
This means I can go to any doctor I want and deliver at a different hospital too.

I'm REALLY happy about it. Who knew the maternity coverage was 100%?!

The bad news.
My new fabulous doctor that I'm really excited about doesn't do the anatomy sonogram until 24 weeks. DANG. That means no finding out the sex for at LEAST 6 more weeks.
The things I do for the sake of my baby.

OKAY but you wanna know what my good friend Valinda devised?
She thinks that if all my 66 followers each sent me 2 bucks, I would have enough cashola to go get my OWN sonogram. So fork it over dudes.
Valinda said so.
Paypal is waiting.

OOh OOh!! Also, I thought of a new name that's in the running.
But I don't think I'll tell you.
(evil laugh)
Are you guys stinkin for real?
I'm at $8 right now.
I'll add a sidebar that keeps count.
And if you can get it halfway there, I'll meet ya with the rest!
Sound good?
One more thing.
If you contribute...then you find out. If not...your loss.


Anonymous said...

I am with you! I HATE the naval hospital here and that is where I am stuck at. I should have switched to TriCare standard at the beginning but it's too late now. Poo. And just so you know...You can switch back to TriCare Prime after they approve your doctor and you can still keep them. I found that out too late too.

Tara said...

I felt the same way, I almost went to a different hospital. But I did go and get my own sonogram, it wasn't much, around $85 for pics and video. (military discount, ask for it) Good luck!

Staci said...

oh man you have no idea how excited i was to see you at work and bored to death and needed a jessica post. I'm sorry you have had such a sucky experience w/ your hospital. So email me and I'll hook you up w/ some cash for a sonogram..b/c no one should have to wait! Plus I owe you for dinner ;)

Valinda said...

Okay I've wired you the contents of my paypal account, earn that money!

The Nugen's said...

Ok, I wanna know so what email do I put in for Paypal? I'll send you the $2.00!!

Goodnight moon said...

Dang girl!!!! Lets see how much money you'll earn?!?! Maybe if you make enough could get a 3-D or 4-D ultrasound?!?!

Okay, so for all the people that will be wiring Jessica your money....I think that YOU ALL should be able to pick out her babys name! What do you think about that?!?! I think that is only fair!

Kim said...

you got my $2 :) you are freaking crazy, I love it!

Kim said...

so what are you doing with the money if you don't get enough??

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Good question...

Buy a new outift? Go out to dinner? Feed starving kids in Africa? I dunno. What SHOULD I do? I guess I'm just confident in knowing that I WILL get enough. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit...


Kathy said...

I am technology deficient and don't know how to work Paypal. E-mail me and let me know and I will give you $2. See what a good non-follower I am?

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, so IF you don't get enough money...then I think you should have another contest and the winner of it, will get the whole pot of gold!

This is going to be good! But I can't believe that no one else is agreeing with US being able to pick your baby name? Whats up with that!

dena said...

i think you should just send it to me....i'm still paying $800/mth for insurance coverage AND hospital bills for the delivery of my own child. but, that's just a thought. :) i'll just send you another formula can put that $5 towards the sono for me!

Bonnie said...

You are freakin' shameless. Isn't you husband like a colonel by now, seriously, you don't need my money. I need yours. I'm trying to save up for vacation!

Carolina said...

Uhm...I don't even have words for the way you're pimping out your readers!!!

I'll give ya two dollars alright.....

Julie Goolsby said...

If I send $4 can I be the first to know?

Amanda said...

maybe I am just bitter b/c I paid $5,000 to have my baby? in that $5,000 included a $160 sono. Glad your having a "free baby" though.

Unknown said...

I love how you embrace the shameless! LOL

Good luck!

Lindsay said...

whatever!!! i'm not donating!!! you have money! probably more than me. you need to give ME money... oh wait.. you bought me that fabulous owl... nevermind. :) i love being the sister so i'm entitled to find out the sex of your baby. hehe :)

Laura said...

good thing you switched doctors or they probably would've lost your baby and then tried to convince you that you hadn't had it yet.

Cranberryfries said...

Hooray for having a doctor/hospital that you like and feel comfortable with. And 100% coverage, niiiice.